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Weird Roller Coaster Dreams

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Over the past year or so (might be more like a couple of years) I've been having repetitive dreams about me going to SFMM. Now, it isn't too strange since SFMM was at one time my home park (from about 1998-2002) but I have no idea why after all this time I am dreaming about it. In all the dreams I am planning a trip to SFMM and generally I am arriving there at the beginning of the dream. Many times I have a friend with me (sometimes different people) but other times I am alone. The actual "plot" of the dreams will vary, but the underlying theme is that I (we) tend to get there later than planned and don't have enough time to ride everything we want to ride. Sometimes it will be getting dark, and other times it is already dark.


As for the coasters themselves, sometimes I dream about coasters the park really has, but other times the park is populated by fantastic and bizarre coasters that don't exist. Most of the time something comes up (like my friend has to leave, the park is closing soon, huge crowds, etc) and I don't get to ride any of them (or at least not the ones I came to ride), but in other dreams I do, or at least I get in line and make it to the station. In one dream they had a coaster that seemed to cover a large portion of the park - it must have been over a mile and a half long and had multiple lifts. I got in line but I didn't get to ride it. In another there was a coaster that was themed to jumping off a cliff in a hang glider - it had a Griffon-like first drop but was taller and was set into the side of a huge fake escarpment which was built on a hillside somewhere North of Goliath, possibly where Psychlone used to be or behind that area. After the drop there were some very un-glider-like loops and some nice airtime hills. I don't remember whether it was a sit down or a suspended coaster, but I do think it was a B&M.


Other aspects of these dreams include me not being able to get to the part of the park where the coaster I want to ride is located. Or, I'll ride other things and work my way to that part of the park but still be unable to ride (the coaster is closed, the park closes, etc) for various reasons. Or I will simply wake up before I get to ride.


Normally in most coaster dreams I actually get to ride.

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I've had a few:


My first one was over a year ago where I took a visit to Kentucky Kingdom, except Storm Chaser and Lightning Run were next to each other. I was about to ride Lightning Run and even sat down in the train when all of a sudden the park closed. I don't really remember what happened next.


Then around last July, I dreamed that I met Koaster Kids (idk why) in Dollywood and got to ride Lightning Rod in the back row (I most likely dreamed of Dollywood because I went a month's prior and missed out on that coaster). However, I woke up right before the launch.


I finally got to ride a coaster in my dreams last night: specifically an S&S 4D Free Spin named Joker. It was quite fun and was a walk-on, so I got to ride it a couple times. I'm not sure what park it was, but based on the trees and nearby lake it was probably Great Adventure.

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Not so much weird as it was intense. About three weeks ago I dislocated and fractured my kneecap. (Similar to the Bethany Mattex-Sands injury at Wimbledon a few days ago except I was in a batting cage without a horrified crowd). With all of the opioids being ineffective for the pain they decided to give me Ketamine to put me out in order to put my knee back in place. Think of your happy place and count back from 100 they said. The lights in the ceiling kept lapping over and over and I thought I was on the most awesome and tallest coaster loop ever.

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I had an odd dream last night regarding Busch Gardens Tampa. In the dream:


  • I was leaving the parking lot by making a right on McKinley (towards Adventure Island). As I was passing Adventure Island, I noticed the grassy overflow lot in front had been dug up and piles of dirt everywhere. Sticking above the dirt piles was some Intamin track being installed (not for storage). It looked to be for a Giga that was going to hop over McKinley from inside the park. I was so excited. I was riding with someone and was wanting to take pics, but couldn't go back for some reason. I was like I have to get pics to share and tell the world. I was so frustrated and was about to jump out of the car to run back.


Then I woke up to my cat rubbing my hand because she was ready to eat. Damn cat...lol

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