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  1. It's fair to say that you can't truly judge a coaster before you ride it. Animations and POV's never do a ride justice. But complaints about how it will look are totally legitimate. Especially regarding Twisted Colossus. We all know how the ride looks as it currently stands. This makes it very simple to get an idea of how it will look with lower turnarounds and whatnot. Will it still dominate? Sure, the lift hill and first turnaround will. But the last half wont quite as much as it used to. With all that said, the excitement factor is going to be off the charts with those twists right next to the parking lot. We all know what coaster people will be bolting for. Hope this takes some load off X2.
  2. Let me start out by saying that in terms of a new coaster, I LOVE what I see. And spring of 2015? Wow, that's going to be a fast conversion compared to the other Rocky Mountain projects. If this was simply a new ride, I'd have zero complaints. But then nostalgia kicks in. The last rides I had on Colossus were still rather good. It's my feeling that they could have incorporated every element of Twisted Colossus, but kept the coaster much closer to how it used to look. The structure of the old Colossus just had presence. Those massive turnarounds dominated the landscape like no other. And now so much of that is gone. I'm disappointed that they didn't keep the coaster as visually imposing as it was before. The first drop and first turn around of the modified ride are great. I wouldn't change a thing. The inversions in place of the old low hill after the second drop, also great. But that's where it ends for me. Should have kept it two tracks. After the inversions, go into a new wicked awesome double-up. Dip the middle of the second turn around like they did with the first. Maybe even a second high five? Then after the second turnaround drop, bring back the old double down. The third turnaround that used to be SO slow would have been dropped almost to the ground. And then on the return, re-profile those hills into ones that give awesome airtime. Then back into the station. And the red track Rocky Mountain used on all the other conversions would have been fitting for Twisted Colossus. A perfect nod to the red handrails of the original ride. But when all is said and done, we are getting one hell of a ride. And that I can't complain about.
  3. No damage to the roller coasters that I'm aware of. I was there the day of the earthquake and aside from them having to re-test the rides after every aftershock, it was a normal day. Park even opened on time, from what I remember. Honestly, I didn't think they'd be open at all.
  4. Ditto. Because of the Marine Base, the land under the flightpath was already zoned for other than residential. So, it's not like noise was really going to be much of an issue for homeowners. If anything, there would have been less noise because of the restrictions commercial aircraft have on sound. In comparison to the military jets and helicopters, it wouldn't have been a big deal. In addition to less noise, there would also be less homes and therefore less traffic. As soon as the airport was killed, the City of Irvine was manipulated by The Irvine Company to rezone land to allow residential buildings. This is the exact reason why Wild Rivers (and soon to be Irvine Meadows/Verizon) was demolished in favor of homes. The promise of a park was a sham. As time progresses, more and more "park" land is being concerted into land for homes. Damn shame.
  5. It's been a while since I heard anything about the new park in Irvine. The website still says that "Construction is slated to begin in the summer of 2013" and "the new Wild Rivers Irvine opens in May 2014." However, with it being December and still no signs of groundbreaking or updates to the website/facebook page, I knew something was up. Every once and a while I'll look for news articles or some sort of city/county agenda. And nothing ... till now. Here is an article I came across from the OC Register explaining what's going on: http://www.ocregister.com/articles/county-531549-park-wild.html I really do hope that they are able to secure funding and work out a new deal with the County. South OC is really missing a local water park. The location is perfect, the timing seems right, and I know there is a demand. Crossing my fingers here for a 2015 opening date.
  6. Well, with a Panda Express in Ghost Town, I guess it would be fitting to put Korean BBQ in Fiesta Village.
  7. Just throw in a Star Flyer and most people will never know the difference.
  8. Time start making new coasters with dual stations to cut back the dispatch times ... And never staff it. It's a shame to see coasters that have been operating for years, safely, get seat belts. Seat belts don't make you safer. A properly trained crew does. One that knows when someone is properly restrained, and when they are too big or small to safely ride.
  9. My vote is for the worlds best underground waterside - Bombay Blaster's at Wild Rivers. - RIP-
  10. I hate to see the tree go, but maybe this means they can slightly shift the midway over in order to make room for some real trees to block the FullThrottle station. As it is right now, there doesn't look to be any room with all the mechanical/electrical equipment between the station and midway. I also hope they do something with the large open concrete area in front of the Golden Bear Theatre. For a park that does a better job at removing trees than adding them, here's hoping.
  11. While I'd love for something else to go in the spot of Windseeker, it would be interesting if they replaced it with a Star Flyer model and played it off like nothing happened. I wonder how many people would really notice a change, considering how many comments I've heard about Apocalypse being Psyclone and such. It really is a shame that so many mature trees had to be removed for Windseeker, only to have the ride removed after a short stint. Perhaps the park will green up the area a little more with whatever its replacement is.
  12. ^ HAHA! I love the SNL/Chris Farley reference. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  13. It's Magic Mountain ... they always find a way to stack a 2 train operation. Flash Pass doesn't help.
  14. Not exactly the same color, but close - and a totally different track style - But when looking at these Coast Rider construction pictures I can't help be reminded of Windjammer. The difference, of course - This ride will be GOOD. X-Treme Racers at Legoland Billund was a lot of fun. I look forward to having the same ride at Knott's. Also, for the one who asked, I think that building next to Coast Rider is used for the pump system.
  15. Interesting results. I agree with the #1, El Toro. It's my number 1 as well. I can't say anything about #2 or 3 because I haven't been on them. As far as Boulder Dash, #4, it's my number 2. So far everything on the list falls in line with my list. But then to see Balder at #6 ... well, I hear it had the wheels changed or something and in turn made it less agressive. Because when I rode it over the summer for the first time, it didn't pack the punch I was expecting. Yeah, it had airtime. But nothing forceful. It was like the ride was just going through the motions. Nothing about it made me think "this ride wants me to die by ripping me out of my seat." (A feeling I get on El Toro and Boulder Dash). Also surprised to see Renegade so far up the list. I haven't been on it since 2007 ... so maybe I'm forgetting how good it is. But I'd place Apocalypse above it. And wow, Colossus at SFMM is up rather high. Kinda cool to see that. Anyways, just my take on a few things.
  16. Perhaps. But, likely, it would only be a partial paint job. Just like when Colossus was "painted" when they opened Goliath.
  17. Okay, perhaps I am a little biased here. Okay, a lot. One of my favorite stand alone haunts is the one that I've been doing for many years now, Higgins Manor. Where we lack in budget for eye candy and such, we more than make up with in the quality of actors and scare opportunities. I've been scared in my own maze, for what that's worth. And while I am not usually one to toot my own horn, I felt I'd post about my haunt here for one main reason: Higgins Manor will be donating 100% of our 2012 donations to Modjeska Ranch Rescue, a local animal rescue organization to help buy food, blankets and other pet supplies for senior and special needs animals. It's a charity that means a lot to me and I'd like to do as much as possible for them. If you're interested, here is more info below: Pictures from past years:
  18. I don't think that was appropriate. No matter the shape of the person, it's terrible someone died. The fact that you say "it only" killed someone who was larger, as if it's not some big deal. That wasn't the matter in which I was saying it. Just stating that the only time the ride ever killed someone was when they were too fat and shouldn't have ridden in the first place.
  19. I'm sure a random park in Mexico would take it. And let's remember that it only killed someone who was fat and didn't fit into the restraint. Outside of America, I don't think this will be an issue.
  20. If it didn't stop in the tunnel, it still would have needed to be launched again to make it over the tophat. I like the idea of the backwards launch. It's going to catch a lot of people off guard. And looks like it will provide some interesting hangtime from the back row.
  21. Looks like a very good ride. I love the concept, the placement (on the hill), and the colors (I've been waiting for a black and grey coaster at MM). However, I have to say I am disappointed we didn't didn't get something with massive airtime (though,the top-hat does look promising). And a new themed area? I hope that just means the unused area around the station where the Log Jammer was. I'd hate to see them completely ruin the High Sierra Territory. Having this right next door is already going to take away from the atmosphere of one of the nicer areas of he park. But, perhaps, the positives do outweigh the negatives on this one. Mr Freeze is one of my favorite coasters, and this seems to take it a step further. I look forward to seeing it go up and most importantly, riding it.
  22. Thanks for this awesome trip report. I'm heading to Sweden shortly ... and will be riding Balder in exactly two weeks (yay!). I'll be starting in Stockholm (as you did) and then trying to figure out how to get to Gothenburg. Still can't decide if I want to fly, drive or take a train. It seems like the price of flying is the same as a train. Or am I looking at the wrong trains? Any general tips for my travels in Sweden as well as while inside Liseberg and Grona Lund? Thanks.
  23. Well, thematically it would be a perfect fit for Colossus County Fair.
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