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  1. I live here in Florida I have ridden both dueling coasters(gwazi and duelin dragons). I have to say that I'm more excited for Gwazi 2020 than a $300million dollar disappointment. Hey Robb do you think you'll have more fun on Gwazi2020 cause we have better expectations of what that ride is going to be than a ride that was highly tauted(think thats the right spelling) but failed to live up to the hype. #Gwazi2020 #DuelingDragonsForever
  2. People are say that Premier hasn't done a sliding track switch well that is not totally true cause they have the tech cause the mr. Freeze blast coasters have sliding switchs move the trains from one side to the launch section. Also I think one of the skyrocket 2 have a sliding station.
  3. Absolutely! I'm definitely making a return trip to BGT in 2020. This announcement kinda makes me jelly that they didn't hint at BGW 2020 plans since it's my home park and all... Maybe for 2020 they'll put in a B&M wing coaster into the old station and call it Drachen's Revenge.
  4. So I'm going raise a question here, since seaworld san diego is getting a skywarp horizon could Busch gardens tampa be getting a skywarp eclipse model from skyline attractions and not a skyrocket 2 like tempesto&electric eel?
  5. So I'm going raise a question here, since seaworld san diego is getting a skywarp horizon could Busch gardens tampa be getting a skywarp eclipse model from skyline attractions and not a skyrocket 2 like tempesto&electric eel?
  6. All right I'm going to try the princess flag challenge The apple one is snow white The slipper one is Cinderella The sun one is princess aurora(sleeping beauty) The bow one is merditha(brave) The snowflake one is elsa(frozen) The lamp one is jasmine(Aladdin) The dragon one is mulan The lotus flower is Tatiana(princess&the frog) The sea shell one is Ariel (little mermaid) The leaves one is Belle (beauty& the beast) Sorry if I miss spelled any cause I'm doing it from memory.
  7. Think the best way busch could plus kumba is to add an animatronic creature inside the cave, give the station a facelift and give the track a paint job. Please give the track a paint job!
  8. I went to the park today to use my $10 perk and found out today was the first day the new Pantopia Grill was open to the public(technically a soft openning but close enough) I order the Italian Sampler Platter($13.99) which had italian sausage, stuffed cantalloni, pasta with sauce, a piece of grilled chicken and a ROLL! The new food area looks amazing and pictures don't do it justice, so please go try it today! A sign showing the new menu items. The left side The right side The middle area The Italian Sampler Platter and a slice of cake. A moment of cute for the day: a wild red shoulder hawk still a sleep after getting work done on its broken leg.
  9. So I'm just sitting here enjoying my Italian Sampler platter at the new Pantopia Grill cause it's the first soft open day for the new restaurant.
  10. With there being speculation of an indoor section to the ride there could be a chance we could see the first spinning drop section coaster in the world. Just throwing it out there
  11. I have people on the inside plus you can go screamscape and find out a little more information
  12. Pheonix is staying its getting work done or budget cuts shut it down for now. The new attraction in Egypt will be a family coaster to basically fill the void left by rhino rally and it will go out over the plains.
  13. Hint: Major things are afoot in Egypt for 2016! This is what the dragon know's so far plus I will post my final ride gwazi pictures later this week so stay tuned!
  14. I was at the park today and it wasn't real heavy today and the weather was nice. I have two things to update on. It really opens up the entrance area with out the second roof. The shops have been replaced by the new adventure outpost. This only states one big fact and that is... That they have completely demolished the critter castaways theater. I do have one last big fact is that their balls are bigger than mine. (I wonder how big a tree would to be holds those?) Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Since it was thanksgiving a yummy buffet of thanksgiving food was to be had at the crown colony restaurant. Seriously you have to do this at least once there was so much good food!
  15. Now here's an idea what if you were to take two whitewater aqualoops and this and make them intersect to from a sphere of doom
  16. When you guys posted this I put things together in that I was born on sept 4 and the same year I turn 25 is the same year that hoop-dee-doo turns 40.
  17. As much I want to see a verbolten down here I think cheetah hunt fills that category I've got to work tonight but I will get to the park tomorrow for night shots of pantopia. Another big idea would be to move all the parking over to the other side with a parking garage and expand Egypt and the marekeesh with a new entrance as well.(Mark Rose are you listening?)
  18. We'll probably see gwazi get torn down next year and that area not see anything for 3 years at least which is sad since I wanted to see a high-five hill on gwazi with rmc doing the track topper renovation. The other big thing Busch is missing is a track based dark ride( think dar kastle) which I have a cool name for and that would be "Witch Doctor" (Mark Rose take note my I ideas). I'll see if I can get night time pictures of pantopia on Monday.
  19. I just at the park and I went on cheetah hunt. The onride photo is still not working from the damage it sustained from the trench flooding. Oh and yeah this...
  20. Twisted Tale pretzel shop opened at 3 today and I got my bacon fury! Bacon and pretzel yum!
  21. Cool facts about Adventure Island in Tampa The water in Fabion's funport is cooled so the kids don't over heat in the hot florida weather and there is a little rectangular pool off to side that was a little kids wavepool. The calyspo coaster and aruba tuba were built a year apart from each other even though they use the same same support structure. The dueling chute raft slide called Everglides only uses a standard pool pump to pump water to the top of the slides. There is are whispers that they want to put in a skybox speed slide where tampa typhoon use to be.
  22. Little known fact according to rcdb Montu at busch Gardens tampa is the longest B&M inverted in America(until Banshee opens) and the second longest in the world after pyrenees.(watch newly posted video on TPR's youtube channel) Fact the Backlot Stunt Coasters at KI, KD, and CW were originally designed to be able to drift sideways.
  23. With all that talk about wanting Knott's to put in a Zamperla air race in the spot that is going to be left by windseeker people are just Plane Crazy! If they were to put in an air race in a great name for it would be "Plane Loco" Also I'll add two flat models into the pot and those would be Technical Park's street fighter revolution and gerstlauer's sky roller. Although the really cool minblowing vekoma head shaking idea would be a ride that was a mix between an air race and a skyscreamer tower ride. Now that would be an awesome ride!
  24. The closest chance we have of getting a megalite is when BGT removes Gwazi they could put a megalite in its place which could happen.(perfect spot, wanting a replacement coaster, and recent success with Intamin)
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