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Mirabilandia Discussion Thread

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^Super weak! It's not like I am making it out there anytime before that time though haha.


One question though, and I just cruised this topic looking for the answer and came up empty. Like Blue Fire, will this ride feature only lap bars or will it be similar to Maverick with the OTSR's. I vaguely feel like its OTSR's but I am not certain, whats up?

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Yeah, the method of propulsion shouldn't matter, only the fact that if the train doesn't have enough energy imparted to it, it won't make it over the first element.


At least that's my understanding.

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It has a dynamic controll over the speed of the train which means if the speed isn't enough on the first part of the launch it keeps speeding up till it reaches the right speed in the second part of the launch.


I'm not expecting to see any roll backs outside test launches.

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I don't think cable launches are as adjustable as LSMs...


Also, like Matteo said, the launch consists of two parts, so, if the launch is not fast enough in the first part, it keeps speeding up...

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