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Mirabilandia Discussion Thread

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I hope you have understood your message, do not speak English well


Hey, Don't feel embarrassed about yourself. You speak English pretty well; actually, it's better than a lot of native speakers of English! I actually learned Italian somewhat recently and have joined an Italian coaster fan-site called "Tutto Parchi Divertimento". I'm like the opposite of you!


Back on topic, This is just a wild guess, but maybe it will be an Intamin ZacSpin, since those seem to be popular in Europe, and the height record would not be that hard to beat.


Edit: On Second thought, ZacSpins don't have a lot of airtime. Hmm... What about an S&S "El Loco" model? 114 degrees anyone!?!

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I'll do my best!

Right now the latest rumor I found is that the new ride might be some sort of prototype. I don't know if it's just a new type of layout or a new category of coaster.


Since the construction on their 2011 ride is still far from being completed there's no hint on where the new ride might be located.

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Can someone create a general Mirabilandia thread so we can talk about all the news in one place?


Max Adventure Master Thai = new coaster for 2011: mirathebest was at the park today and took photos of the coaster track which arrived today! Finally!!!



Also the theming is coming along nicely!




New ride for 2012: today I found this image showing some markers and flags behind the giant wheel!!!



Phobia = new horror walk through: mirathebest took some photos of the new theming which looks really cool.




Again, the credit for the photos goes to mirathebest from theparks.it.

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An Intamin wooden would seem logical, since they just got rid of their wooden coaster.

But to be honest I think that they are going for a Zacspin coaster.

There is a 50m version of it at Intamin's website, looks pretty rad.

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Construction update on Master Thai!



Credit goes to "mirathebest" from "theparks.it".


We still don't know about an opening date. They have to finish the track work and do the testing. Also the theming needs a bit more work.

To be safe I would say the end of July!

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I think you have to consider that this investment will be much more "interesting" than any others in the park, as some local bosses said... iSpeed cost about 15 milion euros, more or less 22 million U.S. dollars... And I guess an Intamin ZacSpin wouldn't have such a price!

Mirabilandia has lots of space where to expand to! For example near Reset and the beach area, or behind the ferriswheel...




Mai detto che non sarà alto quanto... Ho detto: adesso non aspettatevi Kindga ka... Confermo: no Poseidon 2; no clone Niagara!!! Questo status si cancellerà a breve... Ecco un indizio: D si, l'indizio è: D


Never said it won't be as tall as... I said: now you don't have to expect a Kingda Ka... I confirm: no Poseidon 2; no Niagara clone!!! This status will be cleared soon... Here a clue: D yes, the clue is: D


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