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  1. Dorney: The Thread. Congrats you've just killed God.
  2. For SF, Busch, or Hershey? Hell no. Too expensive & it's not really necessary anyways. For Disney? Hell yes I'm gonna jump on that Genie+ joint. For Universal? Cheat and stay at a hotel on the resort.
  3. Ay Dios malo when did this happen? https://lunaparknyc.com/plan/know-before-you-go/
  4. Visited the resort for the first time Sunday (was originally supposed to go to Magic Mountain, can easily say this change of plan is an upgrade LOL). However, we were f*cking nuts because we had park hopper passes but only had like 7.5 hours total to make a feeble attempt at the 2 parks as the individual who we were staying with had to be back to feed and walk the dog by 6pm. Good news for us (bad news for the dog) we didn't leave the resort UNTIL 6:00 because we weren't trying to leave without crossing over into DCA for a bit to check out the Marvel Campus. Final ride count: Indiana Jones/Smugglers Run/Pirates/Space Mountain/GotG Mission Breakout Random observations: - The Rock was roaming DL (never caught him personally). So were a bunch of TikTok-ers I had no idea existed as well as a professional camera sex person one of my reprobate friends was trying to follow around. - DL is surprisingly small. Whereas the Magic Kingdom in WDW feels like you have to walk miles to get place to place, in DL you have all these attractions within two steps of each other (and in some cases are in other parks entirely). How they do it and retain an impossible level of meticulous escapism I will never know. On top of this, something about the involvement within certain lands; the Davy Crockett canoes & Columbia ship, New Orleans Square, Matterhorn, the way the streetcar rides up a Main Street... Minus the tiny ass castle, it all feels a bit more magical than WDW. - Galaxy's Edge. Wow. Sensory overload. Oga's Cantina especially. - I've seen people on the internet take a dump on Smugglers Run. Personally I got to pull the lever to launch the Falcon into hyperspace, so that's reason enough to ride it. - Something that shocked me was how reasonable the prices were for food and drink in comparison to other parks. Bottle of water? $3.25. Cold Brew Black Caf (which is delicious btw)? Same price as a drink at Starbucks. Takodana Quencher (also, dangerously delicious)? Same price as a cocktail made in any large metropolitan area. Terran Pineapple Churro? Doesn't exist in the normal world and for how this thing tastes it's well worth the $5.75. Considering how much the price of entry is I'm guessing the philosophy is to price things (relatively) average to balance out it for guests. - The Virtual Queue system is savage. I woke up at 6:55 in order to get a spot for Rise of the Resistance. Immediately at 7am I tap the queue page on the Disneyland app... All spots for the morning gone instantaneously. Tried again to reserve at the 12pm window, but what I did not anticipate was the nonexistance of data inside Indy's station. Obviously left unable to experience Rise this time unfortunately. - Fastpass is down. On one hand, none of the rides we went on had lines longer than 40 minutes (would've done Splash if the wait wasn't 75 mins) and I'm guessing the dearth of Fastpass and single rider options was the cause. That said, we could've squeezed Haunted Mansion (20 min. wait) in there had Pirates not broken down for a little while we were close to boarding. - Strike 7,452 in realizing the ambitious less than 8 hours to pull the park hopper thing was a horrifyingly bad idea as I didn’t even get to see the submarine lagoon, Fantasyland, and most of Frontierland. Basically right after Space Mountain we were left with an hour and booked it to DCA (where we essentially only experienced the Marvel Campus). - Speaking of the Marvel Campus, it was a flea in comparison to everything in Galaxy's Edge, but it was still pretty cool for what it was. All in all I have to get back to experience things properly. Chances are I'll be returning to LA this year, so if that happens I'm definitely making my way back here.
  5. Anyone have any insight as to when the "bring a friend free" days are? Taking a trip out to California so I'm curious.
  6. Yea no there should be a rule in which no less than 3 woodies are required in Pennsylvania parks. Lightning Racer counts as one, not 2. Get your mind out of the gutter.
  7. I'm merely cognizant of my speech paradigm apropos in a delicatessen milieu, Roz.
  8. Marshall Tucker? Really? Shit, South Jersey really is an honorary Confederate state
  9. Some obvious pics (Jack Rabbit, Racer, Magnum XL, Kingda Ka, Millennium Force, Lockness Monster). I'd lump the Coney Island Cyclone in there too, except I'm not exactly sure how other than it maybe being the first 'Ship of Theseus' coaster.
  10. Oh God I was contemplating going Monday. I chose Ghost Of Tsushima instead. I made the right choice.
  11. It's fine, any unvaccinated people standing under the Nitro rust waterfall for 15 minutes will get immuno-powers anyways. Pee mask free, plebs
  12. They're gonna finally build the Euthanasia coaster. It's for the best. Not everyone has a lean cuisine aisle and Toto's Africa blasting at their local supermarket to commit suicide in a state of euphoria. It'll be a service.
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