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Gröna Lund Discussion Thread

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I was riding Jetline a few times yesterday, and tried to imagine how the interaction with Twister would be.

My office is overlooking Gröna Lund, and I look very much forward to follow the construction and see it grow in front of my eyes. And I can't wait to get to ride it!


Given the very little space available in the park, I am amazed how they manage to put in more and more rides, and fitting them perfectly in the environment. But I guess this will be the last new coaster until the opening of the new area on the parking lot... Even though they have surprised me before!

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Today I had an opportunity to visit Gröna Lund to see how far into the construction of the new woodie and ghost train had come. I was happy to see that the staff of Gröna Lund and the construction entrepreneurs have not been on the lazy side.

Unfortunately I don't own a good camera so my poor cellphone cam had to suffice.


Hmm something is missing in this picture...


Ah-ha! The housing of Blå Tåget has been demolished.


The mandatory "big pile of dirt picture"


Just some crap that need to be cleaned up before they can start with the foundation of the new building


The excavator machines that are responsible for this mess


Not much left of the building, just the area under the Rock-Jet


And finally, a view from across the water

And if someone is wondering, here are the before pictures

Picture from Coasters&More.de

Picture from Malcom's scanditrip.blogg

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One of the first columns used for the bridge over/under the existing roller coasters has started to get erected.

Photo from Gravity Groups facebook photo album.

Photo from the Gröna Lund webcam.


Walls are starting to raise for the new building of Blå Tåget as well.

And some steel for the rail arrived a few weeks ago.

Featured on picture is Peter Osbeck, photo taken by Mattias Banker and can be seen on rcdb.com

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Gravity Group has been hard at work and is currently working on the bridge for the lifthill and first drop.

Photos from Gravity Group's facebook.

Bottom of the first drop and the lifthill structure in the background.

View from below.

Putting up another piece.

And rcdb.com

The turns going up on the Blå Tåget building.

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Brrr, it's getting cold and snowy up here but Twister is still growing more and more. So far the lift hill and first turn has been topped off and what a tight turn it is.

The pictures are as usually taken by gravity group's cast and Gröna Lund's Mattias Banker

Gravity Group


Yup, turn is still there.


Lift hill topped off!


And from the back the turn is fully visible. Gravity Group explains that only the timberliner trains are capable of performing such tight turns (3m/9') on a regular wooden roller coaster.


The first drop is almost complete and those red hot handrails are not made of wood but by some composite making this even more of a hybrid coaster

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I made a longer version (10 minutes) for anyone who wants to see more details in the pictures.

Workers have been away during the holidays but should be back soon to continue the construction.

Will try to follow the construction right to the opening but I think I'll be a little busier with other stuff to do.

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I get the impresssion that Grona Lund could squeeze in just about anything if they tried... I can so see them getting an Intamin Gigacoaster, and making it feel longer, taller and faster than Millenium or I305... Somebody there really does know how to cram too much into too little. I should hire them for my closets!



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