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  1. ^ With so many stands, games, and the old restrooms now gone, I hope they will take the opportunity to update the area a little bit. Comet has definitely needed a nicer looking solution for a queue for long time, and with Skyrush construction already making over much of the area anyway, I believe it's not really much of stretch that they budgeted doing a new queue.
  2. I think that's a fabulous idea, but I can see why they didn't handle it like that when they moved the unloading area and exit path to that side of the station. I think has to do with the platform being narrower on that side, since originally you boarded and unloaded on the outer side of the station there was no reason make the inside belt of the station any wider than to accommodate ride attendants safely. There just isn't enough room for stalls and air gates over there without a major overhaul of the station. It would also put the entrance behind the buildings in Founder's Circle in a not-so-visible spot.
  3. I don't believe they have said a thing about it, even though the placement of the footers on the plot makes it inevitable. That said, without concession and games stands flanking the space, there should be plenty of room to run it further down the perimeter of the Comet.
  4. Seriously, what is wrong about saying there are features that seem and look a lot like I-305, especially when it is a fact that Skyrush is actually inspired by that ride? It is not about judging the ride on it's merits, it's an observation! That's all...
  5. Yes, it's yellow. Thanks for the updates! This could be great construction week for Skyrush fans! I think this might be a great week to make more people fans.
  6. Considering it's being built over a diverted creek bed, and it's been a rainy second half of the year, I'm almost used to seeing water on that work site.
  7. From what they have shown in the renderings, the finale after the 4th turn looks like two airtime hills (the first hill with very mild s-shape, making me oner what's going on there* ), a banked hill/turn and dip before what I presume is the first set of brakes before the turn over Comet's station. *I imagine there's a very wicked change in direction hinted right there. But that section of the ride, may be on purpose, is not in either official rendering, and I don't want to say for certain what's happening until we see the track up there.
  8. By the look of the supports they have erected for that hill, it looks more like I-305's final climb and turn into the brakes.
  9. This might be the smallest hyper next year, but this definitely looks like it's going to be the meanest.
  10. I can't believe they managed to cram Looper Lanes where they did. Wow. I definitely side with the crowd that doesn't think track work will be done before the Christmas holidays. I imagine they're pushing to get a head start this weekend because there won't be work over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. There is also a ton of landscaping and building construction to be done in addition to the coaster, much of it like the pathway and pond probably can't even start until the ride construction is completed.
  11. My guess is that the footprint for a Boomerang is larger than two Wild Mouse coasters, so it should fit. At least I think Chris Gray said Big Fun takes up the space of two Wild "Mice". I did a little research, and it PERFECTLY fits in the footprint of a Boomerang! A Boomerang is 289 ft by 99 ft, vs 275 ft by 90 ft for the Big Fun. My interest is piqued, I wonder who is this rumored buyer.
  12. Given our last couple of winters, I didn't expect an opening earlier than that. Then again, this time last year there WAS snow on the ground.
  13. I wonder how well a Big Fun would into the footprint of, say, a Vekoma Boomerang. Because I can think of one park that could stand to sell that and get a Big Fun instead, which is far better suited to their park's character and customer base. Their (rather old) Boomerang has nearly always been a walk on any time I've visited it in the last several years.
  14. Then again, Arrow Loopers of the early 90's were all sort of oddballs.
  15. That's the perfect description of the ride in my eyes; also it's speed and pacing has after the first two inversions is just atrocious. And Anaconda's flaws just become more and more glaring as time passes and a better caliber of steel coasters have been built at KD.
  16. Speculation passes the time between announcement and opening.
  17. They announced an a hour ago that they'll be closed today (Oct 29th) due to the inclement weather. Yuck.
  18. It's really uncommon to see any line for LR except for the very busiest of days. I think it's just a combination of being in the far corner of the park, and being a monster in terms of how many guests it can cycle.
  19. I'm surprised no one (AFAIK) has ever tried to theme one of these.
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