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  1. ^ This Hidden Mickey is still quite a stretch for me. On first glance it looked more like a side profile of Donald with his hat on.
  2. Very nice update! There is just something special about fairs. Bringing back childhood memories.
  3. Actually I don't care who owns any park. I just want to know if the park is open for business on the day that I'm planning to visit and if the rides are operational and declared safe. I visit parks to have a good time and that is the bottom line for me. You can still have a great time in the park even if it is 2 days away from closing! Live a little, people!!!
  4. The park is beautiful with the snow. I'm surprised that it was even open!
  5. This reminds me of the Rollercoaster Tycoon games with the scenario of a rundown park that had to be restored. I liked that scenario since you could reinvent the park. Pity that in the real world it takes a lot of money to reinvent such a park.
  6. I just love a park that has great theming. Thanks for the update! Will have to make a plan to visit these parks.
  7. Great TR! Good quality night photos. Mine always comes out blurry.
  8. Nice theming! I like it when a park goes that extra mile with theming. I will allways support those parks.
  9. I really like this different take on the update. Different views. Luv it. Keep it coming!!!!
  10. That looks more like a dunk than a splash!
  11. This is a great update and must have been a fantastic experience as well. Wish I was there...
  12. Fantastic photos. It is not often that we get to see the faces of the riders. Luv your work!
  13. Just noticed something else on the calendar. When you visit a link and go back on the browser the link text that you just visited changes to a very dull blue which is a bit hard to read against the grey background. When you click on another link the blue text changes back to white again though. Calendar view with link to Pooping Competition
  14. Just a nit question from my side and forgive me if this was covered in another post. Is it possible to bring predictive text into the search window like they have on Google? That is a nice feature for me since I don't always know how to spell things or use the right phrase to find the right stuff.
  15. Spinning rides isn't my thing either, but I love watching he expressions on the faces of the riders!!! Priceless....
  16. I wish I was able to upgrade, but most of stuff would only be beneficial for me if I lived in the US and was able to do the trips and so on. If I lived in the US I would have joined in a heartbeat.
  17. This is a great TR. I'll be visiting the World first week of February and it will only be my second time in 10 years! So looking forward to it. Just a pity about the extreme travelling to get there.
  18. Middle Name: Pet Peeve: People always being late Color of your bathroom: Sand Best Movie of ALL time: Stargate Best Song of ALL time: Not one song in particular. Best TV Shows: So you think you can Dance, Fringe; Heroes Favorite Band/Artist: Too many to name Favorite Ride: SheiKra, Yummiest Ice Cream: Rum 'n Raisin If you could eat lunch with one person, who would it be: Angelina Jolie without all the kids Morning Person or Night Person: Night Person!!! Pets: 3 dogs Favorite Color: Blue Where you would go for fun (not an amusement park): Movies Coke or Pepsi: Coke Zero Opinion about Peanut Butter and Jelly: Not a fan Best Vacation Spot: Colorado, Italy Cook or Go Out: Always go out Beach, Desert, or Mountains: Deserted beach below the mountains...
  19. Yes. Have you recently picked your nose in public?
  20. It really looks totally different in the snow. I like!
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