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Gröna Lund Discussion Thread

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Some nice pictures from Monday taken by the user Jwahl on Freizeitparkweb forum.


Kvasten and Twister in harmony.


The lift hill and the last turn seen from the queueing area.


A really tight fit. (Watch your head!)


The turns under the lift hill.


Twister, Jetline and Vilda Musen seen from the Jet street.


And a picture of Blå Tåget track by the entrance. They seem to recreate most of the old theming of Blå Tåget as well.



Speaking of blue trains... the other blue train has arrived!

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Ooo boy!



Damn, I am getting so excited about this coaster,

and yet I still have No Idea when the heck I'll be there

to ride it, in all it's twisty goodness.



That's okay. Eventually. With another TPR Tour, heh heh.


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Can't wait to see all the footage you shoot! Is there any chance you'll be filming other coasters too? I'm sure Kvasten and Jetline each provide an interesting new ride experience thanks to the Twister being shoehorned in and around them.

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Is there a height maximum restriction for this thing? Or are we just riding at our own risk??


This looks absolutely crazy! It's so awesome to see two roller coasters overhead while you're on the one underneath/around them! How are the Timberliners?

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At last the video we all been waiting for! Personally, I would have preferred that it went a little faster around, but wait until my statement on Tuesday, when it is the big media day, and I' go there.Dont forget that there is a family ride with a low height limit :120cm.

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I can't tell you how jealous I am of the Brit Crew going out there in a month! This thing looks awesome.


I never realised it would be that long, it looks like an epic compact coaster. To anyone who has ridden it, how were the trains?



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To anyone who has ridden it, how were the trains?

The Timberliners were awesome! Tracked insanely well, were very comfortable, and most importantly, cooperated wonderfully with my camera mounts!

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What were those Gravity Group guys smoking when they designed this??


In all seriousness, the layout looks crazy. It looks like there would be lots of surprise airtime, and those are some of the tightest turns I have ever seen on a wood coaster. And man, talk about headchoppers.

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Pass the kleenex, please....


I will say that ride is nucking futs. it's like H.G. Traver has come back from beyond, and gifted us one last piece of treasure. It's the Family coaster fro dysfunctional families.


Outstanding job, Robb- and everyone else who's worked on the filming of that ride- it's phenominal all over.

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^I thought this was the last major project in the park? Isn't the next huge project an expansion of the park itself that will include a B&M inverted coaster and a giant Star Flyer or has those plans been scrapped? You can see the concept artwork for the plans on the first page of this thread.

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Robb, can you please have the twins in every video from now on?!


I can't wait to see the night photos with the tracer lights from across the water. Twister really looks like the perfect family coaster for Grona Lund. Thanks for sharing the video, Robb!

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Long story short - Grona Lund built a totally kick ass Gravity Group woodie, and they asked TPR to come put together their B-Roll footage for the media.


The ride kicks total ass. The Timberliner trains are everything you'd hope they'd be - Comfortable, rooms, track amazing, and most importantly the cooperated with my camera mounts!


It's very hard to describe Twister because I'm not sure I've been on anything else like it. The sharp turns and twists remind me of something out of Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain, while the medium-sized-but-totally-rides-like-a-full-sized-mama reminds me of why Cornball Express makes the top of so many people's wood coaster list.


Anyway, the ride is also shoe-horned between three, yes THREE other coasters, which probably wins Grona Lund the award of "most efficient use of space to build a crap load of coasters" in!


Enjoy the video (shot by me) and the photos (taken mostly by Hanno) and parks out there take note - if you want your B-Roll to look this awesome - contact us! There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for "shaky cam" roller coaster footage shot by professionals. And you all know you've seen it and know what I'm talking about!


Onto first the video! Enjoy.... (be sure to watch it in beautiful HD!)



And now onto the photos....


We arrived at Grona Lund...why? Because there is something awesome here!




While the park was getting Twister ready for the film shoot, they warmed up our excited group of "extras" on Jetline!


Jetline is a custom build Schwarzkopf. We made sweet love to it. RD would be jealous.


Oh, yeah, in case you aren't aware, Grona Lund is famous for the rides they build literally on top of each other. How many coasters do you see here?


And to warm up our "talent" even more, they opened Kvasten, Grona Lund's custom built Vekoma Jr suspended coaster.


Can you see that Grona Lund is into coaster threesomes? =)


And Twister isn't the only "new" ride opening up this season...well, kind of...the park had to completely demolish "Bla Taget" (the Blue Train... or the Ghost Train) in order to build Twister...but they rebuild Bla Taget and made it even better!


It's a little bit spooky...


A little bit silly...


And totally Elissa approved! =)


Awww...here's a credit I still need to come back for! ;)


Dummies or TPR Members? How can you tell the difference??!?


Off go the TPR members for their first ride on Twister! Oh, wait, I guess those are the dummies...


While our "extras" were out riding other coasters, they put us to work making the dummies pee. (I wish I could say I was making this up!)


"Dummies like it doggie style!" (Oddly enough, we didn't see Hanno for another hour after this photo was taken...weird...)


Aha! NOW it was time for TPR Members to ride Twister! =)


In case you were wondering why the ride was called "Twister" ... This is why! And if it looks a bit like "Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain" I'm told by Gravity Group that some of the ideas that went into Lost Coaster were used to fit this much ride into such a packed space! (good work, guys!)




Forget the POV! Who would rather have the "Twister Twins?!?!?"


While you lift hill enthusiasts are drooling over this photo, I'm gonna work on getting the Twister Twins number... BOTH of them! =)


Twister is full of all sorts of WIN!


Did we mention there was airtime? and a LOT of it!


And as the name would suggest... it is TWISTYYYYYY!!!!


Awesome first drop shot! (Thanks Hanno!)


Oh, yeah...see those trains? Those are the Timberliners! Smooth, comfortable, track amazing!


And just like all the coasters at Grona Lund, there is track layered everywhere.


That is called "Hairtime!"


This airtime hill right after the first drop REALLY delivers!!!


Seriously, anyone who complains about the Timberliners will get an awesome kicking in the balls from me.


Hello boys and girls, this is your old pal, Stinky Wizzleteats

This is a song about a whale, NO this is a song about being happy


Thats right!


Its the happy happy, joy joy song!


Happy happy, joy joy

Happy happy, joy joy

Happy happy, joy joy

Happy happy, joy joy

Happy happy, joy joy

Happy happy, joy joy

Happy happy, joy joy joy


I dont think your happy enough, thats right!

I'll teach you to be happy!

I'll teach your grandmother to suck eggs!

Now boys and girls, lets try it again...


Happy happy, joy joy

Happy happy, joy joy

Happy happy, joy joy

Happy happy, joy joy

Happy happy, joy joy

Happy happy, joy joy

Happy happy, joy joy joy!


Iff-in you ain`t the grandaddy of all liars!

The little critters of nature...they dont know that they're ugly.

Thats very funny! A fly marrying a bumble bee!

I told you I'd shoot, but you didn't believe me!

WHY didn't you believe me?


Happy happy, joy joy

Happy happy, joy joy

Happy happy, joy joy

Happy happy, joy joy

Happy happy, joy joy

Happy happy, joy joy

Happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy, joy joy joyyyy!


Airtime over the water. How quaint. How beautiful.


Airtime! Caught on tape! Film at 11.


That's right...you're going to drop right into the water!


How many coasters do you see in this photo? Answer below and you might win a bag-o-crap!


Don't worry...we have more pictures of the Twister Twins! =)


"No, really...her hair is always like that..."


How many layers of wood do you see in this photo? Answer below and you may win a DATE with the Twister Twins!!!


Hey blue train...how's it going dude?


Today's TPR update is brought to you by my thumb. And do you know where my thumb has been? That's right. In your mom!


See the two guys in the back? There is something seriously wrong with both of them! =)


More lift hill shots for you lift hill nuts.


Me? I'll take the Twister Twins!




Oh, wait, that's just how he does his hair...




Huh... Must be a Swedish thing...


We see you Twister Twins! Don't try to get all tricky on us now by splitting up! =)


To get some really cool shots of Twister, they let us take pictures from Grona Lund's really cool new ghetto free fall ride.


It would appear that Johan and Mattias, the owners of Grona Lund, are pretty happy with their new ride!


Oh, c'mon! The Twister Twins holding hands??!? That's just beyond teasing! =)


Make no mistake about it. Mattias is not giving thumbs up to Twister, he's giving thumbs up to the twins sitting behind him! =)


And as awesome as Twister is...and comfy as the Timberliner trains are... this picture is still hands down my favorite thing at Grona Lund! The only thing that could make it better is if she had a twin in the picture instead of the dude!!! =)


Thank you to everyone at Grona Lund! TPR had an amazing day! Now everyone go watch that video AGAIN and remember to POST YOUR COMMENTS about this update!

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