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  1. I'm merely cognizant of my speech paradigm apropos in a delicatessen milieu, Roz.
  2. Marshall Tucker? Really? Shit, South Jersey really is an honorary Confederate state
  3. Some obvious pics (Jack Rabbit, Racer, Magnum XL, Kingda Ka, Millennium Force, Lockness Monster). I'd lump the Coney Island Cyclone in there too, except I'm not exactly sure how other than it maybe being the first 'Ship of Theseus' coaster.
  4. Oh God I was contemplating going Monday. I chose Ghost Of Tsushima instead. I made the right choice.
  5. It's fine, any unvaccinated people standing under the Nitro rust waterfall for 15 minutes will get immuno-powers anyways. Pee mask free, plebs
  6. They're gonna finally build the Euthanasia coaster. It's for the best. Not everyone has a lean cuisine aisle and Toto's Africa blasting at their local supermarket to commit suicide in a state of euphoria. It'll be a service.
  7. You think we're gonna find some politicians underneath JD's foundation one day?
  8. Just makes me realize how much American Dream needs to bump their tree and sunlight game.
  9. At this rate Nitro not coming back with a paintjob is, like, disrepair on purpose.
  10. Being a regional native I'm used to people financially taking a dump on my chest, though I'll really need to take a shower after this one. I'm not even mad, just disappointed.
  11. I've been thinking of just saying "screw it" and fork over the admission to finally check the place out, but not if Chris Hanson's gonna pop out and ask me to take a seat before I get a single ride in.
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