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  1. I'm still so disappointed it was closed (along with Viper, Batman, and Ultra Twister) when I visited Astroworld in '04. They were all rides I was looking forward to on my Texas trip. Anyways, I do hope the ride pops up somewhere else here in the States. I'd like to ride it. Same goes with the other rides that were never rebuilt.
  2. ^ Thank you for that info. For some reason, I wasn't following the park. I am now. As as far as the colors for Goliath - I'm sure they will be the same. But if not, it'll still look a lot better than the faded mess it has been for the past four or five years. Now, if they would only do something with Colossus ...
  3. Sweet update, thanks. I haven't been following the new ride since it was announced. So to see so much completed is nice. You know, if you squint your eyes a bit, it almost looks like Knott's is getting a hyper!
  4. It's nice to hear that Goliath is getting some new paint. Of all the coasters in the park, it was definitely the one needing paint the most. What's crazy is how bad it looked compared to Riddler, an older coaster. Unless I'm wrong, Riddler hasn't seen new paint since it opened.
  5. Dude, what an awesome idea. As a Metallica fan, I have never thought of doing this. I see you made a ride after the song "Whiplash." But that name would only be fitting for a Psyclone clone. As far as other ideas, well, I'll try and think of some and post 'em here when I do. Best of luck with this project. Side note - I see you are 14. Always awesome to see new (younger) fans of the band.
  6. Sure, but Magic Mountain was awesome in the 80's. /Then again, so was Knott's. Yeah, it was fun back in the '80's. At least the part I can remember. But I think price was also a factor, being in a family of 6. And I am sure my dad and older siblings were much bigger fans of the rides Magic Mountain offered over the ones Disneyland did.
  7. That would be awesome! Perhaps I just lucked out when I rode it in '04. I found the ride to be VERY enjoyable. In fact, I marahtoned it for the rest of the night. Lost track of how many times I rode it. It was a lot of fun, and nothing like Psyclone was in its rough years. It will be interesting to see what happens with the Texas Giant. Hopefully it is more of a re-profiling and re-tracking like they did to Colossus back in the day (with the exception of making the ride worse). But by the sounds of it, most of the ride we know today will be removed.
  8. Going back to the discussion concerning the kid friendliness of Magic Mountain and the suggestion that Disneyland and Legoland are better places to go - For what it's worth, when I was a kid back in the '80s, we would visit Magic Mountain more often than Disneyland (or even Knotts), even though we live in Orange County.
  9. Jaguar! a classic? Not exactly. But that isn't saying I want it to be removed. It's a fun little ride. And poorly themed? Really? I mean, it isn't to the level of the better Disney attractions, but for a small park such as Knott's, the theming for the ride is well done. And then there is Monte, a true classic. Whenever I visit Knotts, this is the only coaster I make sure I ride before I leave. It's fun, it's intense and it should never be removed.
  10. ^ Yes and they are about to crash! Heh, I used to get that question all the time. It's just two pictures taken a few seconds apart stitched together.
  11. There are lot of photogenic coasters out there. But one of the first that comes to mind is how Montezooma's Revenge used to look before they added Silver Bullet. Here is a picture I took back in '02.
  12. If Magic Mountain does indeed get a wild mouse, bravo. Thinking back to some of my favorite parks around the nation, almost all of them have some style of wild mouse. It's one of those rides that, in my opinion, round off any coaster collection. The placement does seem a bit crammed, but at the same time, I can't complain with another coaster in that area of the park. I can't tall you how annoying it was to head back there to ride Deja only to find out that it was closed. My second option, of course, being Psyclone. Fast forward to '10, I'll have two options (Terminator and this new addition) to choose from. Both clearly being better alternatives than what I had before. And when everything is up and running, I'll be able to hit 3 coasters without doing much walking.
  13. I have been running my own haunt (Higgins Manor) for some time now. It's a lot of work, and quite stressful at times, but to see the final product makes it all worth my while. If I wasn't doing my own thing, I'm sure I'd be working a haunt elsewhere.
  14. If B&M made a wooden coaster, it would be as smooth as the Intamin woodies, but with fewer forces than a GCI.
  15. Advertising plastered all over Viper? Really? Come on Six Flags, I know you are looking for new ways to make money. But this is a little too far.
  16. Hey, great update! Looks like you are a lot of fun. And yeah, it was quite packed at Santa Cruz Beach boardwalk when I was there too. (I wasn't on the TPR trip and visited a different day). Oh, and thank you for getting a picture of me during the Tony Hawk challenge. I didn't have one.
  17. ^ You are talking to a guy with old cars. But yeah, I can understand how parts can become a problem. When Arrow was taken over by S&S, did all the part manufacturing die with it? It's a shame to see parks remove these flume rides because while they might be mechanically obsolete, I can't imagine they are obsolete in the eyes of patrons.
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