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  1. Sit-down loopers sort of lost their thunder not long after Drachen Fire's debut with inverted coasters arriving a year afterward. Consequently Arrow only managed to make a couple more of those coasters with those cars.
  2. ^ While the wait on Fahrenheit is crippled by it's capacity and popularity, operations at Storm Runner always feel damn slow. The only time I had a sub 15 wait all summer was in upper 90's temperatures.
  3. RECC = Reese's Extreme Cup Challenge - Goofy name for a rather goofy interactive dark ride. It suffers a bit in the public eye because it's non-descriptive name, unobtrusive show building (on a strange part of the midway) and a lack of signage on the midway to attract guests to it. It's like PKD's Grizzly used to be, except it has no following or folklore that got people to seek it out. While it's not bad as shoot-em-up dark ride, it's not that great, either. I've always gotten off feeling as if I was dragged through some journey through extreme "marketing". They probably would have been a lot better off if they had just opted for the typical haunted house motif. Otherwise, if they should go to better lengths to theming the exterior of the show building if they plan on attracting the crowd they probably want for the ride. (Also, don't overlook the idea of an indoor climate controlled queue for the place.) It's hard to believe the well-themed Boardwalk is in the same park.
  4. Be an Amusement Today subscriber? It's just THAT good.
  5. I don't remember it being there last week (Mon)..but my memory is a wee bit fuzzy.
  6. But they are meant for mid-course brakes on the Premier spaghetti bowls; the FoF twins have them for additional blocks with the intention of running 4(or 5?) trains.
  7. ^Somebody needs to do that asap. [if only because there is a glut of places where that ride could find a great home.] I thought many places handled a lot on-ride photos digitally (like a CD-ROM, downloads to your phone or some other means of digital access.) Does he mean to actually get rid of the physical souvenir portraits and other junk?
  8. Well it's launching backwards, right? Would you like a gut punch with that, or would you rather have a shoulder strap to spread out the force?
  9. Rather brutal actually. Were they really that afraid of serious competition?
  10. After looking at the spot twice in two weeks, I seriously doubt the station is going to be exactly where the Tilt-a-Whirl stands. There just isn't enough room there to do that, and Comet Hollow couldn't stand to have more supports for track leading to and from that spot invading the midway.
  11. That's actually not so crazy, simulators can easily trigger motion sickness if the rides movement and the video are out of sync.
  12. It did, but Chocolate World ended that and now there's just an unused 2nd station in the parking lot. There is also a unused ramp at the park station to ground level behind the old arena. Does the monorail date back to before they enclosed the park?
  13. That's disappointing since their competition has brought their "A"-game when it came to new attractions the last couple of years.
  14. It may not be so much with litigation directly, but probably more in having to do with insuring a ride ( and what potential litigation may have on a parks policy.)
  15. More surprising considering it is one of the oldest Boomerangs. It rides better than Sidewinder, and the Sea Serpent (atleast the last time I rode that); it's restraints are well-padded and it doesn't lurch to a halt at the end like many seem to do.
  16. It's weird they would give one to Kings Island AND Cedar Point. Oh well, I guess I-305 is enough consolation.
  17. The only thing I can think of is Drachen Fire, having rode it before and after the removal of the first corkscrew.
  18. Neither park has a dive machine, either. They are well designed and wins generally seem to go back and forth, though I've personally seen Thunder run better in hotter weather, while Lightning seems to dominate in cool or wet weather. The Comet always seems to load very slowly. Half the problem is dealing with the skid brakes, but loading and unloading is fairly slow paced too. No Wildcat love? It's not a very big wave pool, so it does fill up on very crowded days. In fairness though there is rarely a line at all for it unless the water park is absolutely packed.
  19. I'm really not sure of what Funtime is fussing over- giant steel beams won't give the same fear factor as dangling on chains/cables at several hundred feet off the ground. It probably gives a noticably different ride as well.
  20. They don't have a flyer, or stand-up coaster either. They were all bought by Cedar Fair, so that may have something to do with that coincidence.
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