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  1. Nice to finally see the layout! But a little disappointed..no airtime hill or bunny hops after the immelman? Its just dive,immelman,and 2 g rolls? Looking good anyway!
  2. It was "Robb and Elissa class" on the story! Great written / reported: Fun to see another part of the world that one is not accustomed to seeing from.Hope you can come to Sweden and give your views on the Gröna Lund / Liseberg.
  3. Sends you a nice snow greetings from Stockholm! "Roller Coaster in the snow" Nice and easy, yet no advice on something new for the season 2012, about 4 1 / 2 months it is full speed ahead on the visitors again
  4. Thank you for coming here! is so happy and grateful for the advertising you do for Sweden and Gröna Lund, means a lot for us.Your images and movies are always a pleasure to watch, with a large sense of humor.Come back soon, as it is a bit warmer outside! /Thomas
  5. The "goodie bag" includes: usb-stick with Robbs movie of Twister,Parks and resorts new glossy magazine(2 numbers)"greenroom" for workers in Parks and resort parks.Artist program for the summer,info and facts about Twister,and finally:VIP -passport! free entry for 2 people and cheaper ride band! THANKS TO :Tina Landelius/Peter Osbeck/John and Mattias Banker for letting me come to you on media day, which really is for television and newspapers, I am just a freak amusement park, go a bit but love the atmosphere! / Thomas
  6. Was not so much photographed, the most of it is already shown, the weather was really so gray o boring as it could be, cold o rain, BUT ghost train shall be tested and summer will soon hit.Jag went only once with Twister, but the lived up to everything I expected and more!
  7. The king is here in Stockholm! and i saw him live! Robb and Hanno Tape fixed camera equipment. .
  8. When I got home I saw the sawblade to the right of the picture, perfect!
  9. More scary movie people from various horror films over the years buh !
  10. The new Blå Tåget-ghost train,surrounded by monsters from the the Haunted house...scary.. Everybody look at the new ghost train,was not completed yet.A reason to come back!
  11. Hello! some pictures from this morning's media day, it was freezing cold with a temperature of only +2' C. "white knuckle ride" perfect name for today's ride! As usual at Gröna Lund, it was a good breakfast o a good presentation of artists news mm.Fun to meet Robb for real! was just as nice as he is in all movies, stories etc. Here are the pics! : Snow in the sky! ho cares...Twister here i come!
  12. Incredibly well filmed and photographed! We often forget what they have in their vicinity, but when you see this as you've worked on, so will you be happy and proud of the beautiful park we have here in Stockholm! Thank you for coming to us!!
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