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  1. I didn't think Baulder was THAT great, the straight bits are fun but it really slows down on the turns and spoils it for me.. El Toro is far better and glad its no.1 - Probs my favourite coaster ever! (Goliath walibi not far behind!)
  2. i really hope they don't trim the drop like 13, that completely ruins what could be a fun opening section! though it looks like there is one 1/3 of the way down =[
  3. Hi guys, I am planning a trip to Germany over the next few months, and coming from the UK Just a few questions really; Whats the best way to get around? is it possible to take public transport from park to park or is rental car a must?? Which airport to fly to and from; and what route to take - Europa, Heide Park, Holiday and possibly Phantasia? I can obviously see these parks on a map, but logistically there may be a route which is easier?? I'm sure some if not most of you guys have done this trip, ideas and tips would be great!
  4. just my opinion but i enjoyed grona lund more than liseberg, its a fantastic little park with plenty to do and amazing scenery - be warned swe is EXPENSIVE, a beer will set you back 10 euros! walibi belgium as stated before not so great, but walibi.nl is worth it for goliath alone - one of the best coasters in europe imo efteling is also fantastic (make sure you grab a hotdog with the their special mayo sauce, amazing!) Holland is not a big country so you could easily do walibi, toverland and efteling 3 parks over 3 days another +1 for parc warner madrid too, good weather and good coasters; again superman another top notch coaster and you can also ride the worlds worst woody! Belgium is a good grounds to get to germany, holland and france i'd say there are plenty of parks in those countries alone to keep you busy!
  5. This is my short review, will try and get some pictures up in the week. We had a great time in both liseberg and grona lund the latter being my favourite of the two! some great rides in each!!! I loved basically every ride at grona lund but esp twister, insane and jetline.. the shoot up ride was good as well on a nice day you get an amazing view! the park itself was so clean and i think the best location i have EVER been for a theme park, lunch on the sea front was great! Twister was fantastic and was as its name, TWISTY! Jetline is ridiculously smooth for a 20 yr old ride and lots of fun, 2nd drop was a lot steeper than i thought! Insane was just... insane! as we went up we only had one person on the back so we literally faced straight down all the way up, scary! and the ride itself was so much fun and bloody crazy!!! we went back on a wednesday and literally qued for no more than 3 minutes for anything! it was amazing, did all the rides about 4 or 5 times in 3 hours (we had a flight to catch that evening!) liseberg was good also but i was a little disppointed in some of the rides. Balder although great fun i was a little underwhelmed, the cornering was very slow and generally i thought it could have done with more speed.. (i think i compare it to el toro and its not on the same level really!) Kanonen was a little disapointing as well, again didnt think it was quite fast enough and it was quite bumpy and the restraints were quite painful! lisebergbanon however i enjoyed a lot and atmosfear was great! the screaming swing was probably the scariest thing i have been on i think because of the backdrop but i pretty much s**t myself!!! ive been on other swing rides which are the same and loved them im not sure why i was so terrified on this, must have been the backdrop i think! The was a farmers market with pigs cows and horses in the park, weirdest thing ever seen in a theme park!? but the food was great and much better than from the restaurants we ate there.. all in all, great trip to sweden and would recommend to anyone - esp grona lund! on a side note if you are a beer lover, expect to pay £10 or $15 for a pint in sweden, ouch!!!!
  6. So if you've read my liseberg post they had a farmers market on and for sale in the park they had cows pigs and horses... you could openly go in and stroke them bit like a zoo.. but the fact you could purchase them at the theme park!??!?! it was very odd....
  7. thanks for the advice robin i didn't get a chance to post before i left! we ended up staying at liseberg heden - it was perfect location for the theme park, literally about 5 minutes walk!
  8. okay so i found a hotel on the park site itself - Hotell Liseberg Heden - It has a special sunday rate which includes a pass for the park, would this just mean its a pass for the park itself on the sunday (i don't think its open on monday) and then we would have to pay for rides too? or would it mean a proper pass??? The train routes seem fairly straight forward.
  9. So i am going to be going to Liseberg and Grona Lund next weekend. Could you tell me if there is a cheap hotel or any hotel to stay at Liseberg??? Plus what do you think the queues will be like??
  10. actually i would want to do 2... Manhattan Express has the potential in terms of location to be an AMAZING coaster.. just such a shame its a TOGO! I actually think the layout is pretty good.. its just the execution is terrible!! If they were to replace it like for like with an intamin track and coaster combo it would be fantastic!
  11. coaster express , parque warner.. put a new intamin pre fab woody
  12. I'm glad i went on speed, it was great fun and worth the 10 min wait with a load of hill billies...
  13. I don't know about anyone else, but i really didn't like the restraints on nitro.. I am normal build and 5'11 and i just felt like i was going to fall out the whole time.. Rode it a few times, enjoyed it but it's not even on my top 10 because of that reason!
  14. nemesis and anything superman (shame most of them don't live up to the name!)
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