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Weird Roller Coaster Dreams

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I had a few.


- One was were CP took out MF and put in a second Mean Streak. The new Mean Streak got the original Son Of Beast trains. It was then voted as best coaster in the world.


- Another was where at a park called Six Flags Cedar Fair, where the boomerang had a policy where they gave you a spelling test and if you pasted you couldn't ride.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Ok, this is weird. I had a coaster dream last night and I discover this

thread this morning!


In the dream Wes and I were riding Flying Unicorn for the last time

before the Harry Potter conversion. Wes, wearing a plain white t-shirt,

was crying, saying "That's my baby!" and didn't want to leave. For

unknown reasons, I was reassuring him it would come out alright, but I

was pretty sad about it too. Was also moved by this delicate and

compassionate side of Wes.


Then the dream switched to a huge black theatre stage with a set piece a

couple stories tall. Think there were a dark tan or beige color side

curtains. I remember some green bushes painted on other smaller set

pieces in the background. The main piece ran almost the width of the

stage, was painted white, and reminded one of a Cyclone (Coney, etc...)

coaster. This particular scene had people driving an antique car (tin

lizzy type) back and forth near the ends. They might have been dressed

in turn of the century clothing. Think there was another set piece with

a hill side painted on it, in the very back. The whole thing had almost

an "Our Town" feel to it. Very simple, middle America, almost



Guess there was some good stuff in those buffalo wings I had for lunch


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When I was younger I had a recurring dream, and I mean like every night. It was about Mr. Freeze at Six Flags Over Texas. I would always wait in the line, and finally get on the ride, pull down the harness, and we would launch out of the tunnel backwards and then I woke up! This use to happen almost every night, but I grew out of it I guess! The last coaster dream I had was about Top Thrill, and Tony


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I once had a dream where I was at an ERT session at King's Island. The ride ops were holding several "challenges" on the various coasters. On Firehawk ERT, they gave all of the riders a bottle of water before dispatch. The challenge was to see if you were able to ride Firehawk while drinking all that water, and then hold the bottle (and the water inside you). If you were able to present the empty water bottle to the ride op, without having thrown up along the way, you suceeded in the challenge.


Some of my group were able to do it, but many were not able to drink all of the water while going up the lift hill, and thus dropped the bottle trying to drink while in the flying position. The person sitting next to me drank the whole bottle without stopping, then choked and turned purple and right as we were going through the horseshoe, he spit all the water all over the queue line below and I heard someone below scream "Eww! Someone spit on me!"


Kinda reminds me of the time the water dummies on Tatsu "peed" on Elissa during the egg turn...

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I have had many roller coaster dreams and they all involve people being killed


A common dream I have is I am riding a rollercoaster that jumps track and when I ride it makes it but the train after me flys off the track and explodes Ala rollercoaster tycoon style


Another dream I have had often is the ride ops don't check my restraint and it wont close but they send the ride out anyway and I have to hold on for dear life


And another dream the entire coaster track fell over.

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I've only had one dream (I'm not that obsessed with coasters, I just like riding them and watching them)


Where goliath got a "Makeover" and a b&m hyper with a layout like behemoth and laronde's goliath mixed together and the exact same color scheme as raging bull replaced goliath...


And colossus only had one track and a completley different layout...that was me and my big hammer!

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I had this one were I went to bed not knowing what ERT is, then I have a dream I get ERT on Air Alton Towers. I wake up and say to myself whoa extra ride time on Air, then I'm sat there like what the hell I didn't know what ERT meant.


So does ERT actually mean extra ride time?





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I Haven't had a roller coaster dream for quite a while now, but the one i can remember the best was when i was at a theme-park in New Zealand, and i was riding a wooden coaster there. Then i, with many others, fell out because of an evil looking ride-op. All i can remember past that was remembering not being scared, but annoyed, because a lot of dreams that i had back then included me falling out of roller coasters. Dreams are strange.

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It finally crests the lift and goes plunging down. and then


The bottom of the hill was filled with concrete and we all die.


I have those kinds of coaster dreams as well. Sometimes I am on the coasters and other times, I am just watching them. It is usually at Cedar Point, but it never actually looks like it, except for Lake Erie. A lot of the coasters (including one like Magnum) usually ends up dropping it's riders into the lake - killing them all. Coasters jumping tracks, people flying out, orca's jumping out of tanks to eat unsuspecting coaster riders...everbody pretty much dies.


***But I still love me dem coastahs!***

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  • 2 years later...

I have never been on a roller coaster. expect a dragon powered coaster. But I have been watching coaster videos and been wanting to ride one.


I had a dream of a disneyland/six flags mash up full of space themed rides. the sky was full of swirling colors of purple/blue/green. I go on a looping roller coaster and sit in the front seat. there is an attractive girl sitting next to me and i reach over to touch her. the roller coaster makes put her into shock so she cant feel my touch. she then evaporates into goo and the coaster stops and the police come get me. i say to myself in my dream. this is a dream and i will wake up soon. the police tell me i am crazy and start to taze me. I wake up


I have had other dreams of giant slides and lots of strange colors.


Another is there are these giant towers and the slides are swirling and looping around them and i see people go fast on them. i go on one of the slides and I want to experience the speed. But i am going really really slow. i try to push myself to go faster but i cant. i wake up

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Very occasionally, usually about riding Superman Ride of Steel at SFNE or Cedar Point, where I get there and I can't get in.


When everyone was wondering what was happening with Mitch Hawker's poll, I dreamt that I saw the results from a future poll and Texas Giant was number 1.... steel.

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Funny that this topic showed up again, I had my first coaster dream in years last night.


If I remember correctly, I had just opened up a brand new coaster at...my old highschool. It was a massive, convoluted Arrow Multidimension...with Volare seats hanging over each side. It had a Top Gun theme, right down to the train dropping "bombs" on the scenery (!). Of course, being the awesome person that designed and built the thing, all the girls were all over me (I should've known it was a dream by now) and just as we were about to retire to the afterparty at the end of opening day to celebrate...I woke up.




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