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  1. Yeah, I never added myself either. And looking at the map, South Orange Country looks to be a little thin.
  2. Yeah, Riddler still looks good given its age. But I have a feeling that next to a freshly painted batman, it won't look as good as it did before.
  3. If you are a whooper, but also prone to wetting yourself, does that make you a whoop-pee?
  4. Very good. I figured someone here would get it fairly easily. It was one of those things where, if you know weird technological history, it is easy. But quite puzzling for others. It's an interesting device for sure. To see that they may have has this technology thousands of years ago really makes you step back and wonder. Anywho, your turn.
  5. I know there is zero connection. But all I can think about when I hear this is "Showtime at the Apollo"
  6. TWSS So yeah, it's awesome to see water back in the bay and everything coming together. And while I love watching all this testing, I am starting to ask myself when I'll stop watching. I don't wanna spoil too much.
  7. This post wins. Thank you. Chris Rock expressed my exact belief on the matter.
  8. ^ And don't be so serious? On that note ...
  9. Not even grape flavored chewable Tylenol?
  10. What about fat losers that hardly pay rent and DON"T smoke weed?
  11. In the words of Peter Tosh -"Legalize it, don't criticize it"
  12. And prescription drugs are any better? More people are addicted to prescription drugs than are to illegal narcotics. A perfect case - Michael Jackson. Just because it isn't illegal doesn't mean it is any better or any safer. The drug companies don't want to to see marijuana legalized for the same reason they don't want doctors prescribing anything "natural." If you can grow it in your backyard, there isn't as much money in it for these drug companies. I say this as a person that was pumped full of methylphenidate, or Rittalin, when I was a kid. Millions of children across America are taking this drug. A drug that is almost chemically identical with cocaine, having very similar effects as well.
  13. What about alcohol? It's legal and you could cause a lot more damage being drunk and driving than being high and driving, I'm sure. That is why, like with alcohol, we educate the public about the negative effects and when to not use it.
  14. Exactly. And we would also save a lot of money that is currently going toward this "war on drugs."
  15. Hey, maybe Batman will become popular enough for them to use that wonderful extended queue. I highly doubt it. But it would be nice to see it in use sometime. Or perhaps for a new ride?
  16. Smashing Pumpkins - A Song For A Son - Teargarden By Kaleidyscope http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTAoLql14Bs
  17. Coasters in the snow. Very cool indeed! (no pun intended). So, is it normal for the park to operate in the snow? I can't imagine they would get much business.
  18. Na na na na na nana Na na na na nana
  19. LOL! Too funny! But you know, being a college student, maybe you could have repurposed empty beer cans/bottles/kegs and made a tree out of that. Some examples: http://www.muffslap.com/christmas-trees-made-beer-cans-bottles/
  20. I don't know, look at Star Wars. They made the last of the original Star Wars trilogy in 1983. Star Tours debuted in 1987. The Star Wars brand was still extremely popular by the time the prequels came out in 1999, and is still extremely popular today. Or Indiana Jones, which is a series FAR LESS popular than either Star Wars or Harry Potter. Last movie came out in 1989, ride came out in 1995. It still gets some of the longest waits at Disneyland. Indiana Jones is a perfect example of how a high quality attraction will continue to be popular regardless of the popularity of the film/book it was based off of. With Harry Potter and the new land at IOA, I think this will be the case as well. Not to say that Potter isn't popular, but that even if he wasn't in 20 years, the quality of what is being built will be able to stand on its own for future generations.
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