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Gröna Lund Discussion Thread

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Looks really cool out! Simply amazing how they manage to get everything together in such a small space! Good that they are renovating the ghost train too, and can use the new, reinforced roof to building "Twister" on top of it! Waiting with buckles on how the cars will look like! Should be showing up soon .. When opening premiere is 7 May! Hope to go to the press information day ... would be fun! / Thomas

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I had no idea that so much was going on at Gröna Lund as far as the current construction and future plans. This makes me happy because I was slightly disappointed that Magic Mountain was getting a copy of the one coaster that made this park a unique visit, to me. But it's not to say that is would have halted a visit to the park. When I'm in the area to visit family, I'd hit up the park regardless of what is or isn't built. And while a visit next summer was what I was thinking I'd do, I may push it back another year if it means an additional coaster. You know, because why not?

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Gröna Lunde has put up a new video showing the lift engine, station, queue area, the boardwalk and some nice view of the first drop. (It's all swedish)

Video #7

They're currently finishing the steel on the track, has installed the chain on the lifthill, airgates in the station, working on the boardwalk and some booths for shops and games under the camelback hill.

The trains get flown in from US but he didn't say when but it better be soon if they're going to test it thorughly.

Looks great and it's only 36 days left till opening.

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Just hope this won't turn into another debate but building wooden roller coasters with steel supports has been used for a very long time since early 20th century. Usually coaster are divided into steel and wooden depending on the track which are either steel or wooden.

But then Rocky Mountain Group and Texas Giant fu**ed it all up.

And finally, I think Twister will be a different experience compared to Balder.

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Hi all! "only"29 days until opening! Typical me to go and celebrate Maspalomas Pride for 10 days down in Gran Canaria .Departing opening day... But it should be a media (radio / TV) display a few days before .. will try to come up with them.. / Thomas

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I love it how Grona Lund and the designers/builders just

figure out how it all fits together, LOL!

Thanks for keeping us up-to-date Olov and

all/any of you who are lucky to soon be riding this one.


Am looking forward to how the dark ride

is turning out, as well.


Everything's looking awesome, and I cannot wait

for the next TPR Scandi Tour that happens,

whenever it happens.


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The vikings certainly know how to cram as many coasters as possible into a tiny space. I plan on visiting in July an and can't wait. Does anybody have tips on stuff like cheap/good food in the area, or what is a "must do"?

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