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Mirabilandia Discussion Thread

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I'll be there on Sunday. Mirabilandia has already shot an official POV thet will be posted sometime just like the one on katun.


I think I can finally say this...


I already had a sneak peak of the ride last saturday when we were supposed to partecipate to the recording of the TV commercial. Unfortunately the ride was broken and it had only 70% of the launch power which means that it didn't go over the top hat.

They needed footage so bad that they let us do some roll-backs!


I had 2 roll backs on iSpeed!!! The launch was fun but the whole experience wasn't as exciting as I thought it could be.


I'll be back on Sunday to finally get the whole credit!


NEW PHOTOS:http://www.theparks.it/plus/plus.php?idP=2&idA=12

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You had 2 rollbacks allready!? :o

I really hope that happens to me someday!

Shame you didn't get a full round on it tho, it would be so awesome if you could tell us how it is!


So, any more opinions on the part of the ride you did get? (the launch)

Did it take you off guard?

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Some people lost their count after some rides. I guess that it won't happen very easily when the ride will be fully operational.


About the launch; it probably takes you off guard if you don't know what you are going to experience. If you have already been on any other ride of that kind you already know how it works and it's a lot of fun but not really a big surprize.


I've herd that today it was operating in soft opening for one hour before the park closure.

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The first and middle sectors of the ride look awesome. It's just too bad they can't do real F1 forces without a broken neck every single day. Imagine none of these turns banked and brakes that stop you in about one second flat. Now that would be an accurate depiction of F1.

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Looks like a really fun coaster.


I don't really understand that MCBR either...but at least it looks like there will be a little bit of floater air on the hill after it. (And it will allow them to run more trains...)

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For me, to be honest, it looks a "little" dissapointing....

Not as forceful as I thought it would be. The ups and downs look a little "soft"...

After watching this, I think that maybe Blue Fire (my "Baby" ) is the best new coaster for 2009.

But let`s see how the upcoming reviews will be like...


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^ I agree with you Blue Fire looks so much better then this, there is loads of headbanging going on during the ride on iSpeed and it sounds that it might also have some "Intamin rattle going on", and since Blue Fire have neither of those then it's the better ride...

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I think the MCBR on this functions the same way Tatsu's does


Uh, what? I thought Manta was the first with a MCBR? Maybe you are counting the two separate braking platforms as an mcbr and a brake run but Tatsu definitely does not have an MCBR.


For me, to be honest, it looks a "little" dissapointing....

Not as forceful as I thought it would be. The ups and downs look a little "soft"...


Lets just agree to disagree on this one. Vid_W posted some stats a few pages back, they would say that this ride is anything but "forceless" or "not as forceful"


That is going to be one of the most powerful coasters EVER!

4.6G on the climb to the tophat

-0.5G over the tophat

4.9G at the bottom of the first drop

-1.5G on the camelback

4.5G on the first turn

4.3G in the corkscrew (?)

4.3G in the Italian loop

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