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  1. I just have a hard time picturing that, considering three other coasters have tracks running in close proximity to that spot. If that is true, it is really going to be a tight fit. Maybe I'll take a look next week.
  2. I still don't think the station will be where the Tilt-a-Whirl sits now, but the ride entrance and exit would make sense there.
  3. Minetown really needs something new, so I really wouldn't mind if the current Turnpike was razed.
  4. Even if they removed or moved the restrooms, there probably would not be room there for larger ride. It's also pretty crowded, with three coaster tracks running in close proximity. Now that might be a nice spot for the ride entrance..and I think it's not crazy to see the Tilt-A-Whirl make it's way to another part of the park.
  5. MY god, the weather was blah today ( which is a shame, considering how nice yesterday was supposed to be)- but my god, Lightning Racer was giving out some ferocious rides today.
  6. It would be a shame, one way or another if this turned out to be the last season for the ride, except if it's the possibility of something better replacing the coaster. While a bit weathered, it is probably the best run Boomerang I've personally ridden. I had rides on it and Sidewinder at Hershey recently, and the difference between the two is rather stark; on the Tidal Wave the padding was softer, and the braking and tracking was far smoother.
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