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Photo TR: Hanno's start to the 2009 coaster season

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Well what do you do during the off season? Plan your start of the 2009 season off coarse


In my case it started very wild.. but it looks like it's going to be even wilder for the rest of April (keep an eye on this topic for further updates )




After going skiing for a week in Austria it was coaster time. Since i was driving past Munich every year (while going to Austria) i noticed that Legoland Germany was along that route. Looking at TPR's Park Index i've also noticed that Skyline Park ain't far away either..


What's better to start the season with 2 parks in one day? More on that later.

So that was the Saturday (april 4th).. Since i'm know in the South of Germany.. i might as well drive a little further to check out Europa Park. After last years excellent experience during TPR's Europe Trip what could go wrong? And there's even a new coaster


Since Blue Fire is the name of this new coaster and everybody's talking about it.. i'll change the normal update order.. and give you some of my picture of today from Blue Fire at Europa Park.


Hope you like them..


By the way.. to which ride in the US should one compare this ride? To me it feels like a Lighter version of Maverick with a fun launch. It has more freedom in the trains (don't worry about over the shoulder restraints) and more out-of-your-seat time (which is always a good thing).

Where Maverick goes so fast that you don't know what's up or down anymore Blue Fire has less elements but still provides one excellent punch (and no rattle)..


Blue Fire is one excellent addition to and already great coaster line up at Europa Park.


Picture time. The day started of being very clouded (hence the quality of the photo's) but at the end of the day... well.. you'll see.


Blue Fire Day 1: scroll down

Blue Fire Day2

Skyline Park

El Toro at Freizeitpark Plohn

Legoland Germany

Day 1 Europa Park

Anubis at Plopsaland Belgium (new Gerstlauer)

Saw the Ride at Thorpe Park

Day 2 Europa Park

Freizeitpark Plohn (Germany)


Plopsaland Belgium

Thorpe Park

Duinrell and Falcon


and i'll leave you with this picture.. last person in line for the last ride of the day.. i love it


Scream if you like it




something with trees..


More happy riders..


you can see a difference here.. apparently there a heartbeat meter attached to the handles.. and this will be added to your onride video.. (or at least that's what i've heard today.. will double check tomorrow)


as the british would say.. Jolly Jolly Jolly


time for some more close up's



I love this part of the ride.. just that feeling of being thrown out of your seat while being upside down..


going through the rocks




ok.. back to the coaster.. and it's viewing area


so you might get wet when walking along this path


on the main path into this area.. there's a nice fountain which sometimes feels like it's part of Yellowstone (or Iceland) and goes big/high..


and through the loop






enough close up's.. let's try to give an idea of how big this ride is..


and yes.. that's still the line for today..


the viewing area for the launch


part of the new area..


Time to hit the brakes..


nerd shot..


go go go




There's a lot of things i can say now... but..


up side down.. owh yeah


time to go up


i don't have a clue


I'm being launched on a rollercoaster and i'm afraid of??


Back to what i'm better at.. we give you.. joy


crappy station picture.. i'll try to get a better one tomorrow..


Another nerd shot


happy riders being launched


let's wait and see what's behind this door...


Nerd shot/close up


is it fear or is it joy?


This one came out nice..


looks like the light is a bit better..


and there's your first look at this coaster once you get there..


ok, time to get a little closer again.. here's the "way in"


from a distance...


looks nice..


Plenty of room left on this board.. more to come?


no worries.. it's Island (That is Iceland in German)


afraid to get sick?


hmm.. too late..


up side down


through a rock..


that looks pretty high..


don't worry.. i'll punch the ride..


Blue Fire


plenty of freedom for you arms and shoulders..


trying to find the "best" angles..


Looks like some happy riders..





watch out for that.. ehm..


It's a loop


Station building and storage place for the trains


still trying to get in line..


happy riders?


i see track and a piece of the train


theming of the area


here's the entrance to the que area


Hi Larry..

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This coaster seems really interesting!

The ride seems pretty smooth on Youtube. Doesn't seem to shake at all.

The trains look very good! Almost Futuristic.


Very good addition for Europa Park, which lacked in Intensity (referring to what I have heard over the years)

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Simply incredible!


The ride itself looks very Maverick-ish, which I like since Mav is one of my favorite steels right now. As for the restraints, all I can say is WOW! I really hope we get some of these in the USA...

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Great photo shoot, Hanno. The seat setup looks definitely different on this one.


The start of your coaster season is looking pretty good I'd say, lol.


Looking forward to more.


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Great photos! I really hope that I can make it to Europa Park when I visit Germany this fall.


I REALLY wish that Maverick would get this type of restraint on it's trains - last year the ride seemed a lot rougher with the rattling and continual hitting of my head against the OTSR's. I fear that it is only going to get worse once the ride gets older.

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Looks like a B&M type seat mixed with Revolution's train mixed with the Mack restraint! Or whoever built this.


Looks like vveeerrrryyyyy low clearance in and out of those rocks. Great shots, Hanno!

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All these AMAZING Blue Fire pics are causing my computer to lag...


It took almost 20 minutes for all the pics to load, but it was so worth it. Blue Fire looks


Europa Park overall looks awesome.

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Photos are unbelievable pretty good!!!

The restraints looks fantastic, I've see the entire ride POV on Dailymotion by a professional photographer, it's just a freakin adrenaline ride!!!

I really hope ride it this year

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Another great "HPTR" Hanno! Thanks for sharing! I absolutely love your pics, as always. Blue Fire looks so cool! I am wishing I were there right now to ride! I am hoping to learn from your reports and try and pay more attention to the coasters on my trips this year. Looking back at the pics I take of parks, I never really get the different coaster elements. >:O


I also have to say, I find myself enjoying all those nerd shots.

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I have to say I'm really digging the look of the trains. I also love those restraints. I've never seen a looping coaster look so...comfortable. I think all loopers should switch to those types of restraints eventually.


But anywho, great picture report and I especially enjoyed the close ups. It's always fun to look at other peoples' reactions.

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Blue Fall looks like a great excuse to visit Europa again. (Well, not that anyone needs an "excuse" to visit this great park. Let's say, "another good reason.")

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Blue Fire looks simply great. I think the restraints are the most interesting part. I remember when looping coasters came out & they all had over-the-shoulder restraints. Now this ride comes out & offers so much freedom, awesomeness


Great pics Hanno!

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Thank you for so many nice pictures...and being the last rider is always something nice and special.

Though it seems as if you liked the ride, I have to say that it`s the least enthusiastic review I read during the last days compared to the (about )fifty other ones...

But anyway...wish you a good time...


P.S. To have the full force of this ride I think you have to ride it in the afternoon or the early evening...and in one of the back seats (where did you ride it ?).

My impression was also, that the sun (!) accelerates the speed...!

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