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Mirabilandia Discussion Thread

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The downside, so far, it's the reliability. It gets stuck, a lot.

The day I was there it opened 8.15 PM, worked 20 minutes and went down again when I was at the loading platform (almost cried).

Luckily it took only 20 minutes to reopen.


How does it get stuck? Do you mean it won't launch or something?

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^^ What generally happens is thet the train is stopped on the MCBR and the guesta are evacuated using the service ladder. After that the ride colses for about 20 minutes and then reopens.


^ Lines can get longer than two hours.


I really hope that they can fix this third train problem soon so they can run it at full capacity and reduce the lines.

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Well, summer holidays are almost over so you may find it a little less busy, but I'm not that sure about it.


Matteo, when I was there it was down because of the launch.

People on the train before mine said they felt the launch getting weaker and then they were back into the station.

The same happened in the morning and keep it down for the whole afternoon. Luckily in the evening it took less than half an hour, but you could see during test launches that it struggled to pass the top hat, at first.

It was even slower than the first videos of iSpeed testing.

I guess it was just the wrong day...

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I was there today!

iSPEED was fantastic, and i loved every second of it!

Well, except for the headbanging part, but the awesomeness of the rest totally make up for it.

I got 3 rides on it, with w8ing times between 1.5h and 2h.


Btw, matteocrepaldi, were you there today? Because i think i saw you a couple of times...

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Me and my friends were there but we had the V-PASS (Q-BOT) and we used the line only once for the front raw. With that pass we rode it 6 times + once in the front without it.


I know it's really strange but the line for the front raw is actually shorter than the regular line.


On Sunday we didn't have the fast pass but we managed to ride it 3 time using the front raw.

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Did you happen to wear a theparks.it t_shirt, were filming iSpeeds first 180° turn at around 8 and were queueing for Katun at around 10?


Also, the front row queue was faster? Dammit, me and my brother didn't even ride in the first row, becouse we thought it would take too long...


Also, on sunday, I rode it twice, both rides in the very last row, and both times, there was airtime over the entire tophat, with very strong ejector on the drop, and insane ejector on the airhill! And, the MCB stopped the train just a bit, so the ending was quite fun too! There was even some floater on the little hill!

The only problem I found was that the insane Gs caused the OTSRs to close down all the way, and really pinned you into the seat. but still, nothingt major...

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Lol, you seemed really familiar, but I wasn't completely sure from where I knew you, lol...

Not untill I saw your T-shirt when we exited katun.

I was queueing RIGHT behind you, and I was sitting in the next car on the same train! lol

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Hello guys, I have a question, mirabilandia last year, at the close of the 2009 season had confirmed that the 2010 would complete the theming and the Possibility of iSpeed always on iSpeed to be able to buy your onboard video. It 'was all done? or anything yet? Thanks

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From what I've heard nothing as changed about iSpeed for the 2010 season but it runs a little bit better than last year.


I need help for a photo contest; I need to know which picture is the best!


Photo number 1!


Photo number 2!


Photo number 3!

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Sorry for the triple post, didn't they remove two trimms from the cammelback this year..? At least from what I read on the intalian forums.. This should improve greatly the ride experience..

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