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Six Flags Great America (SFGAm) Discussion Thread

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Just got back from Fright Fest, thought I'd share my thoughts on it. I'll have pictures up either later tonight or tomorrow.


Overall, I thought the event was better this year compared to last. There seemed to be more theming, a lot more scare-actors and just an overall better atmosphere. The Gorilla and the FF ride signs are yet to be put up (except for Terror Twisters) but with the recent weather I was surprised more wasn't done. Plus, the park was very empty for FF, so that just makes it better on its own.


Carousel Plaza: The graveyard around the reflection pool looked great, and just in the small area behind the carousel and between the entrance to HTS and OP, there were 3 or 4 actors while I don't remember seeing any there last year!


Bayou De Vaudou: I didn't like Seven Sins Cemetery, I didn't like this. Pretty much the same theming, but at least there were 4 actors, were as last year I saw 1.


Last Stop: Burn 'Em and Buried Circus: Not too different from last year, but the Dying Trapeze overlay was well done, and a clowns are just scary in general so it was pretty good.


Necropolis: Different from last year, but better IMO. The asylum for the insane was gone, but the cool axe girl video/animatronic was still on display.


Port Dread: One of the smaller zones, but very well themed with great scare-actors.


The Ruins of Fenrir: According to the FF map the zone is between Fiddlers Flung and the train station, but all that was there was dead trees and cornstalks so..not too sure what that was all about. I didn't go by after 4 though, so I can't comment on scare-actors. The ride graveyard, while not technically in the zone, is nearby and was very well done. SWF, SW and GAR cars on display, plus a freshly dug grave for IW. (Which is completely blocked by cornstalks, so to get any deconstruction pictures you have to stick a camera over the fence.)


Hellmouth: Seemed like a bit of an afterthought. Outside of Demons sign and the wood-chip pentagram, there wasn't much theming. At least the scare-actors had cool costumes that were pretty unique.


Tinseltown Terror: More spread out this year, twice the amount of actors, and new better costumes.


Sector 7: Probably the best scare zone. Whizzer had some nice theming added to it that you see in line and on the ride itself, lots of radioactive barrels all over and as we know barrels=theming, and 4 or 5 scare-actors that seemed to be getting the most scares out of people. Plus it has LAFF and lots of pretty X Flight pictures, so it gets a few extra points of that.


As for actual houses I only did Massacre Medical Center. It was good enough that I'd definitely do it again, but not after 5 when it's full price. I was in the middle of a large group, so while for me it wasn't particularly scary, it was still very fun. There's also a very cool scare they do at the beginning, which I wont spoil, but is definitely something that stuck out to me.


As for shows, just LAFF, but like last year it was great. Same premise, same songs, mostly same cast, but better jokes IMO as well as a great use of Rebecca Blacks infamous "Friday."


And then we get to Terror Twister Two: A Turn for the Worst. It's still amazing, had some cool new lights, and was just all around great. The music could definitely be turn up though, as you can hear it from outside the ride, but isn't all too loud on the inside. Might just be me, but I think for a ride like this the music should be blasting. The DJ was also not yet/will not be up.


And thats it! I'll get pics up soon in my PTR thread, definitely looking forward to going back soon and hopefully trying a few other houses.

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Shouldn't they start removing IW's track before breaking up it's footers?


Personally I take comfort in knowing that the de-erection crew does this for a living and know what they are doing. Now, had they hired temps from beanerpower, I might be more concerned that I wouldn't get to travel to the wonderful, well operated, and pleasant clientele at the park known as Six Flags America to ride it.

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Another thing to watch for is "Six Saints Cemetery" over by Pit and the Pendulum (Revolution).

It's full of tombstones of all the closed/removed rides along with a few ride remnants. Cool and sad at the same time.










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Dont they use track like that for kickers too? Im betting thats either a piece for the final brakes or the block before the station and they just have to install the motors and kicker wheels. Could be wrong, but I thought at one point they had kickers with motors that were positioned vertically.

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Dont they use track like that for kickers too? Im betting thats either a piece for the final brakes or the block before the station and they just have to install the motors and kicker wheels. Could be wrong, but I thought at one point they had kickers with motors that were positioned vertically.


Just about every B&M has deeper ties where there's brakes and/or transport wheels, at least that I've seen.

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I have always wondered about the spine on that section of track. I have never been able to find a picture of iron wolf with brakes there. The track was right after the turn through the loop and would be a logical place for the MCBR. But with Iron Wolfs dispatch rate putting one there would have never be needed.

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^The brakes were never installed.


The first few years when Iron Wolf opened, it had hour plus lines. Back in it's "glory" days.


I was referring to the fact that 3 trains would do nothing to help capacity. Don't think having 2 trains stacked in the brake run would be more efficient than 1 train stacked.

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^ Unless you've got some solid proof on that (I'm talking a press release, a picture with 3 trains in it, or a picture of an Iron Wolf train with the #3 on it) I'm not buying that. At no point did Iron Wolf ever have enough blocks to permit 3 trains, and since SFGAm is 1. not a resort park and 2. not a year-round park, a spare train would not be practical.

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The first 5 or 6 years Iron Wolf ran ,it had 3 trains. Very rarely did the third train run.

But was that section actually a mid-course brake? I found this footage from Iron Wolf's opening, and there is no brake there.


Then again, you are from IL, so I could be wrong.

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