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  1. Yes, how about this: Ride it before you criticize opinions of those who have rode it already. Validate your opinion with actual experience..is that so much to ask that everyone that hasn't taken a few laps step away from the discussion until they have done so? No one so far has said they hated the ride, or the airtime, and no one is a wuss because they felt pain. I guarantee you this ride is like nothing you've been on before. When it was announced, I said I would be happy if this gave half the ride Intimidator 305 delivers, and my expectations were blown away, yes, it's that intense. I love the thing! I proudly call it my favorite ride, even over I-305. It's [surprisingly] a more intense ride in a nicer setting, with more airtime (IMO): with a crazier first drop, multiple wild ejector moments, and trains more open than any coaster I've ever ridden. But also can't ignore feeling sore after a few laps. Pardon me if I agree that the restraint pads cause discomfort after a few rides, because that's what it felt like to me. Now if you ride it and come out of it with a different opinion, that's fine. But watching people who haven't obviously taken even on lap onthe ride beat up on a minor criticism is just ridiculous. More so than arguing over trimming 0.6 mph- I wonder how those rides felt. All of my rides have so far been in row 7 and 8, right wing. That twisted camelback is insane from those seats..
  2. It doesn't neuter the ride at all, it's not even something you'd notice riding like some coasters (like the jarring first turn on the Hurler that likes to adjust spines), largely because it's just so exhilarating and relentless from the Stengel Dive to the brakes. Sitting parked on the final brakes, walking down the stairs after a couple of rides, i felt it. I don't think it's wrong to bring it up. I'm not bruised either, and I was strongly thinking about a couple more rides but it was already late in the day and I decided it was best to get going. (It's a good thing we did, by the time my wife and I left Chocolate World the storm that soon closed the park was looming close- so we booked before the exiting crowds could get us stuck in the rain.) It might limit your re-riding, but like a bottle of fine scotch, maybe this just need to be enjoyed over time.
  3. I'm pretty sure she was on Stormrunner yesterday. She would chat with her partner on the platform over an empty train. delaying loading by at least a minute. I know it's freaking Stormrunner on a hot day when most people were at the Boardwalk, and where one train won't disembark until the other has made it back into the station and is parked, but it is Stormrunner, where the entire ride is roughly a minute.
  4. They worked with the space they could. Ideally, they could have lengthened the station for separate load and unload spot if they had done a sloped brake run on the other side of the Comet. But for whatever the reason, they kept the clearance of the track over the station roof substantial and the drop into the final brakes is bigger in person than it appears in pictures, so I assume the final brakes had to be lengthy enough to accommodate that drop and still stop the train comfortably.
  5. They're really gonna have to alter those pads. Two rides in succession (even with 25 minutes in between) and my thighs did ache.
  6. Crews were freaking slow for the most part..I don't know if it was the humidity or too early in the season. And Skyrush..the slow unloading guests are really help make my case against bags and loose items at least on crowded platforms. I think if they didn't allow bags in line, it could be big help to what is automatically going to be a slightly slower dispatch cycle since they have to wait for people to leave the platform to start loading guests. People gathering their belongings bring disembarking to a crawl every time.
  7. I ride my first lap about 15 minutes ago, and I am giddy waiting for a quick second go. Absolutely amazing, it is definitively in my top three rides. Hi - let's just stop and think about this for a moment - SkyRush hasn't even been open yet on a Wednesday/Thursday.... EVER.... so how is anyone supposed to be able to predict how long the line will be? Assume the line will be LONG, and anything shorter is a bonus. There's your answer. Bingo! FWIW, It is a busy Sunday and the line that over-flowed the queue now only fills two full switchbacks. My wife refused to re-ride, she feels too exposed. She figures most try it once and find out they have passed their limit.
  8. In all honesty, get there at opening if not before. Otherwise try to get the Fast Lane pass if there are any left. You shouldn't have any issues with lines for Lightning Racer or Wildcat at all. Fahrenheit and Sky Rush will most likely be the worst of the lines. But that being said, all the coasters can get crazy lines almost any time. I was lucky all last summer with Storm Runner being a walk on around 3:00 for some reason while Sidewinder right next to it had a 45 minute wait. Weirdness often abounds in regards to lines in the park on busy days. On Lightning Racer you will seldom waiting outside the station platform. Fahrenheit will almost continually have a decent wait throughout the day, and I imagine Skyrush will as well. The rest it's just about timing... I imagine the topography and layout of the park does strange things to people traffic. But I've seen full queues with Comet when SDL was a walk on, too. I've been able to reach the stairs immediately on Stormrunner, but watched the queue fill up in the time waiting to board. Fast Track is a fine way to taste the most if you're only there once. Otherwise, it is best to be there at opening if you want to get the busiest rides. (And also to avoid parking in the hinterlands.)
  9. I bet it more has to do with guests either not wanting willing to split their groups between trains, nor allowing people jumping ahead of them in order to fill the train. I dunno, it's space that might ultimately be taken up by Fast Track riders.
  10. Typical early season weirdness. Couple it with Saturday crowds..this is why I am waiting to go until tomorrow.
  11. Ditto. If anything I hope Skyrush might actually help draw guests away from Fahrenheit and that area of the park, alleviating the capacity woes.
  12. Hershey has always seemed to be packed to the gills with people, but the ride lines never seemed so bad. I have had visits where you could hardly walk around the park because of the people yet never waited more than 15 - 30 minutes for any of the rides???? Kinda weird...... Trouble with waits mostly shows up in the waterpark honestly (and Fahrenheit of course), where you can end up waiting the full queue for the most of those attractions on a typical summer day ( and it only gets worse if the temperature creeps up), even waiting in line to get in the wave pool is common.
  13. I'm really debating Sunday or Memorial Day, with the hopes that the crowds will at least abate to typical insanity. It's that, or pray for bad weather on those days or that most people just head to the beach instead.
  14. And this would be the Mega Whirl. Neat ride- it looks like a ton of fun, and I can only imagine the possibilities that could be done with a themed park model.
  15. I would actually advise hitting Fahrenheit first, even before StormRunner. To say Fahrenheit has a slow line is an understatement. As a season pass holder who only goes on weekdays, I still only average 2 rides per summer because of the lines and slow operations. Ditto: if you don't get to it first thing, you will be waiting a minimum of 45 minutes if you want to ride it. And I stress minimum.
  16. The POVs don't capture half of what you see inside... And it's way mor impressive in person. Not as impressive as I was expecting, but still quite impressive. POV's on coasters (be it indoor coaster or otherwise) don't spoil that much to me, because it can never create the visceral experience of actually riding. And Dark Coaster/Ride videos are usually too dark to clearly show whats going on....
  17. I think this ride has been "armchaired" to death already...
  18. The pullout from the Stengel Dive looks a bit snappy, and so does the little flipover hill. But there is really no telling how the forces actually are until anyone rides it.
  19. Hasn't Lightning historically always won? Not as much as people seem to claim it does. Thunder has good days too.
  20. Are you aware that: blue and orange ARE complimentary colors, AND, there is a roller coaster right across the park with a blue and orange color scheme?
  21. That's slick, it looks like an evolution of the zero cars on their speed coasters. I like it a lot, and I hope we see more of them with those covers.
  22. Well they also had to to replace the Hollow's only restroom, which had been razed for the project.
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