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  1. yeah i agree with all of you, its sad to see a park in this conditions !!
  2. yeah, Gardaland is a fun park but i prefer something with more adrenaline !! anyway Space Vertigo, the intamin's tower, is something amazing for its height !
  3. ahahah !! that is my shoulder! I was the pov-man !!! asdasd I had the camera in one pocket and the battery in another one ! I made iSpeed only 15 times ! ...fantastic !!
  4. Hmmm, you should probably keep that to yourself Dave I report it because I have not written anything and i can't delete it !!
  5. wow !! i love your old cars !! that engine is really cool !!
  6. oh ohhhh Matteo !!! ... nice pics !!!! i really like all your photo but some are great !! Abismo its a very interesting coaster, like all the new Maurer S. !!
  7. ....nope we haven't bought the fast pass ! (i was with matteo that day ! )
  8. it was a good day... XD nice pics man !!! i really like it !! my trip report about the same day.....very soon !! XD
  9. that it is a really cool theme for a coaster !!! I like so much all the SAW's films !! ...are very strange...and that coaster will be strange too with Jigsaw !!
  10. lol !!! an B&M track for an intamin ?! ...mmm...maybe a new hybrid !!!! the French site had right !!! ...its great !!!
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