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Holiday World (HW) Discussion Thread

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I personally didn't think Voyage was too rough. I can't compare it to its opening season, but for a wooden coaster of its size I thought it wasn't too bad. It certainly could be smoother though, and I hope they get the timberliners eventually. But in a way I almost liked the roughness. Some seats are better than others, but as long as it doesn't cause me physical pain, I feel it adds character to the ride. I couldn't even keep my hands up on Voyage once we reached the twisted turnaround, it feels so out of control.


I kinda tend to lean more towards this view as well. Although I managed to keep my hands up the entire time. I mean, why not. They definitely weren't afraid to strap you down on any of their coasters.


Looks like this will be fantastic addition to the park. It is awesome that they are keeping the height restriction the same as the ride being removed. I wish more parks thought along these lines when replacing/removing/adding attractions.


Wow, good thing I got Midnight Ride in, although I've been on its brother at Cedar Point. And looking forward to a Star Flyer that is within actual driving distance from my home. (Crossing my fingers that my home park SFOG is looking into some flat rides over the next couple of years.)

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It's kind of ironic how this 65ft tall swing ride will have a smaller height requirement than the park's wave-swinger, though.


The restraints on the two rides are very different - I would guess that's why. The smaller tykes will have to ride with an adult (the seats are two-per-swing).


Thanks, Paula

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I think this will be a great addition to the park. Im a little bit sad to see The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere go, but this is really cool. My home park, Six Flags St Louis, has a full sized Starflyer and its pretty good. Personally im more excited about the prospect of HW getting a steel coaster. Id love to see some sort of massive Intamin coaster, but i think anything they put up will be amazing.


I was at the park on the 25th and it was still raining. I was a little shocked they kept running the coasters even though it was raining rather hard. For a lot of the rides my friends and I were the only people on the rides. During this time the Voyage was running almost unbearably rough. I think this was mostly due to the rain, since from my experience woodies run a bit rougher when wet. I think the timberliners will do wonders for this ride.

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I can imagine it would be rather difficult. Its an enjoyable ride, but from a pragmatic standpoint it makes a lot of sense. That ride takes a long time to load, unload and was the only ride on sunday that we had to wait in line for. Overall the park seems to be getting bigger and if it stays as nice as it is now, Ill go there at least a couple times a year.

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I had a choice last year: whether to go to Ocean City Maryland or to go west and visit a few parks, including Holiday World to ride a few of their newest water rides. With the fact that I haven't gone to Ocean City in fifteen years, plus the fact that Kentucky Kingdom might be reopened in 2012, I decided to go to Ocean City.


Now seeing what Holiday World is debuting next year (not to mention I now have own a pair of water shoes), I believe I will be heading out west to visit Holiday World, Six Flags St. Louis, Six Flags Great America, and Indiana Beach (and take a day or two to visit my half sister who lives in Bloomington, Illinois). I wanted to add Kentucky Kingdom to the mix, but the way it looks right now, that park might not be open next year (but that is discussion for another thread).


Last time I was at Holiday World, Pilgrim's Plunge wasn't operating, the Midnight Ride was the last ride I rode that night, and the two awesome-looking water rides were still on the drawing board. When I return to Holiday World next year, I'll have the three "R"'s in mind: Revisit, Ride, and Revenge!


"As for me, I have three "R"'s for you: rest, rest, and rest!"

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I was lucky enough to visit Holiday World again on Saturday before the park closed for the season. It was a fantastic day. All three coasters were running great. Voyage had a couple of violent portions but only in one of the trains it seemed. And speaking of the trains, it was interesting seeing it operate with two 6 car trains rather than the 7 car trains. Is this something they do often when expecting lighter crowds or just an end of the season thing? Regardless it was running great. I can't wait to visit again next season and hopefully attend Holiwood Nights with some people I know who go every year. And adding Mammoth to the list of rides will only make this park even greater.

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Holiday World announced via Twitter the name for the new vertical swing.


Congrats to Kristi N. from Indy, who named our new ride: http://bit.ly/rp65kZ #HWSS http://pic.twitter.com/DTNQ9aRu



And the name is...

New in 2012: Sparkler is a fun swing ride that even smaller children can ride! Children 36" and taller may ride this 65-foot-tall vertical swing ride with bigger family members. Sparkler has all double seats, so you can snuggle up with your little patriot as you fly high over Holiday World's 4th of July section.



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Dan started it last night, by tweeting we were in for a "Mammoth Monday." (You may have noticed he's quite fond of 1970/'80s pop culture.)

It turned into quite a fun-day, as the first pieces of Mammoth fiberglass took flight.



It all began shortly after 7:30 this morning.

This first piece is part of Mammoth's first drop.



We started with a low-to-the-ground piece.

Yes, it's all ... ahem! ... uphill from here.



Each piece of Mammoth fiberglass will be lovingly guided into place by a human while being hoisted by a mammoth crane.


Want to watch the process live? Take a look at the Mammoth ConstructionCam.

Nathan shot



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New this season, we've expanded our free Wi-Fi to park-wide coverage! Now it's easier to use our "Holiday World & More!" app (for iPhone and Android users) our mobile site, and check in with Facebook and Twitter throughout your visit. The system allows for 15-minute logons, which may be repeated.

Source: HW Facebook


This has probably already been discussed but I think it's a pretty cool idea.

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This has probably already been discussed but I think it's a pretty cool idea.


Thanks. I pestered the heck out of various departments to try to get this budgeted for this season. Plus Dan (much like his late brother Will) likes tech toys, so he was all for it. Hoping the "Friend Finder" feature on our "Holiday World & More!" app will finally work properly, thanks to this upgrade.

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