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  1. Except it isn't a log. And how does a log flume become outdated anyways?
  2. And the marriage quickly ends in divorce after she finds out how many hundreds of people were riding her husband on a daily basis.
  3. ^ It was originally going to be Lit & Everclear. I was set to go because I like both bands. It was then changed after Lit canceled a bunch of shows this summer after their drummer, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor last year, became sicker. He ended up dying on Aug 13. I never did make the concert to see Everclear.
  4. This is where I ate: And this is what I ate: BBQ bacon burger, garlic fries and a salad for the meal and a giant brick of onion rings for an appetizer (about half way eaten when this picture was taken). Everything was so good. Food done right, that's for sure! Not sure exactly what my father was eating. But I think he liked it...
  5. A quest for free water ... look what I started!
  6. Off the awesome shelf. It's going to be legen -wait for it - dary! ::high five::
  7. ^ What about the Pirates of the Caribbean ride? How they ruined it?
  8. God, if they do make this movie, I hope it isn't a hit. We don't need new characters introduced to the ride. Imagine if "The Haunted Mansion" movie was a hit. They would have added Eddie Murphy to every scene.
  9. ^ LOL! That would be a very cool trip report indeed. And even though I wanted answers, I don't think I'd have the balls to conduct that research myself. I have a feeling that someone here is quickly going to take you up on that challenge. I mean, it's a TPR Bag-O-Crap! Or perhaps we should all e-mail Dan and see what he thinks about the free water issue?
  10. ^ Let me guess - You are at the Cyber Cafe right now posting this and drinking your free water?
  11. ^ Being able to go to a hotel is why I really loved visiting the DLR when I had my AP. I'd always head over to the Grand Californian to relax. Usually it was lunch at Whitewater, dinner at ESPN and a little drinking at the Hearthstone. Even at Knott's you can get away a little. Magic Mountain only has one sit-down restaurant (that's open), but it is usually my place to relax when I go to the park. Food and drinks don't cost any more than they do elsewhere in the park. Yeah, you have to leave a tip. But you also get free refills and air conditioning.
  12. If this was ACE, the only thing left would be Small.
  13. Yeah, just seems like a general inconstancy in training when it comes to free water. Across the board it should be the same. In this case, I'm assuming that officially the policy is to give out free water to the guests. And, like said above, the employees are not always the most enthusiastic to give you free water. But like, what's it to them? It isn't any money coming out of their pockets; nor would it be money going in their pockets if you were paying for something. They get paid a standard rate to help guests regardless of the amount of money being spent. Heck, sometimes you might need to know how to get somewhere. EDIT - ^ Thank you.
  14. ^ Weird. Now, while I don't know the current and official policy on free ice water at Six Flags, I do know that it has never been an issue when I have asked. Though, a lot of times employees are misinformed and try and charge you. For example, while it isn't a Six flags park, I know that when I was at Carowinds on a hot summer day they had park wide announcements over the speaker system about being able to get free water at any of the vending locations. And when you went to the locations they had water ready to go. Magic Mountain is no different when it comes to the heat. I'm sure that they would rather give out free water than have an incident where someone is passing out from heat stroke or exhaustion. Does anyone here know the official policy for Six Flags in regard to free ice water at the vending locations?
  15. ^ Are you saying that you have been denied free water at a Six Flags park? Or just never asked?
  16. ^ To be fair, you can always get free cups of ice water and bring those with you in line. And unless they changed policy in the last 6 months, you should still be able to get a rather large cup too.
  17. This doesn't count rides that have been relocated or are in storage. Space Mountain - Disneyland High Speed Thrill Coaster - Knoebels Wacky Soap Box Racers - Knott's Berry Farm Windjammer - Knott's Better Farm XLR-8 - Six Flags AstroWorld Texas Cyclone - Six Flags AstroWorld Flashback - Six flags Magic Mountain Psyclone - Six Flags Magic Mountain Bobsled - Santa's Village (Skyforest,CA) High Roller - Stratosphere Tower
  18. Because it needs to be said - When you go to Silverwood, eating at Lindy's Restaurant is a must. It's the big victorian style building to your left as you enter, just before the train tracks. Some of the best food I have ever had, period, regardless of location.
  19. ^ Well obviously the animator made the over the shoulder section invisible!
  20. Too bad none will ever be built on the West Coast. I keed, I keed Now that I say that, SFMM will build one. But yeah, aside from the restraints, looks like it will be a fun ride. Though, I do find it weird that a NASCAR themed coaster is making so many RIGHT turns.
  21. Perhaps we are just getting old? At 12 years of age, maybe he is isn't as susceptible to having a sore back after a jarring ride on Ghostrider? Or maybe he is just getting smoother rides. I know that last time I rode I was lucky enough to get a fairly good ride. Came off it feeling fine.
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