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  1. On Tatsu, the front row is great for the views. Especially when you are slowly cresting the top of the lift hill. On the other hand, I love the intensity of the back row.
  2. Well, already a fan. Been one for some time. Can't help ya here.
  3. Your joke wasn't funny... Why there is an assumption that I was referring to a specific joke? I'm talking about an overall feeling based off what I have been reading from others as well. Not to say people never joke around. It just isn't the same. Thats all. And when it comes to jokes that are not funny, I know Eric gets 'em. Heh. Sometimes we are the only ones that get each others jokes. But that's cool.
  4. Does being born a poor black child and turning white later in life mean I'm going to also die at the age of 50?
  5. Well, on the topic of Coastertube problems, I got one. While it isn't anything I can't fix on my own, I thought it was kinda funny. See, I'm not black No idea who that is or how it was made my profile image. Deciding if I even wanna change it at this point. HAHA!
  6. I know, right? My friends were joking about it throughout the day. So when I saw a photo op with Mr Six, I took advantage of the situation. And you know, it kinda freaked me how how similar we look. Heh. I told them that my name is Mr. Nine.
  7. I hadn't been to SFMM in a while, and some friends wanted to go. So I figured why not. As always, I took my camera along. Here is a brief report of my trip. Check out my full Photo TR here: http://www.americacoasters.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=14098&p=256878#p256878 I was running a bit late to the park today and didn't get there until 11:20, almost an hour after the park opened. When we were making our way through the parking booths, I was still a little worried to see a good deal of people around the ticket booths and walking to the park. Luckily, the first section of the parking lot wasn't even full. Anywho, the first stop of the day was Viper. Practically a walk-on. And somehow I managed to get two rides on before others in my party got one. Looking down at X2 from the top of the lift, it looked to have a 20-30 min line. So I decided to hold off and ride that last. From there it was off to go ride Terminator. And of course, I had to stop and take pictures of walls and dirt. Here you go: Terminator was quite fun. It was nice to see that instead of a downgrade in theming, they actually added some since I last visited. Camo net over all the chain link fences and doors in-between each pre-show. The audio was working, as was the flame. The fog, however, wasn't. But I'd guess they had it off because of the colder temps. No big loss there. The wait for Terminator was 20 mins. Continuing the loop around the park, it was off to go get a ride on Riddlers Revenge. As we approached, I smelled something good in the air. Oh, a new restaurant. No more mexican food! Now selling mini pulled pork/sausage/bbq sandwiches. Reminded me a lot of SFoT. Batman was fast and smooth as ever. No complaints here. A one train wait. I also took a ride on Grinder Gearworks. I hadn't been on it in at least 10 years. After riding, I remembered why. Oh look, Goliath is getting paint! And so is the Flags gift shop! Another restroom is being remodeled This is where Santa goes: I ended the night with a ride on X2. Now, to be honest, I really didn't want to ride. Even after the addition of new trains, the ride was still beating the piss out of me. But I figured I would give it another shot. This would actually be my first night time ride since the transformation. We also decided to ride in the front row, another first since it became X2. After waiting 30 mins (the line stayed the same all day long) I must say, I had an awesome ride and am really glad I did. It was a great way to finish a relaxing day at Magic Mountain. I leave you with a picture taken with my older brother. Anywho, I had way too much to post again. If you would like to, please check out the complete report at: http://www.americacoasters.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=14098&p=256878#p256878 I hope you enjoyed this read.
  8. Hmmm ... ya know, there is a joke to be had ... ...Boobs? No, something much better. Ha! Anywho, off to spend the day at Magic Mountain. This should be fun. I'll see about getting some pictures.
  9. Maybe they could incorporate Colossus into a new kiddie area and rename the ride "The Little Engine That Could" EDIT - FIXED
  10. The sad truth. But you know, it's funny how some newer rides (like The Voyage) get new trains so soon after opening. (actually, come to think of it, Colossus did the same thing shortly after it opened). Perhaps one of these days they will restore the ride. But who knows if or when that will ever happen. Until then, questions like these will still be asked.
  11. Here is a double entendre for ya - They can call the coaster "The Hip-breaker"
  12. I think it has more to do with a shift of the forum community. A lot of things that I may refer to are lost among some of the newer/younger people that populate a good portion of these forums. Hey, it already worked! Thanks for the advise, buddy. At least I know I always have you to count on when it comes to bouncing jokes back and forth. Wow, I haven't heard that in a LONG time. Used to say that quite often. Takes me back ...
  13. Advise - Cold shower Slow, boring, and pointless. You know, Colossus might be one of the tamer "big" coasters at Magic Mountain, but to me it will always be the parks icon. Well, that and Revolution.
  14. Maybe it's just me, but these forums don't seem as lighthearted as they once were. Every thread seems to turn into a serious discussion. A few times here and there I throw out a joke and it seems to get passed over, completely ignored, while the serious conversation continues. What happened?
  15. Six Flags parks need more trash cans and concrete. Cedar Fair is killing them in that department! Oh, and fewer trees.
  16. You know, it's funny, I was aware of that building, but never questioned it being closed. But yeah, while the removal of the building didn't leave a ton of land, at least we know whatever does take it's spot will make better use of the land than what previously stood. I'll have to check it out next Sunday.
  17. A very funny parody glam metal band with their new song "Death to All But Metal." (Uncensored) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bC0A9TXpm0
  18. It is crazy to see how much the island has changed since I visited in '03. One of these day's I'll post a selection of the hundreds of pictures I took while visiting.
  19. What I love is how dramatic the double UP on Colossus used to be. There is so much talk about how great it would be to have the double DOWN back, but I'd rather see the old double up profile return. Heh. That among other re-profiled hills.
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