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Gröna Lund Discussion Thread

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Hi everyone! i guess they gonna show us a new area with a B&M inverted custom coaster..or maby the are gonna remove the bumbercars and fit in a S&S power "el loco"(see steel hawg indiana beach on rcdb) should fit there perfect!! anyone else from sweden comming tomorrow? its my first visit on a presshow..Thomas

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Oh god I hope no S&S, those things look terrible . But how did you get invited? I guess your a journalist or something? Anyway have fun and be sure to brief us tomorrow with lots of pics!

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No am not a journalist,a work on Stockholmståg commuter conductor/onboard staff,i saw a annousement when i searched facts about the new saab 9-5 pressrelise on the swedish "my newsdesk",gröna lund have written there to so i send a message to annika troselius and ask if i could come....and i get invited

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Wow, I'm very surprised by this but it is almost exactly what I dreamed what Gröna Lund should have. Some weeks ago I scetched this thing...


Poorly done MS paint scetch :p

Damn, now I got to wait till next season, can't wait to ride this. Looks like a lovely wooden twister and I'm sure Gravity Group can provide some very nice airtime. It's seems like an european version of Cornball Express.

The park is also improving the boardwalk and the "Tivoli theming" like what it used to look in the golden days of amusement parks (Coney Island, Luna Park during 19th-20th century). I hope the wooden coaster will get decorated by thousands of lights . What a nice view that would be at night across the pond.

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Nice translation... Here is the correct one:





Press release, August 9th, 2010






Today Gröna Lund announces that next year’s biggest new attraction will be a new wooden roller coaster named Twister. Twister will become Gröna Lund’s seventh roller coaster and is without a doubt the most difficult and complex attraction the park has ever built.






Gröna Lund´s department for strategic development together with The Gravity Group, has developed a wooden roller coaster ride concept for Gröna Lund that is extremely compact and thrilling. The ride’s first drop and airtime camelback hill will be visible from across the waterways of Stockholm, redefining the skyline of the park. This ride will bring a wooden roller coaster back to Gröna Lund and Stockholm for the first time since 1965.    


“Twister breaks new ground for wooden roller coasters, and is the perfect addition to our fantastic park. Thanks to its unique yet classic design and state of the art custom made trains, it will appeal to coaster lovers of all ages, both thrill seekers and families," says Peter Osbeck, Ride manager of Gröna Lund. "Twister is another major attraction element of Gröna Lund’s 129th season premier, one which is already highlighted by the remake of the classic ghost train “Blå Tåget”.


The coaster will be located down by the waterfront and take the riders over the ghost train building and both over and under the Jetline and Kvasten roller coasters. Twister will interact with more rides than any other wooden roller coaster in the world.  Structural beams and tracks from the other coasters will appear deceptively close in many areas on this ride as the wooden coaster snakes around its course.    


Plenty of airtime

A wooden roller coaster is often judged – and loved - based on its airtime. With Twister, people will experience airtime no fewer than nine times; including a large camelback hill alongside the boardwalk. The ride also features many tight twists, turns, and cross-overs – giving the ride great pacing and variety. Care has been taken to create a ride that adds to the charm of Gröna Lund without taking up much usable space.  






Construction of the new wooden roller coaster will begin on August 9th and is estimated for completion just in time for the season opening of Gröna Lund in May 2011.


“Gröna Lund aims to give our guests a world class experience – each and every time. In 2011 we will invest more than SEK 81 million in the new wooden coaster and the new ghost train. Alongside the two new attractions we will also add a newly themed area down by the waterfront, based on classic amusement parks at the turn of the century. I am incredibly proud of what we will be able to give our guests when we open in 2011,” says Jan Roy, CEO of Gröna Lund.




For more information, contact Annika Troselius, information manager at Gröna Lund Amusement Park by calling +46 (0) 708 58 00 50 or sending an e-mail to annika.troselius@gronalund.com. For press photos, visit the Gröna Lund Image Bank at http://bilder.gronalund.com and click on “Press images”.



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We need some stats...

G-Force: 3g

Airtime: 9 times

Top speed: 61km/h (38mph)

Height: 15.25m (50ft)

# trains: 2 (Timberliner)

Seats/train: 12

Capacity: 720pph

Length: 480m (1575ft)

Builder: Gravity Group, Cincinnati, Ohio (USA)

Height restriction: Probably 120cm (47inch)

Investment: 60 million SEK (8.5 million USD, 6.3 Euro)

Other: Twister crosses itself 24 times, Jetline 8 times and Kvasten 3 times.


And a video with a more accurate speed. http://www.svd.se/resor/nyheter/ny-berg-och-dalbana-pa-grona-lund_5109965.svd

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Hi! now after 5 hour i get home finally after Gröna Lunds pressday,First of all:thanks to JohanB Annika and peter for your hospitality and wery good presentation! All journalists sat silent while I almost wept for joy when you show us the new ride on big-screen.! now i am home read awerything good here about the new "Twister! The new ride looks wery good and "twisty,and the new area gonna be soo nice close to the water..I am so happy we in Stockholm got a woodie with 9 airtime hills,Balder-Liseberg has 12 but this one goes in and out all the other coaster,kvasten jetline mm.And dont forget this one have a newly developed cars with only one lap bar similar x-cars mix old woody cars.

More important you will find in erlier post higer up in this forum,I dont take so many pics a was so excited about everything so i forgot to foto..sorry everyone This ride gonna kicks as...welcome everyone next year to Sweden! Later in autumn,winter i send some construction pics,Tomorrow iam gonna on vacation in 3 weeks, explore Benidorm nightlife terra mitica and relax!/Thomas

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That a wicked little layout, kind of looks like Cornball express meets avalanche, meets Superstition Mountain. Should be a fun ride. I'm a huge fan of the shorter trains on full sized rides, it makes the speeds feel much faster than they actually are (has something to do with moment of inertia I think, probably wasn't paying much attention that class in dynamics). I've always thought it would be totally awesome if someone would be a wild mouse style coaster with four person cars (maybe a gerstaluer bobsled) that had a 150 to 200 foot drop. Imagine riding in a Mack wild mouse train down Expedition Ge Forces first drop, it would be nuts.


Anyways, back on topic, I'm glad to see Gravity group building another ride, and this things looks like a lot of fun

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This is awesome news. The interaction with Jetline is particularly interesting.


It is not only interacting with Jetline, but also with Kvasten and is partly build on top of Blå Tåget (their ghost train). They would use there clearance profile a lot during construction... that's for sure.

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It's now confirmed that Gröna Lund will open their seventh coaster in may 2011. It's a woodie called TWISTER and it will be built by The Gravity Group. See below for stats:



HEIGHT: 15,25 M






Liseberg - what´s your response


View from the sea


Boardwalk by the sea


Interaction with Kvasten, Jetline and Vilda Musen.


Is this really possible?? It looks tight!


POV animation

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That was completely unexpected, looks nice, I was wondering if they would go for a compact woodie because you can really build it inside itself and it can be amazing.


Still wondering what they are going to do with that vacant lot they purchased, well I'm expecting a B & M Invert but maybe they'll surprise us again.


Good one Gronalund - a great park just got greater.

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