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  1. Unless they have stopped mentioning it possibly having a splashdown, you can probably stop talking Intamin all together.
  2. Killing an arguably great coaster and just adding a drop ride nearly 2 yrs after the fact is probably what stings about BGW decisions the most. I am glad I was able to ride BBW one last time in 2009, but I'm convinced what ever comes to replace it has to be spectacular in order to redeem themselves of the act in my eyes ( enough to make me want to drive the 5 hrs down there again just for a weekend at the park.)
  3. Three trains on Sooperdooperlooper is overkill; generally I've seen crews able to dispatch a train as soon or before the previous one has cleared the brakes and is rolling down the transfer track.
  4. I know it's a long shot, but I'm still hopeful the "Big, Bad Wolf" name actually get recycled- guest confusion be damned!
  5. I think most parks that I've had pizza are about a Sbarro's quality. What I mean it's about average; good, but not great. I can say I have never had a slice as bad as the stuff at 7-11, but that doesn't mean it's not out there. As for the best, while not in nor a part of the park, The Dough Roller in Ocean City, MD next to Trimpers is probably some of the best pizza I've ever enjoyed.
  6. I don't know if I would call the Boardwalk disappointing, it's just unfinished at this point. It's still growing, like Midway America before Lightning Racer.
  7. That's exactly why I think the idea is impractical, and the rumor bogus.
  8. Rt 30 through there is pretty busy when Dutch Wonderland isn't open, for what it's worth. I don't know if I would say there is a lot more to do around Lancaster, I don't think either is far removed from the other arts and culture-wise. Both cities have big outlet centers. Lancaster has more local shopping, restaurants, a ballpark, and tourist traps( ), but then Hershey has access to nearby Harrisburg. Most people I know seem to categorize DW as place for your family if your your children are still young, perhaps 10 and under. You kind of graduate to Hershey when one of them decides they are too big for the place. I honestly don't think they compete much, not directly, they do overlap in demographics, but that's all. If Dutch Wonderland competes with anyone in the region, it's probably Sesame Place.
  9. It's rather odd the station platforms are separated the way they are... I wonder how they'll place the control booth. I like how the drops are intertwined, but I also wonder how that will affect timing. Different layouts are common on dueling coasters, but on a racer the tolerances are slim if you want both parts of the ride to time practically the same. (Apparently No-Limits has an issue with that too) And that section from the first turnaround to where the track runs along the lift is a dead ringer for Lightning Racer's second outbound run, just stretched out a bit and reversed (LR ending in a similar turnaround instead of beginning with the element). Not that I don't like what they have done, I just wish their [*first?] signature racer was also a little more original. *[Hopefully by now Holiday World is thinking they need a racer to round out their collection.]
  10. Even if by some miracle they absorbed the campground next door and doubled their attractions, they still wouldn't be considered in the same league. It's still a neat little park that has definitely carved out a niche for itself. While I doubt it is the biggest attraction around Lancaster, I know every weekend I passed by this summer, the parking lot was packed.
  11. I thought it seemed to appear to leak less this year (as viewed from the Great Bear queue.)
  12. I think that rumor is bogus..there's just too many reasons why that layout doesn't make sense, unless this thing is literally going to be built over game stands, a queue and a serious portion the midway. Why do that when they have that good chunk of land around the water and across the road?
  13. Are you kidding me? Seriously, two park visits pays for your pass, never mind the free (preferred!) parking. I think people are too accustomed to Six Flags cut-rate pass pricing. Regular admission prices is otherwise easily circumvented since you can find discounts basically EVERYWHERE for admission. The food..well, I'll give you that- but, with a caveat that the park is surrounded by numerous dining establishments in short distance.
  14. I guess they're just building an "old" new wooden roller coaster in Wisconsin.
  15. The MIdway America dead end probably won't be solved anytime soon; it is a by-product of the placement of the Boardwalk, and is only really present when the Boardwalk has closed for the season. They aren't left with a practical option to route a path back toward the rest of the park. For what it's worth, I do not see it as much worse that the dead end in Italy at BGW. It wouldn't be a big issue if they moved the main gate or created a second gate where the employee entrance is presently located, though.
  16. I doubt they would get the ball rolling on their viral marketing if the opening was in 2012. I also don't see any reason or indication they plan on removing SDL. Seriously when was the last time Hershey removed a coaster?
  17. Having ridden Griffon, Fahrenheit and Storm Runner, I would say a +200 ft tall B&M dive machine is a substantially different experience than what is found on either of those Intamin rides. Not to mention it has to be said there is nothing of the sort in the area, and Hershey has a penchant for unique attractions. The standard fare hypercoaster on the other hand is well-represented in just about every neighboring competitor.
  18. They're reporting the coaster won't open until 2013. Yikes.
  19. Lord, where was this enthusiasm when New York demolished the Thunderbolt?
  20. Parking lots produce a lot of water run off in even moderate rainfall, and I have a sneaking suspicion they possibly drain storm water their lots right into the creek rather than a storm water management pond. (Or supposing there is a pond, it's far too shallow and it's overflowing too quickly.)
  21. Great Bear yesterday on the last day (last hour as well!) of Hershey's regular season. It was rolling rather fierce after sundown, especially in the back. My fiancé and I managed 4 rides (plus a trip on Coal Cracker) in the 50 minutes last night.
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