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Gröna Lund Discussion Thread

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That looks so delightfully twisted. I like how they're going with white supports and red handrails for a classic look that isn't so common nowadays. I wasn't sure if white would look good on steel woodie supports, but it certainly does!

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Hi all! Today it came, Invitation to the official press show (TV, radio, newspapers) of "Twister" and "Blue Train" (ghost train)! I'm delighted and is one of the select few who get to go before the public!

Thanks to all who work with invitations at Gröna Lund, and I will try to shoot sooo much as I can for you in here! The day when everything happens is May 7 at 10! / Thomas

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Are those just the insides of the lapbars, or is that how they're going to look? Because they look so much better than the original Timberliner lapbars!



If you look closely, there is no padding on them, I would imagine the padding will be added later, making them look the same as the ones on Voyage.

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Thanks to the Gravity Group for sharing these with us!



Panorama of Twister from the top of the lift hill. Can you figure out the path of this twisted track?


Airtime! Bright red Timberliners are being lifted onto their new home track.


Here's a view of Twister's lift hill as a car from the Wild Maus wisks by.

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not everybody has access to facebook..


i do know some companies that block acces to facebook for their employees (since it's not business related)

youtube might still be accessible..


it's never bad to have 2 options to check.. and embedded (youtube) makes live easier for some (saves another click)


nice video, looking forward to the day i will be in Stockholm to get this credit


p.s. let's continue talking about the ride and stop debating which/what/when video link etc..

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