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  1. But cul-de-sacs are always family friendly! Well, true. They could add another family attraction in its place. But to me, it's not the same. I mean, what other family attraction in the park can eat your clothing?
  2. ^ Or the $1 it costs for a paid storage compartment conveniently located at the beginning of the line! I never trust anything in my pockets on Tatsu.
  3. In order to be come more family friendly, Magic Mountain removes the petting zoo. Huh? Well, with the smaller area since the development of Thomas Town, I am not surprised. But it is disappointing to see the petting zoo disappear. As a kid, I enjoyed it. As I did with the one at Knott's (also removed).
  4. Uphill both ways, right? But yeah, no idea why people are slower. Though, I must say that neither my home or the car is warm in the morning. Not till the heater kicks in. So, I know I am a little slower on colder mornings. But not enough to matter to the point where I'd be late for something. The only thing that I can see making anyone late is that people tend to be sicker around this time of year, especially when it is colder.
  5. Every year Bash gets better for sure. I mean, you can't beat having an entire park open for night ERT. The only downside of back to back days - I'll be dead on Monday. LMAO!! Truth! Sadly ....
  6. Awesome. Thanks Robb and everyone else working on getting this together! Love the addition of Knott's! Knott's Winter Solace really took a nose dive in quality. I last attended in '02, and it went downhill from there, so I never did go back. If the WCB event at Knott's is anything like the past TPR events at SFMM or the early ears of KWS, people are in for a real treat.
  7. Okay, this one should be easy -
  8. Does it have anything to do with a detachable penis? Actually, I was thinking it was one of those cosmetic things that people put under the skin. A microdermal implant http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microdermal_implants http://meanderingentertainer.files.wordpress.com/2008/05/mt010-dermal_2.jpg
  9. Totally off topic for a second - Pogs anyone?
  10. It's really cool to see younger people embrace skiing again. When I was in Jr High/High school, snowboarding was really taking off and it was very uncool to be on skis. Oh how times have changed. I'm getting old.
  11. EDIT - ^ Posted at the same time I did, and totally made the following a bit confusing. --This was for Eric. ^ Has been around for a Long time < Has gone to great lengths to try and be funny .... Boobs V Good chance this person only laughed at the "boobs" part.
  12. I have already posted how I like 24, Prison Break and other shows. But right now, I'll just focus on new shows this season. the only one I am ready digging is "Modern Family." One of the best shows I have seen in a while. Just when I thought the family sitcom genre was dead.
  13. Interesting results. You know, it's weird how the coaster community has a much higher gay/straight ratio than a national/world average.
  14. Wow, given the younger generation that frequents these forums, I figured that snowboarding would be the clear cut winner. But I was wrong. Perhaps it is a SoCal thing. Me? I snowboard. But the first time I hit the slopes it was on skis. 8 years later, I went back to the slopes, but this time I was going to give snowboarding a shot. When comparing my first time skiing with my first time snowboarding, it was safe to say that snowboarding was a lot easier for me. Since then, I went out an got my own equipment and went several times a year. Though, '07 was my last time snowboarding. Mainly due to crappy local conditions. Tired of scratching my board on a 12" base. This year is supposed to be a good one for snowfall. So hopefully I'll be back. It's been far too long.
  15. This is an interesting question because I can't really think of my "worst time." Even when conditions are not favorable, I do my best to make the most of it. If anything, I'll just be annoyed. But in the end, I'll manage to have fun. For instance, I was quite annoyed when I visited SFAW in '04. More than half of the coasters were closed, including 3 I really wanted to ride (Greezed Lightin', Batman the Escape, and Ultra Twister). I did however get on Texas Cyclone, another coaster I was looking forward to. Glad I did considering it was town down the following year along with the rest of the park. It's a bummer that I'll never have a chance to go back and ride the coasters I missed. And so far, none that I missed have been rebuilt elsewhere.
  16. You got me to laugh with that. You know, I was thinking the same thing. But somehow, I don't see it happening.
  17. ^ Well, based off how many people on FB use these annoying applications, I don't think it will be long till you have like two friends left. Or perhaps you will get people to stop. This could be the start of a revolution!
  18. Okay, final thought - Next time you are in the Bay Area, swing by the FB headquarters in Palo Alto, bust down the doors and demand an answer.
  19. 10 Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know http://www.allfacebook.com/2009/02/facebook-privacy/ Robb, you can always disable certain people (or all people) from posting anything to your wall (#9)
  20. ^ Oh dude, that's kinda creepy. Almost as much as that wikipedia page. Sorry, I'm not sure that I know how to remove 'em, because I don't think I have had stuff like that posted on my wall before. But I'll look into it. And btw, you lost me with that last statement. Couldn't tell if you were joking around or knew that I was. Hmm... EDIT - Robb, here is the fix - Settings > Application Settings > Show "Allowed to Post" I hope that works.
  21. Yeah, it's one of several mist screens, similar to the ones used for Fantasmic. Just on a much larger scale.
  22. So Robb, does this mean I shouldn't tag you in the pictures I have of your feet on a scale?
  23. It don't matter if they're black or white. I'm guessing that BBW still had a closer color scheme than XLR8 did at the time. And by the way, the following was posted on twitter from SFMM "SixFlagsMM #in2010 @SixFlagsMM will open the 17th Coaster in between Deja Vu & Johnny Rockets! By the way, its coming from Six Flags New Orleans!" Hmmm ... I wonder ... heh
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