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  1. I'm a little disappointed, since I always loved Grizzly's queue: it felt like such a nostalgic throwback with the narrow, weathered ramps, meandering in the woods.
  2. They are also $50 a pass, one per person (right?), so I don't think the average family of 4 is gonna plunk another $200 on top of admission. I'm pretty sure Busch limits their sales as well, but it never seemed like there was crushing demand for them whenever I pick mine for a busy day.
  3. My best guess is Skyrush will be excluded. Too much trouble because it will be way too popular, and the best candidate for abuse by passholders. But the other two? Roller Soaker, for one, since it's really not a part of the park at large. And the third...Lightning Racer. IMO..IT DOESN'T NEED IT.
  4. Lately?! Scroll back and take a look at DK's brake run- and that's one of their oldest rides. [ And I LOVE the new paint job on DK's trains.]
  5. There are photos (and a few videos) on Facebook from yesterday showing that just about every coaster except Skyrush and SDL were testing.
  6. Well raising the price 50% before construction even started didn't help either.
  7. While the Heide lead sounds legitimate, it seems VERY early for them to be producing track for a 2014 opening. That said, I have a feeling it's an overseas job ( this said, even as much as I would love to see SFA get a Wingrider, considering the sort of " big-guns" their competitors have built that last few years.)
  8. Oh my god, that section beginning at the Stengel Dive up to the straight bunny hop is turning out to look incredible. Not a friggin clue. Worse comes to worst, we'll know two weeks from tomorrow.
  9. They're till testing and tweaking; you'll also notice that not all of the wheelcovers are on anyway.
  10. Springtime in the Park is less than two weeks away, it's not gonna be up and running even if the trains aren't on the track by now. Don't forget it is also getting a new paint job that looks really sharp by the way. So even if there were trains on site, they wouldn't be able to cycle them for testing. Right! And Comet Hollow is not gonna be buttoned up in time either.
  11. Springtime in the Park is less than two weeks away, it's not gonna be up and running even if the trains aren't on the track by now.
  12. I have a feeling they aren't even at the park yet, because PR would have certainly tweeted about them. SDL won't be open during Springtime in the Park, so there really is no rush anyway.
  13. Yeah, that warning was made back in the fall, taking possible winter weather delays in account. All in all it was a rather mild winter around here, so it's very well they might have caught up some of the initial delays brought on by last year's flooding.
  14. I could have sworn that at some point through the early nineties it was also brown ( I think the blue came when Great Bear was built and they did a minor facelift of Comet Hollow- mostly paint.) Also, and I'm probably mistaken, didn't it start out with a pitched roof when it was first built? Maybe I'm mixing it up with the original Wildcat. edit: I was mistaken, it was actually just had exposed trusses, like a pavilion. And it had Brown paint from some point in the eighties until 1995.
  15. Well Comet Hollow has gotten the shaft in regards to attention and renovations compared with much of the park in nearly the last 15 years. It really hasn't seen much change since Great Bear was built and SDL (and even Comet's station IIRC) became blue.
  16. It was nothing but trouble for the first couple of seasons. And I will say it's line isn't anywhere near as bad as Hypersonic was, but it's nearly always the worst line in the park these days. It's a good ride, and an experience not to pass up. It is really only my 4th or 5th favorite coaster in the park these days, however. It is neat to ride Volcano and I-305 in close succession, just to see how Intamin has progressed (and what delicious madness they created) in over a decade.
  17. I knew it would get some sort of dress up. Especially having to tear into it partially for clearance issues, I presume they don't want to waste the opportunity to spruce it up even if they didn't plan on it initially.
  18. Right! Anyway, however it's implemented it's welcome. Lines at KD have to be among the worst in the Mid Atlantic.
  19. Now that I think of it, I wonder how BGW will handle QQ on Verbolten, the first big ride built since they started did the program. There last big coaster is a bit of oddball too- Griffon just gives you an express lane past most of the queue right into the station and no designated row (although I suppose that's just because it's a three-row, 10 seat-across anomaly..ugh, never mind, thinking out loud.)
  20. That wouldn't work on ride with separate loading and unloading areas (Like Volcano, FoF, Boo Blasters..). They would probably need space to separate fastlane users from exiting guests to better distinguish the two apart and staff an attendant to manage them*. BGW's Quick Queue does it similarly in most cases, users enter on the exit or unloading side, but most or all had some form of a separate entrance or small queue to manage Quick Queue guest and keep them out of the way of exiting guests and vice-versa. *I'm pretty sure it just another duty for the ride op on the unload side of the station at BGW rather than someone's specific task, so having a queue are for FL/QQ guests just makes there job a little easier.
  21. It's fascinating, almost beautiful how they can how a construction tour and show off so much, but still keep a considerable portion under wraps. Kudos to them.
  22. Based on what I've seen of the station ( and know, given Intamin doesn't even give their inverted coasters retractable floors) I'm gonna say no.
  23. You really can't get a look at the lap pad, because the restraints are fully down and the viewing angle in the picture is too shallow. You make out the grab bars pretty well, however.
  24. Yep. She hasn't tweeted any pics of the trains, yet (for whatever reason..)
  25. ^There is really no reason (or from what has been seen of the station, no room) to complicate things with split lines.
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