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What area really needs a theme park?

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Well I think of (I know and understand that we have Kemah Boardwalk, & the Pleasure Pier that are both 50 miles away from Houston!), Houston being without astrworld, i really think that houston has to have something big, or maybe just a little bigger beacause were the currently fourth largest city in the nation!


Phoenix Arizona, i know that there's only one amusement park in the state Castles N Coasters, but I don't judge any park or any rides, but I hear people on youtube saying that castles n coasters sucks, they are rough coasters, arizona deserves better, we really need an real theme park out here, but from what i heard that the weather in arizona is very hot, & propbably the reason why they kind of lack one, but it would be very nice if phoenix had one big amusement park! But I think that they think, or assume that arizona is next to california!


Seattle, or anywhere in washington, I heard that it rains every single day in washington state, but dont know if it really does, but I know, & heard about the volcano exploded, & it may again, but it would be definitely nice if washington would have an big amusement park!


Austin Texas, I know that it's one hour away from san antonio, but i think it would be awesome for austin to have a least one amusement park, but probably not!


Colorado, i know they have a few amusement parks, but I always still hear the same old complaints that this park sucks, & this coasters gives me pain, well i personally like small amusement parks like that sometimes, but I understand that colorado has a bunch of mountains, but in some ways they could use a couple more of amusement parks!

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There's over a million people in the Tulsa metro area and the closest amusement park is Frontier City in OKC, and while I hear they are making improvements, it's not much of park.


The other closest parks are WOF, SFOT, and SDC. All overnight trips.


We had Bells but it shut down a few years ago. It'd be nice to see a decent park built here, but I don't see it happening.

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The states that REALLY need parks are Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, Missisippi, Montana, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Tennessee (NASCAR SpeedPark and Sir Goony's aren't really amusement parks), Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming.


I HATE the fact that my home state only has 3 amusement parks, and only 1 of them is an actual amusement park. >_<

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a) The guy above me has an incredibly annoying signature. Almost as bad as that guy with the Christmas lights counter thingy in his


b) This topic has been discussed quite a bit, before: http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=931424#p931424


Yep--I've moved the posts to the older thread. Discuss the topic to your hearts' content here.


Thank you.

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As others have said: Nashville. It's one of the fastest growing cities in the nation, with 80-100+ people moving here every day. Holiday World and Kentucky Kingdom are in a very heated who-can-buy-more-billboards battle -- you can't drive half a mile without seeing a billboard for one of the parks.


I will say that Nashville is within four hours of a large number of parks. You've got Kentucky Kingdom, Holiday World, Dollywood, Beech Bend, Six Flags over Georgia, Lake Winnie, Alabama Splash Adventure and Kings Island isn't much farther away.


Many long-time Nashvillians are still bitter over the closure of Opryland. There's certainly interest in another theme park.

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The states that REALLY need parks are Delaware,


Errrr, not really. Delaware is 1-3 hours from the Jersey shore, SFA, Great Adventure, Kings Dominion, Dorney, BGW and Hershey. You're actually in a really good spot if you're in Delaware I'd say.

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Allentown! Either improve Dorney so it can compete with the other regional parks (Knoebels, Hershey, Great Adventure) or just build something new from the ground up


If you're in Allentown you're ridiculously close to a majority of the parks in the northeast. Dorney isn't exactly a bad park either.

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