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  1. What do you think about the view? We like it. See you soon. /Mattias and Johan Topview
  2. We just had to share this great picture with all of you. All the best. /Mattias and Johan The greatest!
  3. Friends, A picture from today. It looks fantastic. Hope to see all of you here this summer. All the best. /Mattias and Johan Track!
  4. Quote from my son: "the sunglasses makes you look like a douche." Note to self: listen to your children /M
  5. Enjoy! Wildfire update: https://www.youtube.com/embed/6Wvl5kaQLGA Instagram: wildfirekolmarden All the best. /M
  6. Friends, Here is a quick photoupdate from the Wildfire construction site. Book your flight tickets now, Wildfire will unleash it´s fury as planned. See you soon. /Mattias and Johan
  7. Dear friends, We just want to say thank you for all your support. The best wooden roller coaster in the world will make it's debut in 2016 at Kolmården wildlife park. Reschedule your plans for 2016, Wildfire is back on track! We will keep you updated both here on themeparkreview.com and at wildfire.kolmarden.com See you soon, Mattias and Johan
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