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  1. From the newsletter, a Firebird model! The Firebird Nanocoaster Is Here! Ever wish you could just take a coaster home from Six Flags America? When you visit Inferno Gifts or our online merch store, you can! Firebird is NOW AVAILABLE, Maryland's first and only floorless coaster. This exclusive Nanocoaster is custom-designed and carefully crafted to model each drop, twist, and loop. It's also easy to assemble! Get this and several other thrilling favorites at our online merch store. * For super authentic design the fire feature is turned off. I will also stand behind you and smack you in the ear.
  2. Heavens yes. What is funny is that so many guys wear the the boxers that Amazon lists as the "best seller". It's like, I have those!"
  3. Attempt 5 of the season to ride Harley Quinn as successful. I am not accustomed to this park being packed, I prefer the ghost town vibe and riding everything , lunch, snack and out in under 2 and a half hours. Three hours for HQ and a burger was extreme. Johnny Rocket's can be just as entertaining as the stunt show. One person cooking and one person taking orders, a rainbow of every color shirt manager just overwhelmed. At one point four managers and three workers. By the way, all of the attention to cleanliness has gone out the window now that COVID is apparently completely over. HQ holds 40 people and WTF every cycle had 20 of them wearing Crocs or slides storing and putting them back on and another 5 that got on the ride and then expect the op to take them off and store them like they be Cinderella. Slooooooooow loading. Vaping , pants down below boxers, wandering restricted areas, and way too much sloppy boob spillage on bikini tops in the dry park all on the rise. All that said, HQ is a nice addition and gives some interest to that area. Along with WW two solid adds . As far as what's next? New trains and name on Mind Eraser would be the best we could hope for.
  4. The park was busy, like SFA crowded. There were lines; not used to that. Crowded like, we ate at Chop Six. WO, JJ, and HQ all down. We gave up on HQ reopening and closing. It is going to be a solid add though,
  5. I think it is more of if there is lightning in the area than rain.
  6. Knock it down, build something else... ME needs different trains. SFA has been pretty receptive the last few years. I still can't believe we got the Superman bathrooms. New trains are more likely than the RMC Roar especially with this year being a wash.
  7. We were there on Wednesday and would agree about the flier op that day. The pierogi booth was closed. I just stood there looking at. It was like that Christmas when I didn't get a pony.
  8. Like so much of this, why weren't we doing this stuff before? Papa Johns: Contactless from our oven to your hands. Who was touching my pizza before?
  9. I walked through the tent. Holy cow, how in the world does that work? Is it like a thermal camera? We were back in yesterday. We saw staff cleaning railings and spraying down rides. Superman they sprayed and then sent it off empty to dry.
  10. I made a 1 PM reservation for today. I figured a hot Saturday and after lunch would be worst possible time. No temperature checks and no metal detectors, enter the nice new entrance and one scan of my card with no line and I was inside. Quickest and easiest ever. I made my usual loop and was out by 3:30 including eating. WW was down when I was back there. A black cloud made me skip BW. Sanitizer at the entrance and exit of each ride. People were distanced and masked. All staff had their masks on correctly and the only people I really saw with their masks off were well away from others and moving with their group. As a society we need to nail down what you do with the mask when eating / drinking and walking. I was extra aware of not touching railings etc... and my face between sanitizing so I felt OK. Riding with a mask is weird. I did not see any cleaning of rides or tables which is area for improvement but, overall for this park, staff and patrons were about as good as they get.
  11. I am waiting to hear from someone that goes into the park before I make a reservation.
  12. Back in the 70's my folks had a bear eat the vinyl top off their Nova.
  13. Last year a few toilets. Macho Nacho. This year some paint. I only need for the cafe to sell churros. One day we will get that path.
  14. The placement of the ride is going to be great too. Do those type rides usually run during FF or HITP?
  15. Cesari's gets a boost in taste being in Knoebels like a hot dog does at a ball park. Tastes like being there. The good pierogis taste like what it feels like being there. I double fist the sour apple and apple cider slushes. Can't choose between them.
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