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  1. Don't feel left alone. I'm not sure I have either. I've maybe had Count Chocula, but I don't really remember.
  2. Yeah, dressing like a zombie might get you confused with a Six Flags ride op. [/joke]
  3. I really like how this ride is shaping up. While I'll miss the old Giant (it was one of my favorite woodies), the new one looks to be even better. However, having a thing for wooden coasters, I do hope that in keeping a wooden structure the coaster still acts a bit like one. If not, oh well. In addition to a cool looking ride layout (so far), the new cars are quite awesome as well. I look forward to my next trip to SFoT. My favorite Six Flags park just keeps getting better.
  4. Maybe because it was the first tunnel on one of the first big coasters I can remember from my childhood - My favorite tunnel on a roller coaster is the one on Revolution @ Six flags Magic Mountain. Riding the coaster today and going through that tunnel brings back memories for sure. I can almost picture the lack of OTSR's. Also, for some reason, it's the only tunnel I feel obligated to scream in.
  5. The coaster is looking great for sure! Though, I must say I'm going to miss the old Texas Giant. While public opinion of it in its later years wasn't to great, I had nothing but incredible ride after ride when I visited in 2004. One of my favorite wooden coasters, without a doubt. It'll be interesting to see how this new steel coaster pays homage to the old wooden one.
  6. Trust me, when you do get a girlfriend...there are a lot more exciting things you can do with them than ride Matterhorn. Yeah. Like for instance, you can make out on KOD. Wait, scratch that.
  7. You know, I was thinking the same thing. Good thing everyone got out okay. That's all that really matters.
  8. ^ I agree. The Enterprise flat ride is among my favorites. I was stoked when I saw Ocean Park had one. The lady who was operating it thought I was crazy for wanting to ride it over and over again. She told me she was afraid I was going to puke (as others have done). Does anyone know what the manufacture of this one is? Heintz Fahtze, Huss or Schwarzkopf?
  9. ^ Thank you. And fair enough - if you are not a show person, you are not a show person. It's understandable that you wouldn't be as excited as those who love that aspect of Disney. I do see where you are coming from though. Right how all I've seen are mist screens w/projections, flames and colored fountains - all things I have seen elsewhere. But none of them have been to this scale. Personally I'm impressed and quite excited. This is something DCA has needed since day one.
  10. ^^^ I have nothing against you, Robb or this website. I was asking because it's a valid point. I apologize if any offense was taken. My point is that nothing Disney does is "new" per se. They are just really good at taking what already exists and making it better.
  11. Agreed. Every picture that everyone is going ga-ga over, I feel like "I've seen this before...like a LONG time before..." Maybe it's just that something like this is new to other people but having traveled around the world and seen a crap load of shows in my time this just is like, I dunno, not impressive to me. At least nothing I've seen so far. It feels more like something from Vegas cira 1998 than it does anything revolutionary. Out of curiosity, what's your take on the various firework shows that Disney puts on? I ask because that's a VERY old technology.
  12. Oh yeah. I forgot how close those parks are. But like, I do find it funny for Six Flags to point out that the public can visit one of the other locations. What is the next closest? SFSL? With that said - and I haven't been to SFKK - it does suck when a park closes, even if it isn't the baddest boy on the block. For instance, people could feel the same way about Wild Rivers. But personally, I'd take it over raging Waters. In the case with SFKK, I am sure some people fall into the category of liking it more than other parks.
  13. Well, we are already getting a Roller Skater. Hmmm .... SFMM 2011 - Wild Mouse? Of course, I keed. Shame to see SFKK close. I never did make it out there. It's especially bad for those locals. From the sounds of it, this will end up being another Astroworld and not a Darien Lake
  14. Now that just makes the ride seem dirty. Especially with people putting their kids on it. I guess now we all know why he was picking people up in that school bus. Heh Anywho, even though we have the exact model of coaster in two other SoCal locations, I'm still glad to see another family attraction at Magic Mtn. One more credit, right?
  15. <<<<< Rally for CoCo! at Universal Monday, January 18, 2010 12:00pm - 4:00pm Gate 2 @ 100 universal Plaza Dr, Universal City, CA
  16. Back when I was a teenager, my younger sister gave me a "fat chicks" calendar. But it was a funny gift.
  17. In the first picture posted, I am fairly certain that it looked so bad because they sanded it down before applying a new coat. That's something I didn't think of at first because I'm not used to parks applying paint in the correct fashion. Too many times I see pealing paint because the surface blow wasn't properly prepared.
  18. ^ Even the fact that it is something you are trying to get makes me give a big thumbs up to this whole operation. And I'll just throw this out here for kicks - how about a tour of the old KOD building? I know they removed most of everything. But it would still be quite interesting.
  19. I was basically thinking I'd choose one of the parks since I can't justify spending on both. But with the possibility of a Calico Mine tour, I am now leaning away from SFMM and toward Knotts. But I do wonder what I'd miss at SFMM that hasn't been announced yet.
  20. I can't believe they let some things get so bad. But as far as the JP Discovery Center goes, wasn't it supposed to be unpainted?
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