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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay (BGT Discussion Thread)

p. 375: Phoenix Rising family inverted coaster announced for 2024!

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School goes back in session on Aug 25, so any day before that will have more crowds, but still shouldn't be too bad, especially on a weekday. I'd wait until you get there before deciding on Quick Queue or not, and don't go to Cheetah Hunt first thing to decide, as between opening and 1pm, the line will definitely be long. As for seating with Quick Queue, it spits you out at the area where you choose your rows (the "bullpens"), so you can choose your own row.

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How bad are the lines in the middle of August and does Quick Queue assign you to a seat or can you pick your own seat.


The lines at Busch Gardens are never necessarily long, compared to queuing times at places like Universal Studios or Walt Disney World in Orlando.


The average wait times on Busch Gardens Popular Attractions(For Me):

Montu: Walk-On - 5 Minutes

Cheetah Hunt - 10 Minutes - 35 Minutes

SheiKra - Walk-On - 15 Minutes

Kumba - Walk-On almost always

Scorpion - 5 Minutes - 20 Minutes

Gwazi - You might be waiting at the entrance of this one for a while, but don't worry! The ride is definitely not closed for good!

Falcon's Fury - 15 Minutes - 45 Minutes


In all of my visits to this park, I have never purchased a Quick Queue, because I don't need it. Hope this helped!

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Maybe during the off season, but for the on season it's more of:


Montu: Walk-On - 20 Minutes

Cheetah Hunt - 15 Minutes - 75 Minutes

SheiKra - 5 minutes - 30 Minutes

Kumba - Walk-On almost always

Scorpion - 5 Minutes - 30 Minutes

Falcon's Fury - 15 Minutes - 60 Minutes

Sand Serpent - 10 Minutes - 45 Minutes

Phoenix - Walk On - 15 Minutes

Congo River Rapids - 15 Minutes - 90 Minutes (all depends on the weather)

Flume - 15 Minutes - 60 Minutes (also weather dependent)

Tidal Wave - Usually a near walk on, but can sometimes go up to 45 Minutes if other water attractions break down

Skyride - 10 Minutes - 45 Minutes on the Crown Colony side, 5 Minutes - 30 Minutes on the Stanleyville side

Ubanga-Banga Bumper Cars - 5 Minutes - 20 Minutes


But yeah, I've been going to this park for well over 10 years and I've never been there for a full day and ran out of time to do everything, with the exception of days with an abnormally large amounts of lightning related park shutdowns.

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Both times I went to BGT, once in 2001, and again in 2010, it was either walk-on, or pretty much walk-on for Kumba. Considering how awesome that coaster it, I'd say it just might win the award for best return of investment of waiting time for a coaster - at least on a consistent basis!

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A lot of people have been saying it hurts their head. I don't know if they're getting a little ear-boxing or if they just can't handle the intensity of Kumba.


I have absolutely no problems with Kumba. Having been to BGT twice in the last year, my experience is that it was a little shaky after the MCBR, which I can understand might cause a little discomfort for some riders. But my overall impression is it that was running extremely well for a 20+ year old ride. My favorite ride at BGT!

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Think the best way busch could plus kumba is to add an animatronic creature inside the cave, give the station a facelift and give the track a paint job. Please give the track a paint job!


Where in that cave is an animatronic going?

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^^It got a full repaint in 2006, and a cleaning with touch-ups in 2010.


^Yeah, definitely don't think there's enough room in there for anything, let alone an animatronic. But even if there was, definitely wouldn't want them to put one there. Just doesn't fit the park's style and wouldn't make any sense, and would just look like a cheap gimmick.

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Hi everyone!

I am so excited! I will be finally be visiting BGT a week and a half from now. I managed to tag both this and SeaWorld onto my trip to the Orlando Zumba instructor convention. I booked the free shuttle from SeaWorld (thanks for the tip about that guys), bought my tickets and unlimited quick que. Now all that's left is waiting out the clock

Since I have the unlimited pass I don't think I need to have a plan to hit all the coasters. I would like to know any tips about good places to eat while there though. Any exceptional place to have dinner and a beer?

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^If you mean outside of BGT, I would suggest checking out the attached link below and if you like German food and beer, Mr. Dunderbak's isn't located too far from the park. VERY GOOD!


If you venture somewhere else near the park and it is good, make sure to post your recommendation into the thread!


If you are eating within the park, I would recommend either the Crown Colony for beer/drinks (they have a full service bar) or try out the new Dragon Fire grill. I have not been to the latter, but there is a report of it buried in this thread several pages back. It looked like they had some good stuff.


Zambia Smokehouse is also decent if you are into BBQ.


Most of all...have fun!



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Yeah I recommend either Dragonfire (in Pantopia) or Smokehouse for food. Smokehouse doesn't have a lot of beer selection, but there is a bar in Dragonfire and over by Falcon's Fury there's Twisted Tails pretzels that has a good selection of beer. So I recommend staying in that area for food and drinks.

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