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  1. Im a drum kinda guy Set: 10" rack tom 12" rack tom 13" rack tom 14" floor tom 16" floor tom 2 22"x16" bass 14"x5 1/2" snare Cymbals: 13" High-hat Sabian B8 14" Crash Sabian B8 16" Crash Sabian B8 18" China Sabian B8 18" Ride-Crash Sabian B8 20" Ride Sabian B8 Accessories: 5 woodblock set(The gray one can't remeber name ATM) Cowbell Here it is: (Stock Photo)
  2. Since everyone is talking about what they got for Christmas, I was wondering what everyone's worst gift they've ever recieved is? This can be birthdays, Christmas, you name it!
  3. - $600 drumset - xbox 360 Elite - clothes - LOTS of candy - $110 - A couple wooden puzzzles - Some filller small presents
  4. How do you get a membership card for a couple of the free sites? Like the NAHPA i think... It's free to join
  5. How much was Coaster mania last year? I want an idea of about how much it's going to cost this year. Also, how do they check your a member of they're "recomended" coaster enthusiast sites? Because it says you have to be a member to go to Coastermania.
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