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  1. Okay, so I'm going to Universal Orlando and Islands on February 6-7th. Does anybody know how the lines will be? Will Mardi Gras affect the crowds or can I go there and only have a 40 minute wait tops?
  2. Does anyone have any news on a possible opening (or soft opening) for Hulk? Just wondering.
  3. Probably Universal Orlando on the weekend of the 16th, then its off to Busch Gardens Tampa on the 23rd!
  4. The lines at Busch Gardens are never necessarily long, compared to queuing times at places like Universal Studios or Walt Disney World in Orlando. The average wait times on Busch Gardens Popular Attractions(For Me): Montu: Walk-On - 5 Minutes Cheetah Hunt - 10 Minutes - 35 Minutes SheiKra - Walk-On - 15 Minutes Kumba - Walk-On almost always Scorpion - 5 Minutes - 20 Minutes Gwazi - You might be waiting at the entrance of this one for a while, but don't worry! The ride is definitely not closed for good! Falcon's Fury - 15 Minutes - 45 Minutes In all of my visits to this park, I
  5. As a Floridian, I'm mostly looking forward to Mako in SeaWorld Orlando. I am very happy they will finally have what looks to be a decent hyper coaster with airtime near where I live. I guess Cobra's Curse at Busch Gardens Tampa will seem pretty cool too. And having family near Michigan's Adventure, if they decide to build a coaster there I will also be excited for that, too!
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