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  1. Robb : "Gave OzIris another chance in the afternoon, back row. It ran *slightly* faster, but it was so bumpy and shaky, it gave me a headache. Overall, a really boring, disappointing ride. "
  2. Does anybody read Robb's review of OzIris on their Facebook page??? Can't believe what I was reading! SERIOUSLY!
  3. Lots of people think like "Myself" on the French forums, I'll make a good off ride as soon as the ride open! We'll soon see how the dick coaster operates
  4. Hi, yes that was our POV from the very first ride we get on Shambhala and it really was THAT good, it was my coaster number 113, and I easily rank it second behind EGF! And for the problem with the seat I Only see one guy removed from his seat because of his size (mean fat) if you look after my trip reports you'll see how fat I am (1m83 for 103 kg, let you do the weight translation ) and I was abble to ride it without any problem, compared to Raptor from Gardaland where I almost couldn't lock the seat belt it's way larger! Hope that let's everybody know! The test seat is not referencing the good size to get on the ride, really! Fabien
  5. Hi everyones, Back from PortAventura, where there on June the 24th for my birthday , and I enjoyed a LOT Shambhala, that is a very nice coaster. I get almost 10 rides in 2 days (cant do better due to long queue line) so I ride in almost each wagon, unfortunately the operators show you where to sit so you can't choose. The only way to be sure to ride in the first raw is to buy a PortAventura's express pass with a front ride to choose between Furius Baco - Dragon Khan and Shambhala. You can get those next to Furius Baco entrance. Anyway if you are in the head of the train you'll gonna have a LOOOOT of air, strong negative g's on every hills and that during a very long time, you get back to your seat close to the ground and the very fast hill produce ejector, that was very surprising and pleasant. I loved it. I bring back a full HD off ride and a ridercam for you. Enjoy; Fabien
  6. I think this is gonna be the last update because the work is almost done and should be opening soon. Here are the last pics from the official Facebook of the park, I prefer you to see those because I cant take something better from the outside. Official Pics From Ok Corral's Facebook As the new ride open I'll make a complete trip report of Ok Corral, just for you
  7. Just came back from Parc Astérix and would like to share with you my off ride in full hd I've made from OzIris! This is easily my favorite inverted coaster! It rocks a lot! Fabien
  8. Back from Ok Corral, and guess what? Track and supports are there and they almost complete the layout, just missing the two lifts. And a first theming element shows up. Here are the pics I brought back. Fab. Missing just the lifts Got some nice curves. Nerd shot Lift support. Theming element Lowest track support (close from the ground) Manufacturer.
  9. Thanks a lot Larry! In my opinion it's the best tracks color ever, this association works perfect! I've never been on a stand up coaster. Cross my finger to visit soon some of the best parks right there.
  10. This report really is amazing, I learn lots of things, and really want to get in those little parks! Wants to see more and more reports like that. Congrat!
  11. Get some new pics from Ok Corral and within 2 weeks almost nothing happened. Just some foundation to receive the coaster's support. Waiting for it's coaster.
  12. I just came back from Ok Corral, to show you the how the work is going on, and you'll see on the pics that unfortunately, in a complete month, they just removed all parts of Les Montagnes Du Grand Canyon, and they rework the ground, now he can receive his new ride, hope to see some part of the track soon. Fabien
  13. Hanno, those pics are awesome, this thread gonna be the first I'll follow each update, a French would say "wow c'est de la bombe"
  14. I've not been on many woodies but I can tell you that the first drop could be compared to Tonnerre De Zeus for the intensity, and became force less for the rest of the layout, instead of that it's at the moment the funniest wooden I've ridden, as the train stops you want another ride, and the whole layout is interisting, best queue line ever (not only talking about woodies)! A very cool ride, perfectly fit Europa's skyline and type of coasters. (I hope everyone understood what I would be meaning
  15. I just came back from Europa Park yesterday, and I had a lot and lot of amazing times on Wodan Timbur Coaster, it's nice, he got one of the best q-line ever, I bring you back a full HD vidéo of what you can find during the queue and some off-ride shot.
  16. I've been to Ok Corral last weekend to see where they are with the construction of Gold Rush, so, actually they are removing an old coaster, "Les Montagnes Du Grand canyon", to prepare a fantastic area of their new toy! At the moment I don't know if the park sold to another one their old ride. I took some pics from inside and outside the park. On the left will be the path to Gold Rush translated as "soon here, your new ride for 2012 season" Old operating deck of Montanges Du Grand Canyon
  17. I will soon add Ok Corral, as soon as they open Gold Rush, I'll soon go to the park to see where they are with this and post some pictures of GR construction
  18. Hell TPR; I've been to a very little park that not many of us might know about it. This park is called Magic Park Land, previously El Dorado City then Magic Land. It's located at Ensuès-La-Redonne, a little city on the "Côte d'Azur" not very far from Marseille. Here is the official website : Magic Park Land I've been there to show you the 2 credits you can get there if you visit Marseille sometimes. First one is a Wacky Worm called La Chenille and the second one is Eden Rail (on the park map it's called Grand Huit, dunno why?!) witch look like a Zyklon/Galaxi. It's my first park of 2012 season, now on the pictures. Fabien DELHOMEZ. Entrance Classic park map Elodie came with me, once inside you start through the OLD arcade game center The park main street, you'll find restaurant, souvenirs and far west shows Exotic Pirat (swinging boat) Here is Eden Rail That remember me of Crazy Taxi, or better, Fifth Element Dropin' Entrance of Babyland, with lot of things for little kids This church used to be there before the park have been created, so they leave it as it was before, nice That is baby boat, and it's a new ride for the season A chance that Obelix is not there Almost all the ways look like this in the park, not nice Les rapide de l'ouest Sorry, this picture is a little bit blurry Juke Box - New for 2012 I spot a Vampire Village Indien - Baby log flume Magic Mystery House - not fun, old, and lots of things are off. Speedy - new in 2011 (they just changed the queue, exist since 2008) Magic Burger is a restaurant where Zoro fights against S. Garcia Closer look at the restaurant The WW - La Chenille Lots and lots of those everywhere El Dorado Circus Show - Inside this building stage some shows, this summer would be with Kalidor II (a guy from France's Got Talent) Crazy Fly - Kiddy's ride Seems to be happy, this park is a nice place for a family Youpi-Land is a place with some inflated castles Sorry I don't have the name of this, It's not even on the park map Enterprise - Fifth Element for the second time in this park, Leeloo miss me Look they also have a little truck Last look at Eden Rail, good bye Magic Park Land see you next year for some new rides
  19. News : Ok Corral's chairman and some employes have been to Gerstlauer factory, in Germany, to see how the work is going on, they bring back with us some pictures of the track and the train, posted them on their Facebook page, here is the link : Golden Rush in Gerstlauer factory
  20. At the moment, nothing, but this year they are working hard to give the park a better look
  21. Does anyone know something about the work of the Bembom Brothers?
  22. Hello everybody, Gerstlauer is actually building a shuttle family ride at Ok Corral in the south of France. It has been called Gold Rush: Official Facebook page of Ok Corral : Des bruits courent déjà sur les vastes plaines d’internet… Le fabricant allemand Gerstlauer s’est joint à nous pour construire la nouveauté 2012 : Gold Rush. Sur une surface de plus de 2600m² c’est un grand huit familial qui vous attendra. Ce nouveau manège a été revu et corrigé par les Bembom Brothers pour en faire une attraction unique au monde avec quelques surprises ! Could be translated like this : Sounds running on the hills of the internet... The manufacturer Gerstlauer joined us to build the new ride of 2012 season : Gold Rush. This family roller coaster is watting for you over a surface of 8530f². This ride has been revised and corrected by the Bembom Brothers to make it unique in the world with some surprises! I'll be there soon to show you some pics of this new coaster. See you guys, Fabien
  23. Not talking about witch one is better but I think it's a bad news for Pepsi Co.
  24. I'm just looking for some people that would be playing together, and just for fun, on the playstation network. If we are enough we might be able to create a clan from TPR members. Here is my PSN gamer tag : fdelhomez. Hope you like this idea! Fabien "wanna frag with TPR" Delhomez.
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