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  1. Hey, been planning a Liseberg Halloween trip for Saturday 6/11, but just found out the tickets are all sold out. Just taking a chance here but does anyone know if Liseberg sells tickets at the entrance, or any other source where I can get them? Thanks
  2. As an entitled enthusiast this seems like quite the downgrade from the previous concept art. But still seems like a good project, hopefully they expand even more as per their future plans south of Balder.
  3. Thanks for the update Nice to see that the hotel is under construction, unfortunately it looks like the water park will take a while
  4. Nice, thanks. A very triggering FAQ A capital city cant be static, looks change over time. Grona Lund is very cramped in the high season, an expansion is much needed. Also with 1.6 million visitors annually that has to be weight against the dozens(?) of complaints
  5. Therese are public documents from the city of Stockholm. Very long and boring documents but it really shows how complicated these expansions are, they have to account for things like added sound and environmental impact. There are people living just next to Gröna Lund and this expansion will be right outside their windows. The problem there seem to be be that the expansion would put sound levels above the required maximum. BUT they are already above the limit and this would make it worse. Interesting dilemmas that the park has to work out, they are looking into paying for new windows for all residents for example. Hopefully it can all be worked out. The coaster might be 40 or 60m high This is not the B&M btw, its another expansion
  6. So inspired by the Liseberg thread I found some previews of what the upcoming expansion of Gröna Lund might look like, its not final. Pictures show what looks like a large multi-launch coaster. I also included a picture for what seems like more underground office/workshop space Expansion concept Side view of expansion
  7. This makes me so happy! The reason given for the departure was partly that Andreas wanted to live closer to his family in Denmark, now he has been given greater flexibility. Also an RMC t-rex would be perfect for the next mega coaster!
  8. Kinda hard to see where the station would fit for the mega (giga?!) coaster Edit: So I did some digging myself, the plans are public. Seems like the large "office buildings" will be part of another future expansion including "hotel, water park and amusement park". Including coaster layout, this is far from final probably, but still very exciting
  9. Oh so its opening tomorrow I missed that, looking forward to reviews
  10. Very impressive, thanks yall. I also think this one will be really good, the limited space seem to make for a very intense ride
  11. ^^This is so sad, Liseberg has seen one of the best (and biggest) expansions of the last years. I hope the innovation can continue. Well thanks for everything Andreas!!
  12. ^I think those are the new trains in the picture above Just a slight update. Lisebergbanan is an awsome ride, hopefully this makes it a bit more smooth.
  13. Interesting, the flume is one of my favorites actually, how do we know its going to replace the existing flume? I still dont get where you found it tho
  14. Thanks, we will probably do most attractions, we just have limited time and I dont mind doing Flying Ace 10 times According to this site it looks like SFX coaster is testing at least. Inexperienced manufactures always seem like a bad idea to me, 2+ years delay? https://www.themeparkguide.biz/news-page/1489/Ferrari-World-Mission-Ferrari
  15. Hello, im planning on visiting the park during the Christmas season. While the coasters are a must, the other rides look kinda tame tbh, any tips on which to avoid and what are the good ones? We are also planning on visiting Aquaventure waterpark, any other tips are most welcome
  16. Doing some analysis of the (always 100% accurate) animation. The support structure on the lift hill looks like mega to me, giga has larger but fewer columns. Still a B&M might be good fit for the park.
  17. Had an awesome premiere day, thanks to Lond and Liseberg for the VIP-experience!
  18. The CEO Andreas is a coaster enthusiast and during Helix had alot to say about the layout
  19. Omg I will actually be in Gothenburg around the 10th! This is kinda far fetched but does anyone by chance have a free entry ticket? I would looooooove just one ride on Valkyira . These tickets were handed out like paper a few years ago I think, and there are some Liseberg employees here heheeee . (Have already been once to Liseberg this year, so 500SEK for a couple of Valkyra rides is a bit steep )
  20. Sweet! Shame it wont open until July at the earliest according to Facebook, I thought my visting date in June would be 100% safe
  21. The digging is complete and they are now pouring the concrete. Maaaaybe a mid June opening is possible (guess)
  22. Ok, it exist but isn't accessible to the public, if you look at the full picture you can see that you will now be able to walk there, next to Mechanica.
  23. Interesting to note whats going on in the bottom of this picture, that bridge and road doesn't exist right now. Maybe a road to another expansion Full picture: Here
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