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  1. I really dig them. Thank you for your weekly e-mails. I hope one day to do a trip.
  2. I'm too poor to sign up for the full marathon and I am more than positive that I would not have found people to donate to my page. Will you be doing the entire thing? If so, please please do the 220 times on V2! That would be Crazy! Crazy cool! I am sure you will end up with a really, really deep love of that coaster after marathon-ing only that one.
  3. Is anybody going to the fundraiser event on the 28th? I have signed up and registered. http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/sayaka-suzuki-1/coaster-challenge-2014 is my donation page. I have met the donation requirement, but if you feel like supporting the Special Olympics, please go ahead. If your going, let me know! Maybe we can do the haunted houses.
  4. To my dear Santa victim, I ordered your gift on December the 5th and it should be arriving shortly. Please post detailed pics when you get it, because EVEN I DON'T KNOW WHAT I GOT YOU! It's like a crazy grab bag mystery box and I too am very curious as to what's inside.
  5. I totally want in on this Gift Exchange awesomeness. I promise to post lovely photos of whatever you send me. I am also willing to send stuff internationally.
  6. Yay! I got the email for x-flight also! I'm really excited and can't wait for Sunday. Does anyone happen to know if we can stay the rest of the day, or do we have to buy tix? Also, does anyone wanna get together after the filming for coffee/snack/lunch?
  7. So, I filled out the form this afternoon for the Six Flags Great America filming. Please wish me luck on being picked!
  8. As a first time visitor, I was surprised at how small it was. Anyway, I was relaxing on one of the lounge chairs in soak city when I saw the Wild Thing get stuck due to a power outage. I also watched the very talented Life Guard Ladies of Soak City in their rendition of silent dance in the form of the Cupid Shuffle followed by the Macarena. Even though the park closed early, I managed to do everything I wanted, so all in all, a very good day for me. Maybe not so much for the poor people who were stuck on the ferris wheel or had to climb nearly 200 ft. down the stairs of Wild Thing.
  9. Ok, so I'm headed out to Minnesota for a friend's wedding. During my stay I plan on visiting MOA and Valleyfair on Monday and Tuesday the 13th and the 14th. Me and my boyfriend was wondering if anyone wanted to play guide/friend type person with us? If you decide to go, I'll give you a shot glass from Chicago.
  10. I got my package yesterday! Thank you so much! I love it! Thank you a billion times over. Sorry the plastic bag is covering the Reese's tree shaped candy. I have never heard of these stores before (Wegmans?) so I had to include it in the pic. It's the totally awesome Dinocroc Vs. Supergator movie!!! So beautiful to behold! The back of the package cautions me about GIANT REPTILES. Here is me and my new friend, Bop N' Beep. It's so cute! Perhaps someday Bop N' Beep will be able to meet........ This guy!
  11. I want to participate! l love getting things in the mail! I collect shot glasses and getting one from a stranger from Whonoswhere sounds like all sorts of fun fun! Some of my other favorite things are candy & cute toys like Hello Kitty. I also promise to post pics up of my Santa Loot.
  12. I see no TPR, hear no TPR and I speak no TPR. Oh,wait...... Nevermind. I see what you did there.
  13. Hey! thanks! I know you invited me a while ago, but today is the 1st day I actually signed up for it. The circles and rings of friends reminds me of the odd yet strict rules about how one has to address other people within the rings in Japanese.
  14. Me too! Me too! Can you invite me as well? prettyslr@gmail.com I'd totally be your best friend, if you did! Thanks!
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