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  1. My thesis is about "how privacy concerns could influence the users behaviour". What you said is important because that episode can change your privacy concerns (and those of TPR users who read ) p.s.: the survey is still open! http://bit.ly/wOUrm8
  2. Thank you!!!! I renew the invitation to make the survey. The link is on the first post
  3. Hey guys, I need your help for my thesis' research about privacy and social networks. It's a short survey: https://unibocconi.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_cSBrrocGKOnWBms It's anonymous and it takes only 8 minutes (more or less). I'm sure that coasters enthusiast, as me, will be helpful! Thanks to everyone in advance
  4. OFFICIAL POV! The ride opened yesterday, with Marco Simoncelli (world champion of 250cc motogp) as guest star. The girl on the right is a theparks.it user
  5. New photos here. These photos were taken last December. The park should open on 2009... This video http://www.valeriomazzoli.it/videos.html is an old video. There is a new video that isn't public with new artworks...
  6. Maintenance of Sierra was too expensive. Here a photo of sierra without engine for chain...the demolition has already begun.
  7. The Parksmania staff has confirmed the news...The article But it isn't an official announcement...
  8. The expedition is started...at 4:30pm a crazy group is going to arrive in New York!
  9. Hi, I'm Matteo, I'm Italian, You can see www.trenitalia.com to go to "Rome" to "Lido di Savio" (Mirabilandia is near Lido di Savio) by train - 5 hour by train because you must change train -. If you prefer the car you can take A1 highway from Rome to Orte, after that take E45...when you see the giant wheels, you are arrived. Near Mirabilandia there is Ravenna, a beautiful city!
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