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  1. I've seen a lot of comments saying that Ghostrider should be the next coaster to receive this treatment. And while I agree that the ride is not as smooth as it once was, after a ride on it last week, I'm starting to think it's more of a train problem than it is a track problem. I rode the coaster twice that day. Both times in the very back. The first ride was on the gold train (or maybe it was the bronze one?), and it was the smoothest ride I've had in 8 or 9 years. The ride wasn't back to 100%, but I still thought it was very decent. The ride just got out of rehab not too long ago, so I figured this was the reason it was running so well. You could see a lot of new wood along the ride. Later in the day I came back and got the Silver train. The ride, while not as horrible as I've had in the past (didn't come off with a hurt back), it was very rough throughout the entire ride. So, yeah, perhaps it is a train problem? While it's still yet to be seen how the new track on Texas Giant rides (or the topper track on Tremors) rides, I'd hate to see Ghostrider go away from the traditional wooden coaster that it is today. If I was to have a vote on a coaster to get this treatment, it would be Colossus at Magic Mountain. Being that the park already has a fantastic wooden coaster with Terminator, even if Colossus doesn't feel like a wooden coaster after the treatment, they wouldn't be out a wooden coaster like Knott's would if they did Ghostrider. There is no doubt that whatever they did to Colossus would be a vast improvement over the current incarnation. As others have stated, I hope they would be able to go back to something similar to the original profiling. Give me back that airtime hill after the second drop as well as that killer looking double up following it.
  2. Well, she is right. Theme park prices for food are always going to be higher. But that doesn't necessarily mean that quality has to suffer. It's all about what you are getting for the price you are paying. For instance, I spent $12 for a burger and fries at Knott's (Ghost Town Grill), and it was one of the tastiest burgers I've had. In fact, everyone at my table got a burger and we all liked them. But if you spend $12 and it sucks, well, then there is a valid complaint for the food being $12 if it is going to taste like that.
  3. Agreed! Enough taking about the food at SFMM, we have no control over the prices and or quality of the food served. Actually, while we (and every other park visitor) may not have control over the food prices and quality, we sure do have a say. However, posting about it here (or elsewhere online) wont do much good. Taking these concerns to guest relations would. Does it mean that they are going to hop to it and make the food better over night? No. But when there are trends in suggestions or concerns, it is something the park would surely take a look at. As far as my take on things, well, I don't think the food is too horrible. I used to be a big fan of the pizza served in Gotham City Backlot. That is, before they changed it to Papa Johns. Not a fan. I can't say too much about the other walk up locations because when I eat inside the park, it's always at Mooseburger Lodge. And while the food there isn't on par with Knott's or Silverwood (so good), it isn't that bad either. I never have any complaints. In fact, I'd put it in line with food at Disneyland.
  4. The new color scheme on Superman doesn't look bad by any means, but it seems like am the only one here who is a fan of the old one. Silver/grey worked for me. It made the ride look like a tower of steel. A perfect fit for the Man of Steel. But if new paint, new cars and going backwards is what it takes to bring life to an older ride, then it's all good. I hope this trend of refreshing older rides continues. Slowly, all the faults of Magic Mountain are being removed or fixed. I like this.
  5. ^ I see that the new myspace also has a facebook connect. Too funny. I guess they gave up.
  6. Just like how they have unique names for all the big rides. If they are not putting "the" infront of every ride name, regardless if it exists (eg: The Batman), they are naming coasters based off colors (The big red one) or by what is does (The one where your feet dangle). Note: you must put "the" infront of everything. In the end, it really doesn't matter what Six Flags renames these rides. Because as I and many others have stated, most people don't care. The only time a name really comes into play is when the ride is new and they are trying to market it.
  7. Anyone else read this in the voice of the boss from the movie Office Space? Maybe they didn't get the memo.
  8. Anyone else read this in the voice of the boss from the movie Office Space?
  9. ^ Thank you for introducing me to this band. I love it. Listening the album right now.
  10. I'm quite annoyed by the constant misuse of the words "it's" and "its" / "your" and "you're" / "than" and "then" For example: Your awesome = WRONG. Its the best = WRONG. Vanilla is better then chocolate = WRONG Remember: - you're = you are. - it's = it is. - "its" is possessive. Therefore, don't say: The trashcan is over there, in it's spot. That is the same as saying: The trashcan, it is over there in it is spot. That makes so sense. - Use than as a word indicating comparison. Psyclone is better than Flashback. - Use then as a word indicating time. I was at Disneyland, then I went to Knott's.
  11. ^ Does NorCal EVER have a banner year? And hey, Joey, the end of the world wont happen till December 21, 2012. So that is plenty of time for us to find out.
  12. Except the park really doesn't have a coaster with the sole purpose of giving you tons of airtime. Yeah, sure, there are moments. My point is that a Dive Machine is a one trick pony. And it's doing a trick that's already covered (and then some) by the aforementioned coasters. Sure, they added some inversions. But like I said, the park already has plenty of them. Just looking for a little diversity, that's all.
  13. I can't figure out what the appeal of a dive machine coaster would be in a park where you already have a coaster with a vertical hold (Deja Vu) along with two additional face first drops (X2 and Superman). And as Eric said, the park already has plenty of inversions. For me, the only thing that would make it worth while is if it drops you into a hole like Oblivion.
  14. What is it that a wooden coaster is missing? Well, in a lot of cases it's a park that is willing to keep it in good running condition after a few years goes by. That is, there really isn't anything I'd like added to a wooden roller coaster. When done right and kept up, there is nothing better than the wooden coasters currently offered. For example, Ghostrider in its early years was a perfect wooden coaster. It didn't need any gimmicks (eg: a loop) to make it fun. But it sure didn't age well.
  15. You know, in the case of Superman where there are no lateral g forces, I don't mind the over the shoulder restraints. In fact, with the float time you get at the top when facing forward, the over the shoulder restraints should allow for even more booty out of the seat time. Like on California Screamin' before they slowed down the last half, those bunny hills were so much fun. You got more air than would have been allowed with a lap bar.
  16. Superman must have been invisible for the first two years of operation.
  17. For those concerned about the removal of another "Sierra" ride, I suggest you check out the following club: http://www.sierraclub.org/
  18. You mean to tell me that the son of the man who helped destroy Steeplechase Park is going to try and save Playland? This will be interesting ...
  19. Discovery Kingdom was already on my list of fun parks to visit just based off their flat ride selection, and now they add this. Awesome! Guess who will be headed back to SFDK in 2011?
  20. Kind of how I prefer wooden coasters over steel coasters, I guess I like my launches old school as well. I've been on quite a few launch coasters including Kingda Ka, however my favorite launch coaster has to be Montezooma's Revenge. Maybe it's the trains, or the mechanics of the launch. While I can't put a finger on it, Montezooma's Revenge is not only one of my favorite launch coasters, it is one of my favorite coasters in general. If I'm ever at Knotts, it is the one coaster I always try to ride.
  21. I always thought it was in a horrible location. Tucked away in a kiddie section of the park and away from the main traffic pattern. I can't say I'll miss the ride, but it's disappointing to see a ride removed in order to place a coaster that already had a spot cleared for it. Like you stated earlier, it would be nice if these children's attractions were scattered around the park a bit instead of having all in one corner of the park. I do hope it just gets relocated. Go stick it over where Flashback used to be and make it a part of Hurricane Harbor. Maybe it'll entice me to visit the waterpark for once.
  22. Knott's Scary Farm Halloween Haunt is usually a yearly stop for me. However, this year I changed things up a bit and went to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood for the first time. They sure do an awesome job. Not only are the sets more elaborate, the talent is also better. On quite a few occasions I was startled, something that never happens to me at Knott's. As a haunter myself, it's always nice to see how others do things. And at Universal, they sure have their own way of doing things. I'll be back for sure. There is a long list of places I'd like to visit this year, but given money and time, I don't think I'll be going anywhere else. That is, aside from "Higgins Manor," a home haunt I do every year. Back in '94 when I was 12 years old I started decorating the house for Halloween. Living on a cul-de-sac, we didn't get a lot of tick-or-treaters coming down our way. I thought that by doing better decorations, I could change that. It was nothing much, but it was beyond general store bought decorations. I'd gather scrap lumber from around the neighborhood and build a haunted shack of sorts. It was just a cool little peek-in sitting in the front surrounded by a little cemetery. Over the years it grew and took over more of the front yard. Eventually it moved into the garage for a small walk through scene. In '99 I did my first maze. But do to a lack of help and being away with the Navy for four years, it would be the last time I did a maze until the 2007 Halloween season. In 2007 I started "Higgins Manor." This time I'd go all out. It was time to build a maze similar to what you would see at Knotts. Well, a poor mans version at least. Gone were the plastic walls. In place were 4X8 flats constructed of 2X3's and plywood. Better lighting, sound and talent was incorporated. What was already a hit around the neighborhood became even more well known around the area. Last year after exposure from the OC Register, my little home haunt became something I never imagined: a popular maze. I had people coming from Los Angeles, Riverside, etc. Back as a 12-year-old boy, I never thought what I was starting would turn out to be what it is today. Like every year, in '10 we are stepping up the game again. A longer maze with more detail and more scares. I do hope that you come check it out if you are in the area. It's free. I'm only doing it for the love of Halloween. Pictures from 2009
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