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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay (BGT Discussion Thread)

p. 375: Phoenix Rising family inverted coaster announced for 2024!

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I didn't see how that first turn into the Cobra was outside banked at first! I thought it was 90*, and that the cars would flip to face upwards into the mouth.


I can't wait for the rest of the layout. Why doesn't BGT reveal full layouts, unlike Mako?

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It does have a forward section, then a backward section, then a spinning section. I don't think there's any dark section. It does go by Montu and possibly over Montu as well, under the train, and onto the Veldt. I also think there will be a part of the ride that guests on the path will be able to watch, and there will be a venomous snake exhibit in the queue. This is just what I remember from what he said so don't quote me on it, go by whatever the media is saying.

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Sold! One SeaWorld parks premier pass for 2016 please. Cobras curse looks like everything the park needed after closing gwazi. Looks to have a dark section in that station photo and that huge cobra is another cool park landmark after the cheetah hunt tower and falcons fury. Egypt also only had Montu as a draw so this is a welcome spot in the park as well. Winner winner.

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Just got back from the Cobra's Curse announcement event. All I can say is... WOW! I think this ride looks AWESOME!!! While Mako will make a huge statement in Orlando, it's sister park in Tampa is building something that will make a statement across the theme park world. Lots of B&M hypercoasters out there have been built, and Mako will have reasons to stand alone, but I have not seen a ride like Cobra's Curse...EVER!


It sort of reminds me of part Euro Mir, part Sierra Sidewinder, part Cheetah Hunt. It's got a little bit for everyone AND it's family accessible. I really think this ride will end up being the bar that is set for many other family coasters and most certainly spinning coasters in the future.


Here's the press release, and some photos & video from today...


Tampa, Fla. (May 28, 2015) – Busch Gardens® Tampa puts a spin on family thrills in 2016 with a brand new family thrill ride – Cobra’s Curse. This spin coaster is the only one of its kind in the world, featuring a vertical lift and taking riders on a whirlwind adventure of exciting explorations.


Located in the Egypt area of the park, explorers will come face-to-face with an 80-foot snake icon, trek over the park’s Serengeti Plain® and discover the mysteries of an Egyptian archeological excavation.


“This isn’t your ordinary spin coaster. In true Busch Gardens style, we’re putting a twist on this attraction and taking riders on an unforgettable and exciting journey,” said Busch Gardens Park President Jim Dean. “


“The addition of a family spin coaster complements the selection of thrill rides Busch Gardens offers, and we know it’s an attraction that guests from across the globe will enjoy,” Dean added. “We continue to find new and exciting ways to offer thrills for the entire family, and we know Cobra’s Curse will even further solidify Busch Gardens as Florida’s Thrill Leader.”


Cobra's Curse Fact Sheet:


Height: 70 Feet


Length: 2,100+ feet of track


Speed: 40+ MPH


Ride Vehicles: 8 trains operating at one time, 8 riders per train.


Capacity: 1,000+ PPH


Ride Length: 3 1/2 minutes


Height Restriction: 42"


Teaser Video:


Concept Art:







I love coming to events at Busch Gardens!


They do such a nice job with their credentials and media packets!


We were invited into the excavation site but this archeologist.


Oooh! We got to go... "behind the walls!" =)

(We see you Montu)

Photo by Jack Crouse


You have been warned...


We are told this area will also be used as the queue for the ride. So if you remember the old "Tut's Tomb" attractions, it will still be utilized.




Here you can see the construction site. They have quite a bit done. Some footers have even gone in already. (Photo by Jack Crouse)


Park President Jim Dean takes the stage to tell us about Cobra's Curse. (Photo by Jack Crouse)


The ride will feature TWO lifts. One of them being a 7-story vertical lift. Something of which we don't have here in the US on a traditional roller coaster.


There will be themed elements all over the ride. They didn't mention any "dark ride" type sections, so I'm not expecting that.


They did mention that there would be a non-spinning section, a backwards section, and a spinning section. It all sounds AWESOME!


A track length of 2,100 feet is quite long for this type of ride! For example, Sand Serpent is only 1,400 feet of track and Scorpion is 1,800. This should feel like a pretty significantly long ride.


Overall, everything about this ride sounds amazing! When the park could have just built your standard spinning coaster, they went WELL outside of the box and are going to create something totally unique! I love it!


Of course we had to take a lap around the park as I feel that Busch Gardens Tampa has the best "Quality over Quantity" coaster collections in the world!


Kumba is no exception. It still remains my favorite B&M and today it ran incredible!!!


Scorpion still kicking around and it's GREAT! Love this ride. This really is the *perfect* "first big coaster" for kids.


I also feel that Falcon's Fury is the best drop ride in the world. When you hit the top and do the 90 degree thing... WOW!


And IMO, Cheetah Hunt is about a perfect as a coaster as you can get. It has something for everyone. It's family-friendly, has airtime, inversions, some totally cool twisty parts over the water, the launches, etc. Cobras Curse is going to totally round out an already amazing selection of coasters at Busch Gardens. Now all they need to do is get those Rocky Mountain guys in to take a close look at Gwazi! :p


Photo by Jack Crouse

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Yup, a SeaWorld and Busch Gardens two park pass is a must have for 2016, this and Mako both look like incredible additions (but mostly..THIS). Can't wait to follow the construction of this thing.


I wonder if the two vertical lifts will be in that same tower structure or if there will be two separate lift sections.

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Once I saw Robb describe this ride as "part Sierra Sidewinder", I was sold. I love that ride, and this looks even better. I'll definitely be making my way down to Tampa for my inaugural visit to BGT once this opens.

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Am I the only one who thinks this layout looks very gerstluaer.

It could just be that I've been on a lot of Mack coasters (Blue Fire, Helix, Euro Mir, Sierra Sidewinder, Space Fantasy, etc) that it looks very "Mack" to me.

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Thanks for the update Robb! Wish I could have said "hi" to you while you were here!


When I first heard they were getting a spinning coaster, I was kinda like "meh," but this totally blew my mind when I heard about it. It's going to look really impressive and add another great coaster to Busch's already fabulous lineup.


I, too, consider Kumba my new favorite B&M! I feel so fortunate to be working here (and freaking living here! Like literally on property!) and having the opportunity to ride all of these wonderful coasters all summer. The last week and a half has been wonderful and we've just been doing training so far, it's going to be even better when the kids get here!

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Great report Robb, this ride looks amazing and will definately be a crowd pleaser. I've been a passholder of Busch Gardens and Sea World for many years and they never cease to amaze me. By the look of some of them shots it appears it will have a similar paint scheme as Kumba. 2016 is going to be exciting and I'm already on pins and needles. Good job Busch Gardens and Sea World, world class all the way.

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First, I just want to say that I think Cobra's Curse is a far more intriguing ride than Mako (although I'm sure the latter will be fun and a hit for SeaWorld). Second, Jack's photo of Cheetah Hunt is the best one I've ever seen of that ride.

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It could just be that I've been on a lot of Mack coasters (Blue Fire, Helix, Euro Mir, Sierra Sidewinder, Space Fantasy, etc) that it looks very "Mack" to me.

The car design is what really seems to give it away. I know it's concept art, but they look like Coast Rider cars with headrests.

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I rode Sierra Sidewinder for the first time last year and it really took me by surprise. I wasn't expecting too much. Now my expectations will be a bit spiked for Cobra's Curse!


Can't wait to get back to this park as obviously this, Cheetah Hunt, and Falcons Fury will all be new to me. Plus I need rides on old favorites, especially Kumba!

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This is exactly the kind of creativity I wish we would see more of in the industry. It doesn't have to be the best "coaster" experience if it's a great ride experience. And I think for all intents and purpose, that is what this will deliver. Good Job BGT!

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Nice to see a more interesting layout for this type of ride. Sometimes we don't see much uniqueness in family coasters, glad to see them going the extra mile. Concept art is quite striking. The only design element I would change would be the lift itself. I think with a snake theme, a spiral lift would be a good fit.

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Nice to see a more interesting layout for this type of ride. Sometimes we don't see much uniqueness in family coasters, glad to see them going the extra mile. Concept art is quite striking. The only design element I would change would be the lift itself. I think with a snake theme, a spiral lift would be a good fit.


Being as the back story is an archeological dig that's uncovered some sort of snake god, I think having an "excavation elevator" as a lift makes sense.


Besides, elevator lifts are cool.

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