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Gröna Lund Discussion Thread

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So I was thinking of creating a thread to have all the news about old and future rides and expansion and other Gröna Lund related topics.


So first news, one of Gröna Lund's classic rides, the ghost train named Blå Tåget (The Blue Train) will close down on 9th of august. The ride will re-open in 2011 with the old name but with a total new building and ride. Featuring a new ride system capable of 4 riders/cart doubling capacity and running on a coaster track it'll be possible to lean the carts for added effects. The ghost train will feature new scare stunts designed by Gröna Lund's artists and engineers together with international professionals.


There will also be another ride premiere next year but the official press release isn't until 9th of august. However Peter Osbeck, the park's head engineer promises it's one of the most exciting projects he has been working on. Consider he has been involved with the Insane and the Fritt Fall in the past it sounds promising


Official press release (Swedish): http://www.gronalund.com/Global/Pressreleaser/Ny%20skr%c3%a4cktur%20p%c3%a5%20Gr%c3%b6nan%202011.pdf?epslanguage=sv

Ride manufacturer: http://www.gosetto.com



Blå Tåget, the new ghost train for 2011


Future expansion plans:

So the park is looking for a new area to expand the park on and has for several years had it's eye on the parking lot next to the park. The area will feature at least two major rides. One inverted roller coaster (presumably B&M) and a 90+ m high Starflyer.

The plans for the expansion has been approved in the first stages so far and is currently being worked on to finalize details. Of course the project has met complaints from the neighbors complaining about sound levels and restricted views over the water area. The park is working on reducing noise levels by adding tunnels, walls and with sand-filled track. However the city of Stockholm is a supporter of the project. If everything goes well it'll open in time for 2013 or 2014 season.



Artist rendering of the expanded area


The view across the pond




Another overview showing most of the inverted coaster layout


The Starflyer which Whingård won an architecture competition to design the look of the tower




Swedish PDF from the city planning office: http://planer.sbk.stockholm.se/SBKPlanTemplates/DocumentDownload.aspx?FileId=1386010&FileName=Gestaltningsprogram.PDF&DataSource=2


Gröna Lund TPR Park Index page: http://www.themeparkreview.com/parks/page.php?pageid=315


Gröna Lund from above: http://www.gronalund.com/sv/Infor-besoket/panoramabild/


ADMIN EDIT: I have gone ahead and made a few modifications to this thread to convert it into the Gröna Lund Discussion Thread. Feel free to add any news to this thread you have, and this will be the place where anything regarding the park can be discussed.

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Grona Lund was great--one of the biggest surprises of TPR's Scandi trip last year (to me, anyway, because I knew almost nothing about the place). Bla Taget was a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to the upgraded version.

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Great post, I was hoping for a some airtime filled Intamin but oh well. Anyways where did you find that layout picture? Is it available in high res?


I'm not sure that it's confirmed to be a B&M, I thought the picture was just a rendering to give an idea of what the area will be like, I could be wrong though. Either way I can't wait for the new area, I'd love to head back over when it's built (or possibly before!)



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^^ Oh god you just made my day! . The park is quite packed with attractions as it is so the only thing I can think of

is some high-flying-inverted-family-thingy, but then again they already have that....

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^^ Just so Dave doesn't look like a complete fool (at least in this case) He was referring to a post I made that I subsequently deleted noticing someone mention the same thing on the previous page.


Grona Lund currently has 6 coasters. My guess (as well as Olov's) is that "7" is referring to a possible 7th coaster. I'd love to see how they plan on shoehorning another coaster in!

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Hi everyone! i am new here and my english is not soo good but: Today i get my invitation to Gröna Lunds pressinfo about the new "7" thing..i hope i can give you some photos and something too you,its start 10 o clock..Thomas

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Alright betting time! Tomorrow is the big day and I just thought we could share what we think its going to be, I personally cant really imagine where they would put this new "coaster" maybe they will place some part of it in between the two sections (http://www.gronalund.com/Infor-besoket/Tivolikarta/) of the park but still that seems highly unlikely. My bet is that its some new type of coaster like the Insane ZacSpin was (ok there were two built before Insane) because where would a traditional coaster fit? Also they might just build it on top of existing structures and attractions.

Anyway really excited for tomorrow!

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Well, I'm guessing since they're renovating the Blå Tåget they might put something on top of the roof on the same structure.

But I doubt it'll be anything big since it's pretty late to start building anything major now and as have already been mentioned the space is pretty small, anywhere in the park.

Also trying to keep my expectations low, might get surprised tomorrow.

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