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  1. Skara Sommarland is continuing to expand their waterpark. Next years new attraction is another waterslide from ProSlide callled "Waka Waka", I believe the model is called Flying Saucer. Really loving the colors and the 70's/hippie theme. Source: http://parksandresorts.com/ny-vattenattraktion-till-skara-sommarland-2019/
  2. New updated layout for the 2021(!) B&M Inverted Coaster, the project name is "Blue Harvest": Source: http://parksandresorts.com/grona-lund-satsar-pa-jatteberg-och-dalbana/
  3. The park just released a video of the coaster testing! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSEre3m4Le0
  4. Well Furuviksparken in sweden, which is owned by the same company that owns Gröna Lund is getting something new next year in the tivoli area of the park. Thats probably where the top scan is going:
  5. Here is some new artwork released by the park: http://www.yaswaterworld.com/en Lots of great construction pics can be found at this site: www.thethemeparkguy.com/board/yas-waterworld-abu-dhabi/
  6. new picture of the proposed star flyer @ Grona Lund supposed to be tha tallest in the world(sorry for the picture being so small )
  7. Thought i'd bump this thread with these great shots of insane from www.lifthill.net/berichte/insane.php
  8. Today was the pressday for Liseberg! Articel with footage of the new attraction Hang Hai! gp.se/gp/jsp/Crosslink.jsp?d=113&a=490996 New photo!
  9. This was just posted on screamscape! Busch Gardens Williamsburg:
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