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  1. Hey guys sorry this is taking so long to reply too, but thanks for all of the awesome feedback! Im really looking forward to visiting Kings Dominion and riding Volcano as well as all the other amazing looking coasters! Thanks again, Tim.
  2. Hello, I think I am going to Kings Dominion this summer, and their coasters look amazing! Especially I305, Volcano, and Dominator. I cannot wait. But I havent heard a lot about Volcano lately, and I was just wondering what are some of your opinions on it? It looks like a fantastic ride, with an amazing launch. And I don't mind the shortness of rides, as long as the ride delivers. Thank You!
  3. Hello Everyone, I have no idea if this topic has been posted on here before, but if it has, I apologize and sorry if its annoys any of you. Because I know this is up for much debate. I am wondering what coaster do you guys think is better overall, Millennium Force or Intimidator 305? I can see why people like either one better for many reasons. I have been on Millennium Force, and I think it is an absolutely an amazing ride, and one of my favorites. I know, obviously, everyone has different opinions, and I want to know why you guys like one more than the other. I305, also looks fantastic, and I'm interested because I might be riding in the near future. Thank you!
  4. I know I just did a comparison on two other coasters, but I like seeing other peoples opinions, and how they compare to each other. I hope nobody finds them annoying. Anyways how does Griffon and Sheikra compare to each other? Which has a better layout, first drop, intensity.... etc. Ive seen other polls on this, but I think only one on here from 2007, and I wanna see how people's opinions changed. Thanks once again
  5. 1.Talon 2. Dueling Dragons- Fire 3.Raptor 4.Great Bear 5.Flight Deck(CGA) Going on Alpengeist this summer, cant wait!
  6. Hello everyone, I just was on Nitro yesterday, and I think it's a great B&M hyper! I'm going to BGW this summer and I was wondering how does it stack up to Apollo's Chariot? Which is a better overall ride? And better first drop? Ive seen many reviews on both, but I was looking for a comparison. Thanks again!
  7. Hey Guys! I have a question about Busch Gardens Williamsburg. I'm going there this summer, for the first time in a while, the last time I went I was too young to remember anything. I was just wondering what is your guys' overall opinion on the park and coasters? How good are the coasters? Thanks!
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