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  2. Well, granted, I haven't heard any updates, but Knott's is NOT doing that for Hangtime... although they certainly could, which is the frustrating part.
  3. ^^Yeah, I don't think Apocalypse is really that bad, either. Is it a bit rough? Sure, but I've been on much worse, and it does have a great layout and speed that still hold up. And night rides on it are pretty great. I think it's worth keeping around.
  4. The way they lock is an upgrade. At Manta in Sea World San Diego, you pull them down yourself, and they are notorious for tightening and clamping down during the ride itself (not unlike Skyrush). Here, it's all automatic... you don't touch the restraint at all, it comes down for you, and then gets (somehow) locked into place. They tell you to keep your hands up (even after the restraint comes down) until you see and feel a little "jiggle" as it locks into place. The restraint didn't move at all during the ride. Which is quite an upgrade. Makes the ride much more enjoyable, but I als
  5. ^As far as I can tell, it'll be sticking around. They're already in the process of adding two more rides. A Scambler is currently sitting unassembled in their parking lot, and a Moser Super Flip is looking fairly close to opening. I'll be detailing it all in an upcoming thread... lots of pics to organize, and I'm not exactly an expert TR writer, so it may take me a day or two. But this park impressed me so much with the care and enthusiasm of the employees, they deserve the good publicity.
  6. I was just in the park the last two days (not my first visit). Found out that at certain times of the year, teachers get in for free! So I was able to take advantage of that. Been before, but wanted to get Time Traveler. On Thursday, it was only running one train, and not the back car, so the line was agonizingly slow. Next day, it took about 45 minutes to open and started again with only one train and no back car. Not long after, they did add a 2nd train, and that one did seem to have back car (though I didn't get it). Really wondering what the problems are with it. It is a fun rid
  7. Looks like Crazanity still needs a lot of landscaping and finishing touches. I'd say at least another week.
  8. Been on it many times. Keep your expectations low... at the end of the day, it is another screen attraction. However, I do feel they did the best job they possibly could for a screen-based attraction. Pros: The building is beautiful, the interior is beautiful, the pre-show is actually one of their better ones (and it's also relatively short), and entering the "spirit world" half way through is honestly quite amazing. And if you didn't know, it's not 3D, which is honestly pretty great. Some of the new chair movements are pretty cool... the gentle rocking of the boat, and vibrations a
  9. Even mechanically, I've heard no details about what exactly happened with it to be SBNO for so long. What mechanical problem is it experiencing? I mean, whether people like the ride or not, SFMM would seem to have some incentive to get it working again: 1) They paid for it. If I bought a car that had a mechanical issue, I'd be pretty pissed off. You'd think at minimum there'd be some sort of lawsuit with the manufacturer over whatever happened to make it be out of commission for so long. 2) To firmly establish their coaster count... quality of rides aside, having 20 coast
  10. What "incident"? Other than people not really liking the ride, I've never heard of a specific "incident" on it. I also feel it's amusing people don't count the RMC upgrades as a "new" coaster. Really? So just because it uses some of the previous structure of an older ride, it's somehow less work than building a coaster from the ground up?
  11. Knott's has been getting a lot busier. And with it's nearest neighbor costing nearly 3-4 times as much to get in, as well as increasing quality and very clever events that cater to locals (notably Boysenberry Festival, Ghost Town Alive, Haunt, and Merry Farm), it's not a surprise. Good for Knott's, I say. It's been long underrated. That said, the behavior by the crowd mentioned in the posts above is generally not normal. It has been increasing a bit, and not a shock it should happen when multiple schools are attending, but still mostly out of the ordinary. That said, the lines are rea
  12. I think part of the issue is using the term "major player" to be equivalent to "destination resort"--as in, a park that people from all over the country and world would make a point to visit, and stay for a number of days (and not just coaster geek people--the general public). And if that is your definition, there's really only three "major players" in the country: WDW, Universal Orlando, and Disneyland. Therefore, by that definition, every other park in the country is a regional park. To a degree, that is not really untrue. However, it doesn't mean that some regional parks are still v
  13. I'm curious to know, under your definition, what parks--aside from anything Disney and Universal--that do qualify as a "major player". Not trying to be snarky, honestly curious.
  14. How is the speed of load/unload/queue going so far? Will there be single riders? Be able to choose seats, or assigned?
  15. The main structure may be up, but there's still a ways to go. Most of the groundwork around the ride is nowhere complete, and most importantly, the actual vehicle disk isn't even in place on the arm yet. If I had to guess on an opening time frame, I'd estimate the end of the month.
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