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Mirabilandia Discussion Thread

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I think the MCBR on this functions the same way Tatsu's does


Uh, what? I thought Manta was the first with a MCBR? Maybe you are counting the two separate braking platforms as an mcbr and a brake run but Tatsu definitely does not have an MCBR.


Yeah I meant the first break platform, that's what I can most relate this ride's "mcbr" to

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Ok, I was at the park yesterday and I rode it 8 times so here my review:


The launch is really good; it's not extremely intense but it gives a great feeling. Probably a little more than Rita or Desert Race but a little less than Furius Baco.


The top hat gives a nice very short amount of floating airtime if you seat in the front and a nice feeling of being pulled down the drop if you seat in the back. The restrains tend to staple during the ascendence but if you hold them during the launch you might able to be pulled gently out of you seat (B&M style).


After the top hat there's a nice transition with lots of positive Gs and a little headchopper underneath the launch track.


Then the camelback which gives a good amount of ejector airtime. Unfortunately there are trim brakes on top of it that slow down the train and decrease the airtime delivered.


After the camelback there's a great transition into the turn around filled with nice positive g forces.

The next transition isn't good as the first one expecially because when you get there you tend to focus on the upcoming inversion which is a corckscrew thing element similar to the ones on Maverick.


During that inversion there's a HUGE surprize but I'm not going to say what it is.


The rest of the ride loses a lot of the original power; the italian loop isn't anything special and the inline twist isn't even close to be good as the one on Blue Fire.


After the MCBR the ride is over: the train is too slow to do anything special.


Overall: it's a great ride, highly reridable, intense but totally smooth. It might hurt your shoulder if you keep your hand up especially during the inline twist.

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It feels like an inversion so I would count it as one.


Here's a couple of photos:


At the end of the day a train got stuck on the MCBR and they sent a guy to bring people down from the crazy ladder of death (ride iSpeed to find out why!).


Intamin wheels!


Upside down!!!


Trimmed airtime hill! It still delivers a lot of airtime!


Ready to launch!

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That`s a very nice review, thank you very much. I didn`t think it would be that smooth...that`s a very good thing...good news !


If you allow me to ask : Would you rank it higher in your personal list than Blue Fire ???



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Blue Fire and iSpeed are so similar but they are so different.


Probably I would rank them in the same position.


Some ideas:

iSpeed launch is better than Blue fire and iSpeed has great airtime which is missing on Blue Fire (IMO). Also iSpeed is more brutal and I know Intamin fanboys love that! Blue Fire has better theming, it's a more confortable ride experience and it maintain the same pace till the end of the ride.


To summarize: if you love kick a$$ rides you probably going to love iSpeed better than Blue Fire but you'll be a little bit disappointed because the second half of the ride isn't as good as the first one.

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Well, IMO it doesn't look too shabby...

The pacing untill the Brakes doesn't really let up, and the part between the MCBR and the brakes is just there for a higher capacity, and to connect the two brakes... Like on dessert race (heide park).


Also, the "rattle" is not really noticable, except on that POV, where the camera is placed on the zero car, which might not be as stable as the other parts of the train (seats). Watch the backwards POV...


And for the headbanging: well, there are lateral and rotational forces present in fast transitions, which do that...

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If you seat in the front you get the trim after the airtime so you don't really lose much.


I was in the last row, and I spent the whole camelback pushed against the OTSR. How could it be any stronger than that???

It will take another year before I can find out what is the front seat like...


Anyway, it's a great ride, but I found the launch a bit weak. I thought it was more aggressive, instead it's really soft and fluid. Not bad, of course, but I was expecting something different.

Still, it's a really enjoyable coaster, I really loved it. A bit short, but long enough to give you goose bump...


The downside, so far, it's the reliability. It gets stuck, a lot.

The day I was there it opened 8.15 PM, worked 20 minutes and went down again when I was at the loading platform (almost cried).

Luckily it took only 20 minutes to reopen.


That day was a really bad day for iSpeed, but 15mins breaks happen almost every day, as far as I know.


Q line is almost always full. It may be because low capacity (there's an issue with the third train) or breaks, but it sure attracts people, too!

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To me it seems like Stormrunner combined with Maverick. Very awsome! The station for the ride looks really, really cool too.


I'd love to get on this !


I have to wonder...with alot of people seemingly to say B&M are not original I have seen alot lately people saying more and more that "X" coasters seems like a combo of "Y" and "Z" coaster when it comes to intamin. Even recently with the announcement of 305 people were comparing it to maverick, but yet feel B&M are not "original enough" lol...Just an observation

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